How to figure out the shape of molecules using the VESPR theory.

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How to figure out the shape of molecules using the VESPR theory.
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The theory known as VSEPR theory , is primarily based on the fact that in a polyatomic
molecule, the direction of bonds around the central atom depends upon the total number of
electron pairs (bonding as well as non bonding )in its valence shell. Both bonding and nonbonding
electron pairs a
ange themselves in such a way that there is a minimum repulsion among them so
that the molecule has minimum energy (i.e. ,maximum stability).
The following rules have been proposed to figure out shape of molecules using VSEPR
Rule 1. If the central atom of a molecule is su
ounded only by bonding electron pairs (bp’s)
and not by non bonding electron pairs, called lone pairs (lp’s) the geometry of the molecule will be
egular, i.e. it will be linear , triangular planar, regular tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal and regular
octahedral for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bonding electron pairs.
Number electron pairs in shape of molecule Bond angles
Outer shell
2 ...

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