Hi I have a case study about the ethics case Google Versus China .Please answers all of the questions If you use references, add them below each question. The APA format (7th or 8th edition) is...

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I have a case study about the ethics case Google Versus China .Please answers all of the questions If you use references, add them below each question. The APA format (7th or 8th edition) is required.

Question 1

In January 2010, Google threatened in a public statement to stop censoring its search results on its google.cn website, as required by Chinese authorities.

Why did Google issue the statement of January 12?

Question 2

Can Google take comfort from the reaction of stakeholders so far?

Question 3

Should Google exit China? Or attempt a compromise with the Chinese government?

Question 4

Case study extension:

China is facing mounting criticism from around the world over its treatment of the mostly Muslim Uighur population in the north-western region of Xinjiang. Human rights groups believe China has detained more than a million Uighurs over the past few years in what the state defines as "re-education camps".

There is evidence of Uighurs being used as forced labour and of women being forcibly sterilised.

Between 2017 and 2019, ASPI estimates the Chinese government relocated at least 80,000 Uyghurs from Xinjiang in western China to factories across the country where they work “under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour.” What’s more, it says the manufacturers using these transported Uyghurs supply at least 83 international companies making everything from footwear to electronics.

Many corporations—if not all those listed by the ASPI—have supplier codes of conduct prohibiting the use of forced labor.

So, how it is still possible for corporations failed to monitor the partners making their product and catch labor abuses? This raises questions about the effectiveness of factory audits.

Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola were among companies reportedly lobbying Congress to weaken Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Bill.

Please do your own research on the corporate use of Uighurs forced labor and respond to the following questions:

1) Describe the ethical issue faced by these 83 multinational companies. You can take the example of one company specifically if you prefer.

Do you think companies' code of conduct make a difference in this forced labor situation?
What steps companies can take to make their audits of suppliers more effective and ensure workers in their supply chains are treated ethically?

3) What is corporate social responsibility? What is the socially responsible response that you would expect from these 83 companies? What do you think about Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola's lobbying efforts?

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Answer To: Hi I have a case study about the ethics case Google Versus China .Please answers all of the...

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Google versus China Case Study:
Question 1:    3
Question 2:    3
Question 3:    3
Question 4:    4
Question 5:    4
Question 6:    4
References:    6
Question 1:
Google has issued the statement of January 12 as i
t has discovered that the email accounts of the activists of human rights have been hacked by someone who is based in china. There were mainly three issues that were faced by Google from china which includes increasing number of cyber attacks that were done on a regular basis and Google was also unhappy with the decision of china which was taken in 2009 due to which a restriction was imposed on free speech on the internet (Nast, 2022). This made the company with no other option and Google is now not willing to continue censoring services with china.
Question 2:
Reaction of stakeholders:
There were different opinions of different stakeholders some of them thought that the step taken by Google is good for the future of such companies and ethics while others were criticizing the step taken by goggle against china. But yes of course Google can take some comfort from the views of various communities who mentioned their view and said that it is the right move taken by Google as it shows that company is concerned regarding the privacy of the public. Goggle has raised a voice in favor of the basic fundamental rights of the humans which is very difficult. As of now it would be great to support Google in such a difficult move and for creating a line that should never be erased.
Question 3:
Before taking an exit from the Chinese market and reaching at any conclusion regarding the same, Google has planned to do certain discussions with government of china regarding the comprises that can be done to protect the interest of the public like making certain laws and regulations against the hackers and removing any kind of decisions that were taken to limit the right of the public. If the government would not agree to make compromises then Google would have no other option then to take an exit from the market of china as it cannot operate and provide services in such a market where the data of the public is not...

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