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unit name-CHCDIV003 Manage and Promote Diversity
you have to see assessment task 3, and just write the dialogues here
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Parul answered on May 16 2022
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Assessment Task 3: Role Play
According to scenario below, Callum has passed remarks to Ahmed in the Christmas gathering in front of other colleagues. His comment has been reported to be
perhaps very pointed toward religion and beliefs. This conversation also made other employees uncomfortable and out of place. However, problem is Callum has further initiated a group with few other employees who are allegedly dislike Muslim as a religion and refusing to work together with Ahmed.
From this scenario it is evident that Callum fails to comply with the diversity and inclusion policy of the company. Being a tenured resource, it is easy for him to form groups and put the new employees in an uncomfortable position. This behaviour is also influencing other employees to form groups based on personal likes/dislikes and setting wrong precedents for the company. Therefore, it is much needed to set up a meeting with below three stakeholders
· The Manager - Played my myself - Sanreet
· HR Representative - Played by Jessica
· Team's Supervisor - Played by Kevin
Objective from this meeting is to address the issues appropriately faced by both the employees at the ground. I play the role of team manager hence I need to focus on developing a better strategy to enhance the prevention of the workplace harassment and discrimination.
Jessica - Hey Everyone, Thanks for coming for the meeting. We have gathered here today to discuss some grave concerns reported from the operation teams. With reference to recent light of events, it is been reported that Callum has ve
ally assaulted Ahmed in the Christmas Party. Other sources have also confirmed that there is possibility of grouping within the teams to demean Ahmed for being Muslim.
Sanreet - Indeed, I agree with you Jessica. It is very distu
ing to hear these incidents taking place in our company...

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