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Hello Sir, Its an exam, please follow HD example to answer must include references. or ITS ok if you do not include introduction and conclusion heads but need references and in good structured format. Please read the example to get ideas and theories to include.Thanks

Final Assessment by Emma Dela Cruz Submission date: 26-Apr-2021 06:40PM (UTC+1000) Submission ID: 1570100154 File name: 10826_Emma_Dela_Cruz_Final_Assessment_316131_2059569015.pdf (160.76K) Word count: 2499 Character count: 14550 Subject Title Responsible Leadership Subject Code MGT808 Lecturer / Tutor Dr Orekat Trimester May 2021 Assessment Title Final Exam (Assessment 3) Learning Outcome/s A, b, c, d Assessment type (group or individual) Individual Weighting 40 per cent Word count 2,000 Due date TBA Class submission Lecture☐Tutorial ☐X Submission type Paper copy☐Turnitin ☐X Format / Layout of Assessment Report: (details of what to include) (cross the appropriate check boxes) ICMS Cover Page Table of Contents Synopsis / Executive Summary ☐x ☐ ☐ Introduction ☐x Findings ☐x Conclusion ☐x Recommendations ☐ Reference List ☐x Appendices ☐ ☐ Essay: ☐ ICMS Cover Page ☐ Abstract ☐ ☐ Introduction ☐ Body ☐ Conclusion ☐ Recommendations ☐ Reference List ☐ Appendices Oral Presentation: ☐ Paper submission PowerPoint submission Peer review (group presentation) ☐ ☐ ☐ ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE Page 3 of 3 Reference List X Assessment instructions (clear, succinct, without repetition) Your final exam consists of two long answers questions in total (1000 words each question). One question is related to a case study, and the second question is related to a case scenario. SECTION 1 - LONG ANSWER EXAMINATION PAPER Name: Student ID: Signature: International College of Management Sydney MGT 808 Final Exam, May,2021 MGT 808: Official Final Exam – May, 2021 Page 1/4 Trimester2021 May Trimester Unit Code & DescriptionMGT 808 Lecturer Dr. Feras Orekat Exam DateFri 6 Aug @ 17:00 PM Submission Date/ TimeSun 15 Aug @ 23:59 PM Duration9 days Number of Questions2 Total Marks100 Assessment Weighting 40% Materials Permitted Open book INSTRUCTIONS Please answer the questions in the Exam Booklet provided. Section Question Type No Questions Possible Marks Marks Achieved % 1 Long Answer 2 100 TOTAL 100 LECTURER COMMENTS Please answer the 2 questions related to United Airlines case study and Mrs. Edwards & Mr. Aziz case scenario. You MUST reference any sources as per ICMS Style Guide. · 1). Case Study: United Airlines Customer Service Failures In 2017, videos shot by fellow passengers of Dr David Dao being forcibly removed from United flight 3411 blew up on social media and, very soon thereafter, the mainstream media. It started when airline staff in Chicago asked passengers for four volunteers to give up their seats to make room for United employees headed to Louisville. No-one volunteered. Four passengers were then directly asked to remove their luggage and vacate their seats. Three complied, one did not. Staff insisted but Dr Dao continued to stay in his seat. Then airport police were called. That’s when the events unfolded that have been seen millions of times on video. A passenger with a bloodied face, who had paid for his seat, being forcibly dragged down the aisle as he yelled complaints. Next morning, United CEO Oscar Munoz issued a statement justifying what happened, describing it as ‘re-accommodating the customers’. Munoz also sent an email to United staff commending the actions of the crew. More recent mishaps with United Airlines’ treatment of traveling pets have both reminded people of the Dr Dao incident and focused yet more attention on United’s continued failure to build a customer-focused culture. It took United a day to respond, and even then their response was inadequate, betraying any understanding of the role of social media in reporting and magnifying failures in company customer services. By Monday morning the story of what happened on flight 3411 had been told and viewed by millions. It took United several days to finally respond in a way that acknowledged the seriousness of what happened and how it made the airline look in the eyes of customers and regulators. The damage to the reputation and business of United lingers to the present day – refreshed by the unfortunate incidents with the pets. Question 1: You were assigned to be the new CEO of United Airlines. Referring to responsible leadership theories and techniques what would you do to regain trust and loyalty from customers? How would you build a strong customer-focused culture? Limit your answer to 1000 words. (50 marks). 2). Case Scenario: Mrs. Edwards & Mr. Aziz Mrs Edwards worked as COO of a pharmaceutical company. She is doing great at her job till a new employee called Mr. Aziz joined the team as an accountant. Aziz English is ok, but not great, and this is because he learned English a few years ago. However, Aziz is well educated and knows his job very well. Mrs. Edward did not like the fact that Mr. Aziz has a strong accent, and she began to dislike everything about him—his voice, his ridiculous shirts colours, his goatee, and anything about him. Mr. Mark who works as the CFO decided to leave his job and go to another company that pays better. Now Mark’s role is empty and waiting for someone who can fill it in. Aziz saw an opportunity in this better job especially that he has the experience and with some training he will be a perfect candidate. Aziz applied to this role, but Mrs. Edwards did not consider his application just because she thought that Mr. Aziz does not fit the new role. When Mr. Aziz sent her an email asking Mrs. Edwards why she didn’t consider his application, she simply didn’t answer back. Question 2: Working in a team with different cultural backgrounds can be challenging. As a responsible leader, how would you ensure proper communication and respect amongst employees? Also, if you were Mr.Aziz and referring to Responsible Leadership techniques and theories, how would you enhance egalitarian work culture, and get the job? Limit your answer to 1000 words. (50 marks)
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Running Head: HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT                        1
HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT                                12
Table of Contents
Question 1    3
Introduction    3
Leadership Theories and Techniques to Regain Trust and Loyalty from Customers    3
Leadership Theory to be Followed    3
Building a Strong Customer Focused Culture    6
Conclusion    6
References for Question 1    7
Question 2    8
Introduction    8
Enhancing Work Culture    8
Conclusion    11
References for Question 2
Question 1
Leadership is the ability of a group or an individual to guide and influence others members as well as followers of an organisation. Leadership includes making sound -- and on occasion difficult -- decisions, developing and articulating a clean vision, organising potential desires and offering fans with the understanding and gear vital to attain the ones desires.
Leadership Theories and Techniques to Regain Trust and Loyalty from Customers
As examined by Lee (2021), it is important to continue all the norms related to the safety issues. There are a lot off scandals in an organisation that intensify the intense argument and thus it is important to be a responsible leadership. That is the significant reason why emphasis should be addressed on the effectiveness of leadership regarding the practice they follow. In this case, the leadership impact was not effective enough and this resulted in the controversial issues.
Leadership Theory to be Followed
It is significant for the leaders to design from the heart and the head. In any sort of crisis, the toughest matters may be the flexible matters. Leaders have the potential to be resilient and to become authentic, actually empathetic, taking walk compassionately within side the footwear of workers, consumers and their broader ecosystems (Lee, Chen & Su, 2020). Yet resilient leaders should concurrently take a hard, rational line to guard monetary overall performance from the invariable softness that accompanies such disruptions.
Furthermore, effective leaders put the venture first. Resilient leaders are professional at triage, capable of alleviate their businesses to satisfy the disaster to hand whilst locating possibilities amid hard constraints. In addition, they should aim for velocity over elegance where resilient leaders take crucial action—with courage—primarily based totally on imperfect information, understanding that pragmatism is essential.
They are also required to grip the lengthy view. The statement is supported by Li, Xia and Song (2019) that resilient leaders live centred at the horizon, looking ahead to the brand new commercial enterprise fashions, which might be possibly to emerge and sparking the improvements in an effort to outline tomorrow. Resilient leaders capture the narrative on the outset, being obvious approximately present day realities—inclusive of what they don’t know—whilst additionally portray a compelling image of the destiny that conjures up others to persevere.
With the proper approach, this crisis can come to be a possibility to transport ahead and create even extra cost and superb societal effect, as opposed to simply get better to the fame quo. Within the framework of those vast imperatives, resilient leaders can take particular tactical steps to raise those traits at some point of the cutting-edge any cause of problem; blunting its effect and supporting their groups emerge stronger.
Based on the case study of airline incident information, it is exemplified that an authoritative and domineering captain, with a heightened ego and robust character, coupled with a non-assertive and it can have an effect on the protection weather within side the cockpit. Autocratic chief dangers lacking essential facts this is supplied with the aid of using different group members.
Therefore, the company has emphasised democratic leadership the cockpit via Team Aid Control Programs. The behaviour theory is can be followed as the leader and it is one of the important principles of behavioural idea is conditioning. Conditioning states that someone might be much more likely to behave or lead in a sure fashion due to environmental responses to behaviour. As indicated by Liggett (2020), the behavioural idea of management makes a speciality of how someone’s environment, now no longer herbal abilities, bureaucracy her or him right into a leader.
They can also follow transformational leadership of management, additionally called "the connection idea," research powerful management because the end results of a fantastic courting among leaders and group members. Transformational leaders inspire and encourage thru their enthusiasm and passion. They are a version for his or her teams and that they keep themselves to the equal general they anticipate of others.
It is significant for the leader to solve all the...

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