Hello pleaase see scenario below: Scenario...

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Hello pleaase see scenario below:




  • What are the concerns around the privacy of customer data, including the data of Helios subscribers and Flame owners who are not part of the Helios program?
  • As health insurance companies are considered covered entities under HIPAA, what new legal compliance requirements does this partnership require?
  • How profitable will this partnership be?What is the likely effect on the company’s value to stockholders?
  • What effects will this partnership have on the current customer base?
  • How would this partnership align with Fit-vantage’s mission and core values?



(attachment below)

  • Fit-vantage company profile, which contains the mission statement, core values, and draft of the Fit-vantage privacy statement
  • Financial outlook based on the Helios partnership
  • Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule

This scenario places you back in the role of an executive-level security consultant for the organization.The scenario will provide you additional details surrounding the organization’s decisions on the proposal you addressed in Project One.

To complete this task, you will prepare alegal and ethical recommendation brieffor the internal stakeholder board in order to identify an approach to meeting the privacy protection, data security, and ethical needs of the scenario.

Write a brief memorandum to the internal leadership board outlining your recommendations for meeting the needs of the scenario.

Be sure to address thecritical elementslisted below.

  1. Recommend an approach to protectingdata privacy. Support your recommendation with evidence from applicable laws or the corporate mission and values.
  2. Recommend an approach to ensuringdata security. Support your recommendation with evidence from applicable laws or the corporate mission and values.
  3. Describe howethical considerationsabout data use influenced your recommendations for security-enhancing safeguards.
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Running Head: COMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY                    1
COMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY                             2
Table of Contents
I. Recommendation for the Data Privacy    3
II. Recommendation of Ensuring Data Security    3
III. Ethical Considerations about the Data    4
References    5
I. Recommendation for the Data Privacy
As per Yang, Xiong and Ren (2020), data portability is a critical need for many contemporary information technology firms. Transfe
ing data across multiple contexts and software programs is refe
ed to as "data mobility." Most of the time, file sharing refers to the capacity to send information between its data centers and the public cloud, as well as between multiple cloud services (cloud providers).
Cloud service companies often use proprietary data formats, and storage engines to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Consequently, it becomes difficult to migrate data through one service to some other, as well as creating manufacturer lock in. Corporations are actively searching for standardized methods of collecting and managing data in order to make it transferable among cloud environments.
II. Recommendation of Ensuring Data Security
The fundamentals of data security are often traced back to the CIA's triad. Data...

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