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Executive summary
Onya Life is a plastic waste recycled product manufacturing company situated in Western Australia. They have manufacturing facility in China producing various recycled and biodegradable products made from the plastic collected from oceans, landfills and sea and rivers. They are trying to maintain an ecological balance by eliminating the usage of plastic bags and plastic products which contains high amount of lead which is injurious to the human and other animals’ central nervous system. They manufacture recycled bags, Lunch and sandwich wrappers and backpacks and other products made from the four times recycled plastic and are 100% vegan friendly. Source: Onya Life; what makes our reusable lunch wrap so good
We will now discuss about a new sustainable product which will be a ‘Onya Lunch & Dine Box’ which are used to store various food items like meat, pastries, sandwiches, rolls and muffins and can also be used to store food products. It is reusable and can be cleaned with soap or cloth to reuse it again. Finally, these products are targeted towards the households, school and office canteens and local café to use the biodegradable and recycled and reusable products instead of harmful plastic. Thus as stated in by (Elkington, 1997) that to enhance the triple bottom line of the company the organization must focus on economic, social and environmental development through ecodesign of its products. Also, it was stated by (Maxwell and van der Vorst, 2002) that for ecodesign of the sustainable products and service development it is the owner of the company who must have control over the phases of product lifecycle for achieving the sustainable benefits which is obtained through creation of concept and ecological product design.
Situation analysis
Business Background
Onya Life is an Australian company producing reusable high quality and creative alternative as against single use plastic products. The company was formed by Jon Brousson and began its journey in the year 2004 in Willagee, Western Australia, who wanted to create a change in the society by reducing the dominance and the usage of single use plastic. He wanted to create disposable shopping bags to replace the plastic bags and with a little sewing skills and ingenuity he invented the first reusable shopping bag for Onya. Onya Life’s products are made and manufactured in China. Apart from shopping bags the company manufactures produce bags, coffee cups and backpacks as well as superior quality stainless steel bottles which are distributed in Australia and globally. Sources: Home Review; Onya
Environmental Analysis
There is a rapid use of plastic water bottles due to the prevalence of soft drinks and mineral water companies like Coke, Pepsi and Nestle globally. The products once used are thrown into the landfills, oceans, rivers, seas and on roads. In a research it was found that around 46000 pieces of plastic trash are floating per square miles of the ocean. It’s harming the animals once being swallowed as these plastics are non-degradable. Also, the plastics are made up of PET also known as polyethylene terephthalate which is a petroleum product. To make plastic bottles it requires huge amount of fossil fuels. Also it requires water thrice the amount of water required to fill the plastic bottle. Hence, a huge amount of water is wasted during the manufacture of plastic bottles. The plastic bottles take around 1000 years to become disposable. Also out of the 35 billion plastic bottles manufacture each year only 12% of the bottles gets recycled. Sources: Go Green; The Environmental Impacts of Plastic Water Bottles
Product Analysis
Only Life makes 100% recycle products which are made out of recycled materials like rPET which is a product made from the recycled plastic water bottles. The plastics are collected from the landfills and are converted to useful products which can be reusable for many years to come. The product that we will discuss in this analysis will be the Onya reusable Lunch & Dine Box. It is a uniquely designed product for large rolls, multiple sandwiches and other delicious foods. It is also used to store the half eaten sandwich to be eaten by the toddler later. It is used for storing veggie sticks, pizza biscuits, snack foods, muffins, pastries, croissants, cakes and pies. Also, the delicious meat and cheese can be stored inside the lunch & dine box thereby cutting down on the usage of plastic bags. The lunch and dine box can be simply cleaned by wiping it with a cloth and can be reused again and again. Sources: Home Review; Onya
Market and Customer analysis
There is huge demand for the reusable Lunch & Dine Box internationally. The Onya Lunch & Dine Box is made from four times recycled plastics which are not harmful like the ones which are directly made from plastics which also contains lead in high quantity. Since it is reusable and can be used for a number of times after washing it with a cloth or with soap, it is in huge demand. People can use these store foods instead of using plastic bags to wrap the foods. They can also store the Onya reusable Lunch & Dine Box inside the refrigerator also. Due to the increasing environmental concerns in the future these reusable Onya Lunch & Dine Box are going to replace the plastic bags or wrappers. Also, change in the disposable income and the lifestyle as well as the taste and preferences of the people have increased the demands for these reusable products. Since these products are environmental friendly and are 100% biodegradable, it also helps to keep the food items fresh and intact. With the rising harmful effects of due to the use of plastics which contains high percentage of lead which is detrimental to the lives of the human beings and especially the children, the usage of these biodegradable and natural reusable products are in high demand. For Onya Life its products are manufactured in China and are marketed throughout Australia as well as USA and Canada. Upon filling a form online in the Onya Life website, the products are shipped at a very reasonable cost to the wholesaler, retailers and the various other customers who requires these products. Sources: Open PR; Reusable Food Wrap Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 – 2027
Financial objective: The financial objectives of Onya Life are to increase their sales of their reusable and recycled products made out of plastics all throughout the world. Through this process they want to make the customers use their products for them as well for their families and derive the value of the product for many years. This will help Onya Life to increase their profits and the cash inflows. Since, the cost of manufacturing is high in...

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