Final Paper Grading Rubric: Course Film (assigned or optional) or Fadiman Review NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN BEYOND April 29th, XXXXXXXXXX:59PM Description Score (Total 50 points) Please note half...

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Final Paper Grading Ru
ic: Course Film (assigned or optional) or Fadiman Review
    Score (Total 50 points)
Please note half points may also be assigned
Incomplete XXXXXXXXXXBelow Expectations XXXXXXXXXXMeets Expectations
(10 points)
    Did not choose an appropriate topic (0 points)
    Did not meet all criteria (5 points)
    Met all criteria (10 points)
(10 points)
    Did not provide adequate information if any at all (0 points)
    Provided some information but not inclusive for reader understanding (5 points)
    Provided adequate information for the reader (10 points)
(10 points)
    Did not describe public health intervention/summary of the text or description was i
elevant (0 points)
    Inadequate description of public health intervention/summary of text (5 points)
    Provided all necessary information to understand the public health intervention/summary of text (10 points)
(10 points)
    Did not describe outcomes or description was i
elevant (0 points)
    Described the outcomes but left out important aspects/information (5 points)
    Provided an adequate description of the health outcomes of interventions (10 points)
    Writing Style
(10 points)
    Essay was filled with grammatical e
ors, no citations, or fell outside of word number range beyond +/-100 words (0 points)
    Essay had some grammatical e
ors but was still readable, some but not all citations included, fell within +/- 100 words (5 points)
    Essay flowed well with minimal grammatical or spelling e
ors, fell within +/- 100 words (10 points)
Final Paper
Students have two options for this assignment, outlined below. The paper should be approximately 500 words, +/-100 words. 10 points will be deducted for going outside of that range. The final paper is worth a total of 50 points, and is due Friday, April 29th by 11:59 pm (EST). NO EXTENSIONS!
1. (Topic) Students can choose to write a response to one of the videos assigned in the course or uploaded to the course content (in the final paper folder titled “Optional”). While the final paper is relatively open-ended, students should be sure to include the following elements:
· (Intro) A
ief introduction/summary of the video topic/subject matte
· (Analysis) A description of how the video related to ideas and concerns discussed in the course and what points from the course (text, supplemental materials, etc.) were expanded upon in the video
· (Outcomes) Your biggest takeaway – did the video increase your understanding of any issues in particular or change your perspective in any way?
2. (Topic) Students can choose to write a response to the assigned ethnography The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman. The response should include all of the following:
· (Intro) A
ief introduction to the text, including a clear and informative summary of the book’s argument(s), content (subject matter), and research methods
· (Analysis) Strengths and weaknesses – describe what the book accomplished or a well-developed argument, as well as what was omitted or insufficiently addressed
· (Outcomes) Your biggest takeaway – include at least one point on how this book changed your understanding of the impact of culture on health care and health outcomes
*Please be sure to cite whatever sources you use. Any style is fine as long as you’re consistent. DO NOT copy and paste directly from a source. You can use quotes, but you must cite any information you use from an outside source, whether it be a direct quote or paraphrasing.
Citation Examples: Feel free to use the AAA style guide uploaded to course content for reference
Peoples, James, and Ga
ick Bailey. 2018. Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
In text: (Peoples and Bailey 2018); example with pages (Peoples and Bailey 2018, 14-17)
Fadiman, Anne. 2012. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures. New York, NY: Fa
ar, Straus, and Giroux.
In text: (Fadiman 2012); example with pages (Fadiman 2012, 93-94)
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Table of contents
Response 1    3
Introduction    3
Analysis    3
Outcomes    4
Response 2    4
Introduction    4
Analysis    4
Outcomes    5
Work Cited    6
Response 1
Anne Fadiman's fundamentally applauded book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down examines the need of perceiving social impacts on medical services and wellbeing results (Tricia & Dimaano). Albeit The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down has been joined into standard educational plan in college and clinical school preparing settings, it presently can't seem to be researched the way that The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down could change undergrad understudy view of wellbeing inconsistencies, especially among understudies at a minority-serving establishment in the United States.
College understudies' view of wellbeing imbalances, spirituality, and confidence in medical services experts were researched utilizing a subjective topic investigation and a pre-/post-test concentrate on plan (Tricia & Dimaano). When a course utilizing Fadiman's book as a showing device, a sum of 43 understudy answers portraying their points of view on these issues were used to make topics....

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