Hello,Can the attached file be completed by midnight? How much would it cost?

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Hello,Can the attached file be completed by midnight? How much would it cost?
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Answer To: Hello,Can the attached file be completed by midnight? How much would it cost?

Rochak answered on Jun 06 2022
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PowerPoint Presentation
USA Automotive Industry
U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Industry
(Q4 – 2021)
Vehicles sold in the U.S.
(Q4 2021):
The U.S. Automotive Industry has grown faster than anything and the fastest among the industry i
s the Electric vehicle percentage which was next to 0 in the year 2015 and today it accounts for approximately 28% of the total automotive sales in the country. With the increase in awareness, it is predicted that by 2025 electric vehicles and hy
ids will account for approximately 90% of the total automotive sales.
Vehicle Sales by Fuel Type
Count    Diesel    BEV    Hy
id    Plug-in    931122.64000000013    897868.26    1197157.68    299289.42    
ent Automotive Industry Trend
The trend is increasing as we can see in the above chart were in the year 2018 diesel used to dominate the sales but it declined and declined further to reduce to 30% in 2021 and further it is predicted that the diesel share in the total share will be down to 10% by 2025 and the electric vehicle will catch up and account for approximately 50% of the total sales
Types of Vehicle (Trend)
Total    17196850    17009925    14486915    14924011    Diesel    2018    2019    2020    2021    0.43    0.41    0.45    0.3125    Electric    2018    2019    2020    2021    0.19    0.2    0.37    0.22750000000000001    Hy
id    2018    2019    2020    2021    0.38    0.39    0.18    0.45999999999999996    
ent Automotive Industry Trend (Customer Demands)
The customer demand in the automotive industry is the highest because people buy automobiles to fulfil their desire and therefore they look for their favourite colour, white accounts for the maximum demand till date across the globe and in the USA, followed by Black and other colours.
ent Automotive Industry Trend (Body Type)
     Type    2020    2019    Y-o-Y    2020    2019    Y-o-Y
        Dec.    Dec.        Jan.-Dec.    Jan.-Dec.    
    Passenger Cars    354,651    397,951    -10.9%    3,519,034    4,821,869    -27.0%
    Light Trucks (Pickup Truck, SUV)    1,264,434    1,142,122    10.7%    11,058,337    12,239,213    -9.6%
    Total    1,619,085    1,540,073    5.1%    14,577,371    17,061,082    -14.6%
The Passenger car growth has been declining ever since, and the same for pickup trucks and SUVS are increasing as can be seen in the above table, this gives only one indication that the overall market share of the SUV and pickup trucks is going to rise in the coming years because of the higher demands for those vehicle...

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