I AM STUDYING COMMUNITY SERVICE. subject is ethics and professional practice.This is my case study.You work as a case worker in a drop-in women’s centre. Your client Jenny (aged 28) has been using the...

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I AM STUDYING COMMUNITY SERVICE. subject is ethics and professional practice.This is my case study.You work as a case worker in a drop-in women’s centre. Your client Jenny (aged 28) has been using the service to access food and other welfare services. You are aware that Jenny is married and has a 6-year-old son. Over the last few weeks, you have noticed that Jenny has become increasingly quiet while accessing services. One day, you notice that Jenny has brought her son to the women’s centre. When you sit and try to talk to Jenny, you notice that she does not introduce her son to you. He appears to be quiet, withdrawn and does not make any eye contact with you. You also notice several severe bruises on her son’s arms and legs, which Jenny says is due to rough play with other children in school. Jenny discloses that they are in financial difficulty at the moment but hope that situation will change when her husband finds a job soon. You also become aware that her husband lost his job due to significant drug use. What should you do?
Question:1. Identify and analyse the relevant ethical issues, explaining the tensions that arise from the case for a community worker (e.g. dual roles, professional boundaries, duty of care, mandatory reporting requirements)2. Apply relevant ethical principles and concepts (eg. self determination/autonomy, do no harm, social justice, etc. as applicable) to the case, drawing out the significance
3.Finally, reflect briefly on your own role in the process of preparing Assignment 2: making the video presentation, how you felt both when planning the presentation and when you were speaking, the process of working as a group on the video and the report, and what you believe to have learned about ethics in community services through this process.

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Response to the Questions
Question 1
As a community worker, it is relevant to address the ethical issues for explaining the tension that arises in terms of cases like Jenny. When working with clients it is effective to maintain clear boundaries and assured professional integrity. It is very clear in Jenny's behaviour that she is facing a grave family issue. However, she chose to remain quiet and be completely anonymous in all her dealings. However, as a community worker duty of cure is a moral obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of others. In this particular scenario even though Jenny decides to be quiet and remain anonymous in her dealings. Therefore, it is an ethical perception of community work that requires the legal obligation to ascertain well-being and justice to others (Stoll, 2019). As a social worker, it is imperative to have a legal obligation to report the suspected child abuse which is very clear from the physical abuse marks on Jenny's son.
The Australian Institute of Family studies gives Assurance of mandatory reporting with an outline of relevant legislation in each state or te
itory. Regardless of the requirements of mandatory reporting, it is the ethical responsibility of a social worker and a community worker toward the children and the families with whom they work and subject to the requirements regarding reporting about the child in need of protection. As a community worker, it is imperative to identify the risks of harm to the child or children and must take appropriate steps to meet the ethical obligations (Sobočan et al., 2020). Therefore, the duty of care and mandatory reporting is battle obligations of the community working to address the risks that Jenny and her son are facing. However, there are certain ethical conflicts and dilemmas in practice related to professional boundaries.
The domestic violence that Jenny is facing is difficult to understand because she has become quiet and has not reported anything against her husband. It is obvious that she might have faced physical and ve
al abuse at home but could not...

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