Slide 1 The Automobile Industry vs Now By: Alexandra Rivera Present Automotive Trends In 2022, the automobile sector will continue to see a transition in business models as electric vehicles gain...

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Slide 1The Automobile Industry vs NowBy: Alexandra Rivera Present Automotive TrendsIn 2022, the automobile sector will continue to see a transition in business models as electric vehicles gain popularity and technology improvements in linked devices expand.These changes are causing stiff competition, which is undermining existing brand strategies and creating enormous new opportunities for both existing OEMs and established brandsFocus & DemandWe are at an inflection point in the automotive industry, driven by the pressures of changing mobility, changing powertrain and model requirements, and changing regulatory, customer, and technology landscapes.It has shown resilience with growing sales and value. The electric car industry continues to evolve rapidly, and new capacities are being built to meet that demand. Despite challenges, the industry is doing well.3Auto Brand ValueTop 100 Automobile Brands 2017-2022Tesla continues to expand, increasing its market capitalization by 40% to $46.0 billion andadvancing three places to become the third most expensive automobile brandIt not only maintains manufacturing capacity and top place in electric car model sales, but it also accumulates value in terms of future captive software sales.Tesla’s Expansion For example, in the second half of last year, BYD launched the "Blade Battery," which retains 50 percent more power than comparable chemical batteries, is less susceptible to corrosion, and avoids harmful metals such as cobalt and nickel. This battery will be utilized in BYD automobiles, and the business is also in talks with Tesla about selling batteries. They have forged a partnership with Toyota.Many German companies have established their reputations on the engine's power and engineering. This is something that may happen with Chinese trams, particularly BYD.Natural Gas Vehicle Vs Electric VehicleAs governments impose increasingly rigorous air quality and emissions standards, OEMs invest much more, and electric cars become increasingly important. When compared to green certification, new electricity will lose several features. A long-lasting power train will no longer be the deciding criterion.The sustainability of one popular, branding and marketing surrounding electric car production - which, according to some estimates, produces 80 percent more pollutants than ICE vehicles - will be a differentiator. Percentage of customers familiar with brand sustainability Automobile Sustainability The sustainability of electric car production - which, according to some estimates, produces 80 percentmore pollutants than ICE vehicles - will be a differentiator. This will need the use of recycled components, the transition to green raw materials, and the avoidance of contentious inputs that are occasionally utilised in battery manufacture. When compared to the same month the previous year, road freight volumes in Europe climbed by 8.3 percent between October 2020 and October 2021.Although Europe has yet to regain pre-pandemic levels, there are hints of a worldwide recovery. This year's truck brand appraisals have been uneven, but they remain solid. It is valued at $2.2 billion.11Road freight and EVBrand Safety Protocol When making judgments concerning the expansion of electric cars keep their relative performance in mind.Although there are now no substantial benefits to electric vehicles, many people predict that in the future, electric vehicles will have a greater cruising range, a longer service life, and better value preservation.Demand for Electric Vehicles City residents who demand smaller, more ecologically friendly automobiles are driving the present electric vehicle industry. As electric vehicles grow more widespread, these will not be the key attributes that customers seek in all markets; brand messages and production methods should reflect this, and car sharing will become more significant and a major driver of demand for some models.Consumer Demand Increase Online sales are still increasing. OEMs will need to strengthen their platforms in order to increase customer trust. In order to efficiently manage complaints and returns, customer service departments will also need to be well-resourced and responsive.ReferencesRosevear, J. (2022). AUTOS With few new cars on lots, U.S. auto sales likely fell sharply in the first quarter, analysts say. CNBC. Retrieved 17 June 2022, from Releases Analysis of March and 2022 First Quarter Industry Sales. TrueCar Investors. (2022). Retrieved 17 June 2022, from, A. (2022). 2022 Automotive Industry Trends: Doubling Down on Electric and Connected Cars. Brand Finance. Retrieved 17 June 2022, from
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BUS 225 Project Four Template
BUS 225 Project Four Template
Press Release
022 & BEYOND
Lead Sentence
The automotive industry will experience a continuous transition in the business models because of the popularity of electronic vehicles and technological disruptions. The Global Automotive demand is becoming flat-lining and there are profound structural changes because the entire system is under the trade with disruptive forces like vehicle connectivity and the changes in the mobility preferences.
Key Points for External Audiences
The target audience shall be guided by the growing methods of digitalization of the cockpits that makes the connectivity of the vehicles among the top trends in 2022. The use of telematics applications has transformed the entire automotive industry which shall impact the changes in customer satisfaction. The enhanced personalization options for the consumers have greatly improved the connectivity and the responses. Moreover, the electrification shall contemplate the demand of the environment concerned customers. It is also effective to know that the automobile...

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