GROUP ASSIGNMENT #3 - Commonwealth Stadium Read the case below and follow the instructions below. Commonwealth Stadium The Bolton Construction Company is preparing a bid to build the new 56,000 seat...

GROUP ASSIGNMENT #3 - Commonwealth Stadium

Read the case below and follow the instructions below.

Commonwealth Stadium

The Bolton Construction Company is preparing a bid to build the new 56,000 seat Commonwealth Stadium in Toronto. The construction must start September 4, 2021 and be completed in time for the 2024 Commonwealth Games. The contract contains a penalty clause of $100,000.00 per day of delay beyond June 1st, 2024.

At a recent management meeting Charlie Musselman, the president of the company, expressed optimism at winning the contract and revealed that the company could net as much as $2 million on the project. He also said that if they are successful, the prospects for future projects are quite good since there are quite a few major stadiums in Canada that will need replacing in the next 25 years.

Part One

Given the information provided in theTechnical Detail Descriptionof the project, draw a network information chart and an AON network diagram and then answer the following questions:(10 Points)

  1. Will the project be completed by the June 1stproject deadline?

  2. How long will the project take?

  3. What is (are) the critical path(s) of the project.

  4. Should the company accept the contract if they win the bid?

Part Two

Bolton Construction wins the bid for the stadium and two months after the beginning of construction, the City of Toronto is awarded a major FIFA World Cup qualifying tournament which begins on May 1st, 2024. The city has 2 other stadiums that will be used, but they will also need the new Commonwealth Stadium in order to host all of the required games in the tournament. The award of the tournament is contingent on the availability of the Commonwealth Stadium. The city must give FIFA an answer in 5 days.

Charlie Musselman is called to City Hall on the Wednesday morning of the World Cup announcement and offered a bonus payment of $20,000 per day if he can finish the stadium in time for the World Cup qualifying Tournament on May 1st. Charlie goes back to his management team that afternoon and tells them to work out the numbers by Thursday night so he can give the Mayor an answer on Friday.

Given that Bolton Construction may net $2Million on the original project you must now crash the project using theCrash Costs and Crash Timesgiven to you below, and develop a new AON network(s) and answer the following questions:(10 points)

1.Should they accept the challenge of trying to finish the stadium by May 1st?

GROUP ASSIGNMENT #3 - Commonwealth Stadium

  1. Will they make or lose money?

  2. What is the least cost solution to get the stadium completed by May 1st, 2024?

  3. What is (are) the new critical path(s)?

CRASH COST and CRASH TIME (possibilities)


Pour main concourse Construct upper steel bowl

Install Jumbo Scoreboard Stadium infrastructure

Normal Time

120 days 120 days

30 days 120 days

Crash Time

110 days 100 days

21 days 90 days

Crash cost

$3000/day $3000/day

$7500/day $2000/day

Drive support piling

120 days

103 days


Install seats

140 days

119 days


Construct steel canopy

75 days

41 days


Construct roof

180 days

125 days


Commonwealth Stadium Group Project

Technical Detail Description

The Stadium is an outdoor structure with a retractable roof. The project begins with clearing the site (70 days.). Once the site is clear, work can start simultaneously on demolishing an adjacent building (20 days), and setting up the construction site (50 days). This demolition is necessary to create a temporary warehouse (30 days) for seating, lighting and infrastructure materials.

The work on the stadium begins by driving 160 support pilings (120 days). Next comes the pouring of the lower concrete bowl (120 days). Then the pouring of the main concourse (120 days), the installation of the playing field (90 days), and the construction of the upper steel bowl (120 days) can proceed in parallel, not in sequence.

After the concourse, upper bowl and temporary construction storage area are completed, work can start simultaneously on installing the seats (140 days), building the luxury boxes (90 days), installing the Jumbo Scoreboard (30 days), and installing the stadium infrastructure (120 days) which includes: bathrooms, lockers, restaurants, dressing rooms, media rooms, etc. Once the seats are installed then the steel canopy can be constructed (75 days) followed by the installation of the lighting and sound systems (30 days).

The retractable roof represents the most significant technical challenge to the project. Building the roof track supports (80 days) can begin after the lower concrete bowl is constructed. After this, confirmation of the dimensions of the roof (10 days) can be finalized and the construction


GROUP ASSIGNMENT #3 - Commonwealth Stadium

of the roof (180 days) at a separate site can begin. After the roof supports are completed then the roof tracks can be installed (90 days). Once the tracks and the roof supports are completed, then the roof can be trucked in (5 days). Finally, the roof will be installed (90 days). After all the construction activities are completed, the stadium will be ready for inspection (20 days.)

For purposes of this assignment you can assume the following:

1. The following holidays are observed: January 1st, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day July 1st, Labour Day the first Monday in September, Thanksgiving Day the second Monday in October, and December 25thand 26th.

2. The construction crew work Monday through Friday from 7 am until 5pm.


  1. Read the above information very carefully and create a Network Information Chart. (20 points)

  2. You may estimate total working days (excluding public holidays and w/e) from the below link using the dates given in the assignment:

  3. Use the information from the Network Information chart provided to create anAON network diagramcomplete with Forward Pass, Backward Pass and Critical Path(s).Use the blank sample provided and modify as required.(23 points)

  4. Refer to the blankChart with Crash Times and Costs!You have a template.You can modify it to your case, and fill it in with all the information needed. You have been given the chart with Network Activity chart (ID, Description, Duration Predecessor). Transpose the information from the Network Activity Chart to the Chart with Crash Times and Costs, and continue to fill in the chart. (10 points)

  5. Use the crash time and cost information to construct asecond AON network diagramto calculate the LEAST COST of finishing the project by the new date. The yellow highlights are the activities for you to crash. (13 points)

  6. *Discussionforumonlinewithgroupmembers,andtitlepage,contents,spellingand grammar, file name and format. (14 points)

  7. Answer all the questions in Parts One and Two.(20 points)

  8. Submit all your drawings, charts and answers under Group Assignment #3 submission.

  9. If your assignment is late you will be assessed a penalty of 20%. Any assignment over one day late will not be accepted.

NOTE: Attention to detail is CRITICAL.


GROUP ASSIGNMENT #3 - Commonwealth Stadium

*Every group member should interact and contribute to online discussions for this assignment under FOL/group discussions.

Aug 01, 2022

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