HRM Evaluation Project Due: Week 7 Value: 45% Format: Report Word length: 3,000 - 3,500 Task description This project involves a process of data gathering, review and analysis which entails...

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HRM Evaluation Project

Due: Week 7 Value: 45%

Format: Report

Word length: 3,000 - 3,500

Task description

This project involves a process of data gathering, review and analysis which entails determining the strategic HRM capability of an organisation of your choice and providing an analysis of its effectiveness. To do this successfully, you are expected to consider theories and models obtained from your own research and reading to demonstrate your knowledge of the wider literature in HRM and strategy. As such, you will be expected to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as any gaps between policy and practice relating to HRM within your chosen organisation.

When conducting the analysis, you need to select two of the following topic areas:

Workforce characteristics

To what degree is the organisation able to articulate or describe the characteristics of its workforce? Where possible, collect quantitative data on numbers, categories of employment, qualifications, diversity and skills required, and so forth. Comment on the degree of difficulty with regard to obtaining such information from the organisation. Does the organisation have an effective HR Information System? Is it accessible to those who need it? In what ways is the HR Information System used? What impact does this system have on the organisation’s ability to plan?

Work force skills and attitudes

How easy or difficult is it for the organisation to obtain the necessary skills/attitudes in its employees, both now and in the future? This requires an examination and analysis of various HR processes within the organisation, such as HR Planning, Recruitment and Selection including its Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Reward Management and Human Resource Development.

Performance Management

Critically examine the way HR processes contribute to enhancing performance of the workplace. How well and in what ways does the performance management system (PMS) work? How does your PMS align with current motivation theory? How are under acheivers managed? How does your remuneration and benefits system align to performance. Consider clarity of postion decriptions; development and use of KPIs or other measures and frequency of feedback and reward as some of the issues to be considered

HR climate

Describe and analyse the current HR climate within the organisation. This involves an assessment and analysis of a number of aspects of the human resource environment including attitudes of management, attitudes to staff development, industrial climate, issues of motivation, morale, interpersonal and organisational communication. Identify the stakeholders involved and the organisation’s commitment to various stakeholders. Is this organisation considered to be a preferred and respected employer?

Ethical standards

To what extent does the HRM function promote ethical standards of behaviour and practice within the organisation? Are these standards clearly articulated in the organisation’s policies; e.g., is there a code of ethical practice, which reflects the organisation’s commitment? Is training provided in this area? How are disciplinary practices developed and communicated? To what extent does the organisation comply with various laws associated with employment, such as EEO, WHS or Industrial Relations?

Diversity management

Describe and analyse how diveristy is managed in your organisation. Discuss the diversity policy and how it works in practice. Explore the following areas: attraction and recruitment strategies; promotion; learning and development and workforce planning which all need to be part of a diversity management approach. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of these functions as they pertain to your organisation.

You must answer all questions in your two areas slected. Your two areas must be clearly outlined in the executive summary and introduction.

As part of an overall assessment of HRM capability and effectiveness, your report should include recommendations for strengthening the HRM function within the organisation.

Assessment Submission Requirements:

The final report should follow the layout below:

Executive Summary Your executive summary should be no more than 250-300 words.

Table of Contents


Overview Provide a brief overview of the organisation. This should include details concerning the nature of the business, its size, and an organisational chart clearly indicating the structure of the organisation.

Methodology Statement A variety of data gathering techniques should be employed. These should be described in this section. Some of these techniques might include analysis of documents, observation, interviews, questionnaires or focus groups. Discuss the strengths and limitations of your data (depth, breadth, representation, validity, reliability, etc.)

Assessment of the HRM Function

Indicators would include the position of HRM (particularly the strategic HRM function) in the organisation and the roles/responsibilities of key players in HRM (specialists, line managers, senior managers) and their support for HRM activities.


This section should provide an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation in the two areas you selected that are critical to HRM.


In this section you are to consider your analysis and evaluate and synthesise this with the relevant literature. Use sub headings to present a logical and clear discussion.


The conclusion provides a brief wrap-up, summarising what has been attempted in the study and to what extent the outcome has been successful.


Once the analysis and discussion have been completed, various recommendations for action should be offered in this section. These should focus on ways in which the HRM function could be strengthened or improved within the organisation. For example, you may recommend new strategies, systems, processes or capability development, or you may wish to recommend various extensions or alterations to existing processes. The recommendations must clearly derive from the data and analysis undertaken and be action[1]oriented. The recommendations also need to be justified according to criteria such as cost, practicality and acceptability. You should number the recommendations for ease of reference and list them in priority order.



Your report should be no more than the word count stated. The following are excluded from your word count

: • Title page

• Executive summary

• Text incorporated into tables and figures

• References

• Appendices

You are expected to utilise credible, relevant and current academic and industry sources in preparing your work – including the course texts. A minimum of eight journal articles is expected to meet a Pass standard for the research depth criteria

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Answer To: HRM Evaluation Project Due: Week 7 Value: 45% Format: Report Word length: 3,000 - 3,500 Task...

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary    3
Introduction    4
Overview    4
Methodology Statement    6
Assessment of HRM Function    6
Analysis    7
Performance Management    7
Diversity Management    8
Attraction and Recruitment Strategy:    8
Promotion –    8
Learning and Development –    9
Workforce Planning –    9
Discussion    10
Performance Management    10
Diversity Management    11
Conclusion    12
Recommendations    13
Employee Feedback    13
Re-assessment and Restructuring Salaries    13
References    14
Executive Summary
The objective of the ongoing investigation was to inspect Coles' human asset the board with an emphasis on two key regions: execution the executives and variety the board. The review picked an optional information assortment strategy, which utilizes public organization reports and articles to get the essential information. This technique assists specialists with acquiring the required data from solid sources while settin
g aside time and cash. The review's key decisions showed that Coles has an efficient presentation of the executive’s framework that utilizes two essential systems, including a graphical rating scale and adjusted scorecard. By utilizing these systems, the organization might survey execution and pinpoint any holes that should be tended to with the assistance of instructing and preparing programs for workers, among other fundamental restorative activities. The organization likewise put areas of strength for an on consideration and variety in the work environment. The business is encouraged to embrace a coordinated procedure where remuneration and motivating forces are associated with execution and occupation arrangement to stay away from any separation, yet the orientation pay hole issue actually exists. Furthermore, it is exhorted that the organization incorporate worker criticism to the exhibition the board framework. As a result, the labor force would feel more engaged and the organization's all out efficiency would consistently rise.
The expression "key human asset the executives" (SHRM) alludes to a progression of administrative decisions that influence the turn of events and long-haul execution of the business. The organization's significant resources, including its work force and related networks, are thought about while settling on choices that are pointed toward making progress (Wright, Nyberg & Ployhart, 2018). As per perceptions, human asset the executives (HRM) are a nonstop cycle that relies upon the steady change of three related shafts, including the climate, senior administration values, and open assets (Al-Jedaiah & Albdareen, 2020). To augment corporate execution, HR chiefs assemble procedures while consolidating each of the three posts. The reason for the ongoing paper is to survey Coles' HRM methodology. Coles is a store that contends in the Australian retail area. All the more explicitly, execution the board and variety the executives are the two vital regions on which HRM assessment is based. The most ideal way to gather the vital information was presented in the report, alongside an exhaustive examination and conversation of the information with regards to the writing. At the decision, a functional arrangement of ideas to work on the company's presentation and HR progression would be tended to.
Coles, the picked business, is a notable Australian retailer. Inside the area, the organization has in excess of 2500 retail locations. Consistently, the business processes around 21 million exchanges to convey things from ranchers and providers to end clients. The firm sells food and drink things as well as beauty care products and health things (Coles Group, 2021). Coles Convenience, Coles Liquor, and Coles Supermarket are the three essential divisions that the enterprise principally uses to carry on with work. Coles' market capitalization is accounted for to be $23.6 billion (Annual Report, 2020). Furthermore, the enterprise is putting more cash in local area improvement drives, which is an indication of its moral strategic policies. Especially, it has been noticed that the Coles organization is vigorously dynamic in working on individuals' lives through the production of occupations and local area government assistance drives. Figure 1 underneath shows the organization's authoritative outline.
The 750-store organization Liquorland will lay out its most memorable area in Tasmania, offering a determination of the best specialty brews, cold environment wines, and shop spirits from the Apple Isle. This will give a public stage to the state's drink makers. Past the Wilderness Wines and the Pure Origin Vodka and Gin are only a portion of the selective Tasmanian items accessible at the recently opened Liquorland shop in Glebe Hill Village. Coles Online offers its clients a "whenever, anyplace" shopping experience by giving them the choice to get their buys at Click&Collect destinations or have them conveyed to their homes, including same-day and short-term drop-off choices. A particular staff at Coles Online works with corporate clients. Coles needs to lay down a good foundation for itself as Australia's greenest general store.
They need to lead the street forward as one of Australia's top organizations on the grounds that by cooperating today, they can further develop Australia for coming ages. They sent off their Sustainability Strategy with the center regions "Together to Zero" and "Better Together" to accomplish this objective. Their objective at Coles is to increment long haul investor esteem and secure themselves as Australia's most trustworthy retailer. Being the most reliable store in Australia requires their to be dependable, responsible, and focused on their objectives. They will foster long haul execution for their investors with trust as their foundation. They want to take care of all Australians reasonably so they might appreciate longer, better lives. They are here since we have an essential task to perform.
Their corporate system, which upholds their vision and design, is worked around three vital points of support: Inspire Customers, Smarter Selling, and Win Together. More secure decisions together, incredible work environments, Together to zero to make generational manageability, Better together by means of variety and partner contribution, and Innovation through associations are the five principal central region of their Win Together support point. Together to nothing and Better Together are two of the points on which their supportability methodology centers. We will actually want to make a joint move today for people in the future in the event that we work for their objectives and wants under every one of these classifications.
The organization's three essential divisions' functional elements are additionally depicted as follows:
1. Monetary Services, Coles Supermarket, the organization of grocery stores, and online grocery stores
2. Liqourland, First Choice Booze, and Vintage Cellars are the three alcohol retailing brands worked by Coles Liquor.
3. Coles Convenience Store, Shell fills, oils, and ointments, bites, drinks, and food, as well as kindling and gas jars.
Methodology Statement
By and large, there are multiple ways of gathering appropriate information while doing investigate, including center gatherings or polls, meetings, perceptions, and record examination utilizing auxiliary sources. The specialists pick a strategy for information assortment that is relevant to the review's objectives and targets (Johnston, 2017). The appropriate procedure would be archive examination utilizing optional information gathering strategy since the objective of the ongoing review is to dissect two of the key regions (execution the executives and variety the board) of the picked association, Coles. All the more unequivocally, IBIS World and Euromonitor distributed business reports, along with the association's yearly reports and archives, would be generally analyzed to investigate the business elements of the association.
This strategy for information assortment has availability as one of its key benefits. Through a few data sets, the specialist can rapidly get the important information. Moreover, it is a sensibly modest and speedy way to deal with get the data. In particular, it empowers the analysts to create new experiences through master reports and friend assessed diary papers. Be that as it may, the sole limitation is the shortfall of command over the information's accuracy and quality (Sherif, 2018). Analysts should utilize adequate watchfulness while gathering information to stay away from misrepresented data that could subvert the report's believability.
Assessment of HRM Function
The presentation of the functioning group is in not entirely settled by various variables, including relational abilities, a penchant for learning and imagination, using time effectively, consumer loyalty, correspondence and commitment, etc. Yearly Report (2020) states that a reasonable scorecard strategy is coordinated by the HR group responsible for worker execution the executives and maintenance to evaluate individual execution and to stress the hole visual rating scales are liked. Sean Atkinson works with the entire group while Demi Tacey manages HR tasks.
Performance management and diversity management were the two topics...

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