Good morning,A quote on the attached. A power point presentation on the The US Legal System and Business.

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Answer To: Good morning,A quote on the attached. A power point presentation on the The US Legal System and...

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PowerPoint Presentation
Presented By: Alexandra Rivera
US Legal system is based on court-made Common Law. Business law covers the contracts, property and the rights of the employees. The firms must observe protection of consumers, adhere to the labour laws and antitrust laws. Employment regulation acts ensures that the rights of the employees are respected
The US legislation sets a framework for the business organization in order to protect the firms and the customers. It is the business laws which protects the
customers by ensuring that the firms practice a fairly and honestly while dealing with the customers. This helps the customers get protected against the unfair trade practices due to the provisions of the business law.
The business must comply with the legislation, the business law establishment was required unavoidably. These policies are meant towards protecting the customers as well as the businesses along with promotion of ethical and truthful methods for conducting businesses. Anyone who do not adhere to the laws will be faced with penalties.
These laws are designed to protect the consumers from being a part of dishonest and unethical commercial practice as per the consumer protection laws. The antitrust law is established for protection of foreign and domestic companies and encouraging a healthy competition as well as shielding the customers from monopolies (US Embassy, 2016).
Enterprises in US functions within the framework provided by the legal system. The business must comply with the legislation and its establishment was significantly crucial. Laws are structured to protect the customers from dishonesty and unethical practices. The laws are meant to protect both customers and the businesses
There is a framework which is structured in United States which helps in functioning the business organizations as per the legal system. This also helps in protection of both the organizations and the clients. The customers are being shielded against any forms of unfair trade practices. The companies are required to adhere to honest and fair business practices while serving the customers and conducting the business activities. Hence, it is essential for the business organizations to comply with the legislations and hence there is necessity to establish business laws. These policies protects the businesses and customers in promoting ethical and honest trade practices in conducting the businesses. Thus, the companies must comply with the regulations or they will face the penalties (US Embassy, 2016). .
US Legal System is formed by the constitution of US. Its Constitution is segregated into Federal and State Government. Authority not granted to states are reserved for the states. 3 parts of the government in US are: Legislative part, Executive part and Judicial part. These parts operates separately and individually
The legal system of US is based on a two court system. These are segregated into Federal Court System and State Court System. If there is a case filed in one of the court system, then it will be proceeded only in that court system unless the case is directed to be moved to the US Supreme Court. Such act can only be possible if it has been appealed and reviewed prior to proceeding (US Embassy, 2016).
Foundation – Federal Court System
Trail Courts – It is the US district court present in 94 districts. It is the Intermediate Court of Appeal – which is considered as the second highest system in judiciary, made of 12 circuits including District of Columbia. The Court of Last Resort – also called the Supreme Court consisting of 9 justice who are being appointed for lifetime posts
The Federal Court System is made up of three main levels and obtains its power from Article III, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution.
Trial Courts is the first level where most cases in the federal system begins. Federal Trial Court is also known as the US district courts which consist of 94 districts. Every district has a minimum of one trial court of general jurisdiction and have the ability to hear a variety of cases and allows for many types of solutions. In some rare circumstances, the Supreme Court can act as a trial court with limited jurisdiction on cases that include controversies between states and lawsuits against foreign ambassadors.
Intermediate Court of Appeal is the second level which makes up 12 circuits which includes the District of Columbia. Intermediate Court Appeals hears appeals from district court in the geographic area as well as government administrative agencies.
The Court of Last Resort are cases of last resort in the state system heard from the Supreme Court who is made up of nine justices appointed lifetime positions. The Court of Last resort do not hear cases considering question of pure state law and are different from other countries with similar courts (, 2021).
Foundation – The State Court System
State Trial Court – Equivalent to the Federal Court System. Here many cases starts and the cases are also heard. In the Intermediate Court of Appeal – controls nearly half of the US and consists of comprehensive authority. Court of Last Resort – is known as the Supreme Court and can be appealed from the transitional court of plead
The State Court System are similar to the federal court system structure and is devised of the state’s own court system.
State Trial Court similar to Federal Court System, this is...

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