This is a scenario-based assessment based on a ‘feasibility study’ for a phone application. · The Company is ‘Nickle-Byte’, an Australian tech company specialising in software testing, programming...

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This is a scenario-based assessment based on a ‘feasibility study’ for a phone application.· The Company is ‘Nickle-Byte’, an Australian tech company specialising in software testing, programming solutions and web application design. Nickle-Byte’s leadership team have significant expertise in the technology and digital innovation space and have developed key corporate accounts, both locally and internationally, providing clients with innovative, scalable, ‘disruptive’ digital solutions.· You are an ICT graduate with 2 years’ experience working for ‘Nickle-Byte’, dealing with general programming tasks and customer service (technical support/management systems). You have recently been asked to join a project team for a particular research task.· The Manager is Mel Wisdom. Mel is Director, Digital Research and Design of ‘Nickle-Byte’ and manages a number of project teams, who are involved in the development of various new products. Mel has identified an opportunity for a new phone application which is aimed at the international student market in Australia. Mel knows about your background as an international student and believes your own experience could be an important asset in this project.· The Feasibility Study is an investigation whether a proposed phone application (intended for use by international students and the service industry in Australia) is practically feasible and/or financially viable.Scenario:At a project team meeting this week, the Director, Digital Research and Design, Mel Wisdom, mentioned that the organisation is investigating the Australian Education Market. Based on their research and subsequent inferences, Nickel-Byte Pty Ltd aims to design and launch a nationwide mobile and web application that can link users/customers (both international education providers and individual international students) with the latest information, experiences and services of owners/sponsors (Australian businesses and government departments of interest to the international student market).One example use would be: advertising casual, short term employment for international students with a work permit. Or international students offering their labour skills per hour and location. Another example would be: listing cafes and accommodation with special discounts for international students. “Cheapest coffee today in Brisbane CBD’. Newly arrived students would also be interested in tourism discounts and up to date public transport information. Government departments could use the app to update international students about new regulations.Mel mentioned that this proposed app is still at an early concept stage and the go ahead or ultimate design features of the app will largely depend on further information to be gathered. Mel asked you and another project team member (both of international student background) to do a feasibility study into the potential usefulness and viability of such a mobile application.Mel Wisdom has given a 2 week timeframe for this feasibility study and wants a verbal progress report in one week’s time.Overview of Assessment Activities:Module 3, Session1:PY Candidates work in pairs to plan the scoping and research activities related to investigating ‘the feasibility of developing a phone application’ for the International Student Market. Each pair divides the tasks to be completed by next week’s session.PY Candidate 1 (individually) researches information crucial to the owners/sponsors of the proposed phone application, while Candidate 2 (individually) researches information crucial to the customers/users of the proposed phone application.Module 3, Session 2:1. During a group session, PY Candidates report verbally to the Manager (PY Facilitator), in pairs, about their combined research activities and findings.2. In one week following this session, each PY Candidate submits a 2000 word written report about the feasibility of the proposed phone application with recommendations for a business model (including the targeting of users and the raising of revenue from sponsors). The recommendations include design features, which would make the application more attractive and useful. This individual report incorporates research and findings from both candidates. The recommendations will be based on their combined data collection and analysis.(The PY Facilitator will complete an evaluation report with a grading of all verbal and written assessment criteria)Assessment CPW5: Upload a 2000 word written report to LMS (5 Business days after session 2 of Module 3)Assessment Folder naming standards: Candidate First & Last Name M3 CPW5 ReportThe written report must contain a declaration of authenticity stating that the work submitted is the candidate’s own.About the challenge:A key element in Nickle-Byte’s business model is to research and produce innovative, creative and user- friendly web and mobile applications that can provide a rich user experience for their prospective clients. The production framework for creating and launching a new app will broadly involve the following 4 items:· The app should include social integration and support users to connect with the application ecosystem.· Security of the app is a primary feature, to protect data confidentiality and enhance and catalyse the trust factor of the app.· The design must integrate a system of analytics so that the app can track and identify user actions and experiences.· An effective feedback mechanism should be embedded to assist in shaping and enhancing the future user experiences of the app.However before production of an application can be approved, we need to clarify the business model for this particular application.This requires investigation into the following feasibilities:1. Who are the main customers/users of the app and what are their requirements?This kind of investigation requires statistics on student numbers, demographical data, types of qualifications and categories, new arrivals each year, etc. You need to consult on-line information from the ABS, AUSTRADE, Australian Education International, Study in Australia, Government departments and international student agencies. The requirements of international students may be established through Focus groups (e.g. your PY class), Reports on international student wellbeing, etc.2. Which topics and content will become the main features of the app?This is mostly based on the findings of the above investigation. It can be enhanced by your own memory of past experiences as well as current needs.3. Who are the main owners/sponsors of the app and what benefits will they derive (return on investment)?Here you need to put yourself in the mind of local businesses, service providers, employers, accommodation agents, etc. You may need a survey tool (Questionnaire) to record opinions and appetite for the proposed app.4. Is the app useful enough to attract payment from the user? From the sponsor? Subscription fee? Like questions 1 and 3, this can only be determined by users and sponsors. This is most difficult to determine before the app has been developed. 5. Can the app be funded from paid advertising? How would this be integrated?Although annoying for users, this can be a major source of revenue. If designed well, the service providers and government agencies will be happy to sponsor the app, due to the benefit they derive from constant and frequent ‘targeted’ exposure.6. What is the potential number of users nationally and what uptake can we expect?See comments under question 1.7. How can its popularity be further boosted?Procedure:Once you have collected the feasibility data, you need to analyse and collate the information in separate categories (e.g. Users, Sponsors) and by type (e.g. Stats, Focus group info, Survey results). Based on your observations and inferences, you are now in a position to make practical recommendations about the following:· What type of app and associated features could be designed· What the future potential market would be for this· How it could be fundedWith your PY partner, design and complete a comprehensive Feasibility Report on the above findings for Mel Wisdom, Director, Digital Research and Design and provide this report to your PY Facilitator. You need to integrate the research of both partners into the 1 report. E.g. investigations from an owner/sponsor focus (P1) and investigations from a customer/user focus (P2).It is essential that the following sections are incorporated in the report:a. Cover Page.b. Executive Summary (not for this assessment)c. Table of Content.d. Introduction and Conclusion.e. Evidence of research conducted, including graphical illustrations, charts, maps, where applicable.f. Methodical and structured analysis of the research completed.g. Creative, practical and viable recommendations, based on the above research and analysis.h. Details of references and the dates in which these sources were accessed.Disclaimer:CPW5 – Reporting to Managers Assessment – Reporting to Managers (incl. Analyse and present research information)The information in this assessment is strictly for education and training purposes only and does not have any relevance to actual events or persons. The names, businesses, places, events and incidents used in these scenarios are fictitious and no infringement of copyright is intended.M3 Assessment CPW5 – Reporting to Managers V5.0 © QIBA Pty Ltd Page | 6Evaluation CriteriaPart 1: Planning the research and reporting (verbally) on progressCriteriaKey Performance Indicators1Understands the manager’s briefing and clarifies individual tasksThe candidate relates to the project and clarifies aspects of individual tasks by asking questions or verifying information given during the briefing. Takes notes of task instructions, deadlines and important information2Scopes research tasks and divides activities fairlyThe candidate is able to plan research tasks and negotiate the fair sharing of activities in consultation with another team member using interpersonal skills.Tasks are divided fairly and logically between the team members3Provides coherent verbal feedback to the managerThe candidate uses direct, informative language to report on progress with given tasks to a manager or supervisor.4Explains the relevance of the information in relation to business objectivesThe candidate must explain how the information provided relates to the questions which were first asked by the manager. In other words the answers given must be relevant to the feasibility studyPart 2: The written report1The written report is fit for purpose and fulfils the overall expectation of the managerThe report is direct and linear. The report sticks closely to the stated purpose. The report addresses the main issues related to feasibility and viability. The report answers questions posed by the manager.2The report identifies methods and sources of research informationThe report explains the methods of research used and references the main sources used. Assumptions and conclusions used in analysis are clear, justified, supported by evidence and consistent with the business objectives.3The report gathers information in a format suitable for analysisThe report gathers information in an organised way from a variety of sources for distinct purposes. The report analyses information found in research for reliability and validity.4The report structures the content well and gives clear recommendationsThe information given is
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Running Head: REPORTING TO MANAGERS                        1
REPORTING TO MANAGERS                                15
Table of Contents
1.    Introduction    4
2. APPLICATION NAME compare purposed background    4
3.Steps Involved for Feasibility study    5
3.1. Survey statistics    5
3.2. Requirement Analysis    5
3.3. Preliminary Design and Functionality of Application    6
3.4 Business Requirement Analysis    7
3.5 Description of Products and Services    7
Services    7
Products    8
Feasibility Analysis    9
4.1 Technological Feasibility    9
4.2 Survey Statistic    9
4.3 PHASE 1(Development)    9
4.4 PHASE 2 (Feasibility)    10
4.5 Swot Analysis    10
5. Funding Market Analysis    10
6. Marketing Strategy    11
7. Schedule    12
8. Budget    12
9. Conclusion    13
References    14
1. Introduction
Nickle-Byte is an Australian tech company and has witnessed upward growth trend since its inception. It has specialization in programming solutions, software testing and designing web applications. The leadership is well experienced in technology and innovation. They have opened key accounts for the company at national and international level. They are able to make their own recognition in the market space through disruptive and innovative solutions for the customers.
Under the leadership of Mel Wisdom, Director Digital Research and Design a new opportunity has been identified and Nickle-Byte is planning to expand in the mentioned direction. The need for a dedicated student mobile app, which can house different services under one um
ella is high as there is no such app present cu
ently for national and international students studying in Australia. The mobile application, which will be specifically designed for Australian students so that new customer base can be catered with this initiative. The feasibility report indicates that it is promising to move in the direction as the factors have potential to tap the market. Being selected in the team for this new project for research I will conduct an investigative study to understand the structure of the application in the Australian market along with its financial viability.
2. APPLICATION NAME compare purposed background
The mobile app name will be GrowStudent. The app will aim at providing student services to students studying and planning to study in Australia. It will be a home for varied services which are important for a student to plan and finalise a destination for their education. Student services on mobile app are not available as individual university network is used for the same. The discoveries showed that applications were best when they were utilized for longer than about two months in term and when they shaped piece of a multi-part mediation. Sadly, most financially accessible applications are not proof based and have not been assessed utilizing logical methodologies (Öhberg, Vänn, Jonzén, Edström & Sundström, 2021).
3.Steps Involved for Feasibility study
3.1. Survey statistics
A survey was opened to students in Australian Universities and 3500 students participated in the same. 3000 students agreed to the fact they will use a student app which is full of dedicated services as they need to Google for each service. 500 students are ok with the way they are getting services now.
35% of different businesses involved in student facilities also showed interest in participating for the growth of their business which not only given them national but also international visibility.
3.2. Requirement Analysis
1) Based on the table it has been beneficial to chose hy
id as the right requirement.
2) Rich mobile architecture will be suitable to run different software.
3) The mobile view of application should be simple and easy to navigate (Joshi, Joseph, Mihandoust, Madathil & Cotten, 2022).
4) The design of application should be easily deployable on IoS and android operating systems.
3.3. Preliminary Design and Functionality of Application
The preliminary design will be reviewed by students studying in IT course. In order to conduct the experiments with real users the app will be deployed on playstore and app store
They will rate the functionality of the app based on parameters shown in the picture so that company can optimize them accordingly.
3.4 Business Requirement Analysis
· It is able to serve the target audience (Crouthamel, 2018)
· It should be effective enough to promote the benefits of studying in Australia.
· The app should be able to generate revenue through paid promotions and subscriptions.
· It should be able to build trust among students and ensure growth of businesses...

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