Generic instructions </o:p> First, read the assignment instructions in our Unit Information Guide for Assignments three and four.</o:p> The interview assignment (recording) and the report...

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Generic instructions

First, read the assignment instructions in our Unit Information Guide for Assignments threeandfour.

The interview assignment (recording) and the report are closely linked. You need to interview someone who works in an organisation of more than four people, about communication in their organisation. You need tochoose three topicsfrom the list below and find out what communication strategies and issues your participant knows of surrounding these topics, from their business perspective.

· Business writing

· Social media / web-based communication strategies

· Intercultural communication

· Presentations

· Persuasion

· Negotiations

· Groups and teams

· Meetings & discussions (online and in-person)

· Trust development

· Conflict resolution

Your full recorded interview becomes the basis of your report. Drawing on materials from Topics 7 to 12 identify and evaluate the interpersonal communication strategies and issues in your participant’s organisation from the employee’s point of view.

Relate these issues to theory and use academic research to support your findings. Present your findings in your report.

You must haveat least eightacademic, peer-reviewed references in your report.

Obviously, you will be focusing on three topics from the list above. Make sure you have read all pertinent unit resources for your chosen topics:

· the online study guide

· the set textbook sections

· the set readings

· the recorded lecturettes

Do some extra research and find academic resources such as pertinent journal articles, books, and other peer-reviewed material to support your analysis in your report. The textbook counts as an academic, peer-reviewed resource.

Your report should be structured as per the advice in Topic six "essays and reports", and the advice given in our textbook (from page XXXXXXXXXXNote that the examples in the textbook are, actually, exemplars from High Distinction COM00207 student work for this selfsame assignment - so they are very pertinent to you.

Stay in touch with your tutor/lecturer during the coming period. Remember - the main reason people fail this subject is not because they fail per se, but because they don't complete the assignments. So, stay in touch, and stay motivated.

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Communication is an important aspect in any enterprise or organization which wants to manage its employees always in a stable and symbiotic manner. The superior people in the administrative roles must work in unison with the employees in the lower levels of the organization. The employees must always know about the roles and responsibilities they have, and it is the responsibility of the superiors or the managers to make the employees understand about their demands from the employees which they want to be delivered for the development or improvement of the organization (Holmes et al., 2017). The goals and visions of a company are to be always intimated to the employees by the superiors or the managers, so that the employees are motivated by the visions of the company or the organization. Communication is also important in the aspect of audience or customer engagement. Customized communication with the customers or the audience helps in building up the
and value and name, and also in the building of a strong audience or customer base.
Here, in this assignment, Jean-Luc Martinez, the director of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, is interviewed and he is asked of the importance of communication, the methods of communication, and how communication is implemented in various fields and departments of the museum. Jean-Luc Martinez has been with the Louvre Museum since 1997, previously, he was the curator of the museum’s Greek, Etruscan and Roman art departments. He has also been awarded the highest military and civil merit honour of France, that is the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.
Q. Sir, I’m honoured to have met a man of your stature and intellect. I understand that you are a busy man, still you lent us much of your precious time. Your time will help me gain much knowledge about your communication skills and how communication methods work out at...

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