Assignment 7: Creating an Effective Content CalendarFor this assignment you will be planning out your content for your Twitter account for 3 weeks. A content calendar is not just a handy...

Hi there. I need your help with MKT2090-Direct and database marketing course is due tomorrow, and I want to deliver the solution by 1 pm. I have attached the assignment instructions with a template you will use. Also, I have attached two supporting files: my previous assignment and my ppt from class.

Assignment 7: Creating an Effective Content Calendar   For this assignment you will be planning out your content for your Twitter account for 3 weeks.    A content calendar is not just a handy tool that organizations use when running social media accounts, but more importantly an outline that allows a brand to plan how they will represent themselves online and a way to ensure that they are moving towards achieving their goals and objectives on a daily basis.  Content calendars are used in organizations to ensure a clear path is being marked out for the brand and to allow other team members to see that path and comment on it.   Your Task Using the template provided on eConestoga, use the first tab to plan out your Editorial abilities by filling in the various sections.  Then use the second tab to layout your daily content for the three weeks indicated While drafting your content please take the following in to consideration: · Be purposeful in how you craft each message · Have a clear and constant voice and/or tone · Try to use multiple types of content (pictures, video, infographics) · Try to be innovative in your content · Focus on engagement   Due Date This assignment is due November 21nd, 2022 before midnight.  Please place your assignment in the assigned drop-box.  Note there are marks for both tabs of the Excel spreadsheet as well as marks for your setup and use of Hootsuite Rubric   Editorial Overview   Clear overview of who you are talking to – Multiple groups identified /2 Listed at least 3 internal events that will support the account this month /2 Listed at least 5 external events that will support the account this month /3 Lists a minimum of 5 reputable content sources /2 A good range of content types /1     Content Calendar   Has quality content for all 3 weeks /2 Content has a consistent feel /2 Content speaks to each target audience /1 Content attempts to generate 2-way communication /2 Content is aligned with your overall goal and objectives for your Twitter account /2 Use knowledge of internal and external events happening to your advantage /3     Hootsuite   Provide a screenshot of your Hootsuite account setup with prescheduled messages /3 Editorial Overview Editorial Overview My Target Markets My ObjectivesInternal events and topics for the MonthExternal Events This Month Content Sources Content Types 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 1010 NOTE - each of these is a stand alone list. The list of target markets has nothing to do with the list of External Events and visa versa. This page will show me 6 different lists that you have developed Content Calendar DayDateTimeTarget MarketObjective #Twitter CopyCharacter CountLink to external media if applicable Monday 21-NovYour actual Twitter content will go here. You will see I added a Character count by using the LEN function in Excel116 0 Tuesday22-Nov3, 5, 1if your tweet is going to be too many characters, the charater count column will turn red for that tweet - to set this up I used Conditional formating - how cool is that?! Well I think it is cool but I just updated it to check for 280 rather then 140 so it will only change to red for REALLY long tweets 305 0 Wednesday 23-NovBet you will save this nicely formated worksheet to use in the future 70*This tweet will be sent as a Canva Graphic 0 Thursday 24-NovClients love it when you have smart formatting like this 57 0 Friday 25-Nov0 0 Saturday26-Nov1, 4 Check out this video of me setting up a great Excel Template: 62I don't actually have a video of this but if I did I would put the link here 0 Sunday27-Nov0 0 Monday 28-NovDid you know that you can easily change the dates that you want to set up your content calendar for? Just change the first date in B2 and the rest will follow158 0 Tuesday29-Nov0 0 Wednesday 30-Nov0 0 Thursday 1-Dec0 0 Friday 2-Dec0 0 Saturday3-Dec0 0 Sunday4-Dec0 0 Monday 5-Dec0 0 Tuesday6-Dec0 0 Wednesday 7-Dec0 0 Thursday 8-Dec0 0 Friday 9-Dec0 0 Saturday10-Dec0 0 Sunday11-Dec0 0 Hootsuite Screenshot Assignment 5 (1) (8).pdf Social Media Content Calendars Week 11 - Bradley Thompson Agenda Dashboard updates Content Calendars Creating content for social media Hootsuite Assignment 7 How’s your Twitter account going? Are you posting 3 times per day? What’s your favorite type of content to post? What’s your favorite Twitter feature? Are you working towards your goal and objectives? Dashboard Assignment – Week 1 Dashboard Reminders Please follow the instructions in the assignment folder. Set up your excel file exactly how we did it in class to ensure it is printer friendly. (Review last weeks lecture recording) Make sure your metrics are relevant and measurable. Please create charts/graphs in excel, no screenshots. Also, your data must be pulling from your data tab. Include your SMART objectives (track your progress every week) & you can even include your goal. If you need to adjust your objectives from assignment 5 please do that. Make sure your dashboard is branded! Printer friendly! Did you achieve any SMART objectives in week 1? Dashboard 2 Submit before the due date this week Nov 18th, 2022 before 6pm Time to Try… Post a Self-Made Video of yourself on your Twitter profile Unfollow your classmates Link to your Linkedin Profile or your website Hootsuite: signup, set up search stream, account streams & schedule some tweets. Reply through search streams on Hootsuite Twitter Lists James Brown Try Me 12 What is “Good” content Who do you follow that you like? What are they doing? Who have you un-followed? What was wrong with their content? Content Calendaring What is it? Why do it? Who needs to participate? What are some tricks of the trade? Assignment 7 – Content Calendar (10%) Due on Nov 22nd, 2022 before 6pm Tab 1 – Editorial Overview Tab 2 – Content Calendar Tab 3 – Hootsuite Screenshot Search stream screenshot Creating Content Presell Launch Back sell Content Calendar Include primary and secondary TM’s. Ex: Hockey players & hockey coaches can be separated for my “how to play hockey” account. You need to think about both internal and external! Add content to the content calendar and then transfer it to Hootsuite. Include your SMART objectives. Be creative and focus on your objectives when tweeting. Hootsuite Sign up for Hootsuite, try out the platform for FREE and create some streams. Sign up by typing in: Take a screenshot of your streams (Home, scheduled, my tweets, mentions, etc) for tab 3 of the content calendar assignment. Finding People We are struggling to be conversational still… Let’s set up some search streams in Hootsuite to help! 3 Hours of Homework Continue managing your Twitter accounts. Start scheduling on Hootsuite. Complete dashboard 2 before the due date Nov 18, 2022 at 6pm and submit it. Content calendar (assignment 7) due Nov 22nd, 2022 before 6pm Next Week Social media strategy Newsletters “Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.” - Seth Godin
Nov 22, 2022

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