HR ANALYTICSCOMPREHENSIVE ASSIGNMENTOBJECTIVE:Company ABC is struggling finding skilled trades and manual labour forces for their robotics company. Put together a recruitment and retention...

I don't need the whole assignment just a part of it.
Attach 2 study/papers that support your business case. Summarize and discuss relevance of article to support your business plan approach.

HR ANALYTICS COMPREHENSIVE ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVE: Company ABC is struggling finding skilled trades and manual labour forces for their robotics company. Put together a recruitment and retention business case based on the analytical data set provided REQUIRED CONTENT: 1. Select TWO study/papers that support your business case 2. Complete a professional business case report outlining your approach to both your recruitment and retention efforts. 3. References 4. Attached studies/paper 5. Provide your analytical analysis for at least 2 criteria’s (of all that you have learnt till )using the excel data sheet attached . 6. Work on the Excel spread sheet and attach the snap shot of your analysis OUTLINE OF ASSIGNMENT: Phase 1-Put together a business case on how Company ABC can increase staffing through recruitment in the above job areas (labourers & trade operators). Phase 2 -expand the business case to examine how the company will retain not only the newly hired employees but their already existing staff. Consider the following elements · Required Skill Sets (task-KSA(O)) · Competitive market analysis · Benefits · Pay Structure · Current employee tenure (regression analysis) · Current employee performance & satisfaction (chi-square analysis) · Etc. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Analytical Data SCORE 100 Points (20% of weight) SCORING/RUBRIC CATEGORY POINTS AVAILABLE POINTS SCORED COMMENTS Introduction Clear thesis of problem and objectives/goals 20 Study/Paper: Summarize and discuss relevance of article to support your business plan approach 20 Recruitment Plan Summarize plan and provided detailed data analysis to support your approach 20 Retention Plan Summarize plan and provided detailed data analysis to support your approach 20 Professionalism: Report presentation, organization, clarity, spelling, grammar, references 20 TOTAL 100 Employee Data PRODUCTION FLOOR DEPARTMENT Employee IDAgeJob TitleCompenstation AnnuallyBenefits Compensation AnnuallyYears of ServiceVacation (days)Satisfaction Survey (1-5)Interpersonal ConflictRole AmbiguityTurnover IntentionsBurnoutPerformance Score (1-10) E00156Supervisor642355364202523. E00242Trade Opeartor60284389651043. E00369Labourer46344268911053. E00436Labourer496323687101534. E00536Labourer40023456381533. E00658Supervisor510015101162024. E00726Labourer32000369531043. E00824Trade Opeartor49756269921052. E00940Labourer365354268121512. E01046Supervisor603764268121524. E01131Labourer38542396581232. E01228Labourer36561300131054. E01333Trade Opeartor44452296321043. E01457Trade Opeartor567605236172014. E01563Trade Opeartor556325368182024. E01658Labourer400834369141232. E01740Labourer32000389651043. E01849Trade Opeartor543374268121523. E01939Trade Opeartor523654368131523. E02047Labourer49855412091234. E02142Labourer46275412091233. E02236Labourer47313389651044. E02329Trade Opeartor50220300131054. E02426Manager59122296321043. E02546Supervisor584814268121513. E02657Trade Opeartor498565101162022. E02762Trade Opeartor47194396861043. E02852Labourer39055375841043. E02957Labourer502364210101533. E03023Supervisor48977268911052. E03127Trade Opeartor41785300131042. E03238Trade Opeartor50593412091233. E03346Supervisor632145368182013. E03449Supervisor612685101162023. E03550Trade Opeartor48563396861253. E03653Trade Opeartor544333687101535. E03748Labourer482643756111533. E03833Labourer39394300131044. E03965Supervisor596995368182022. E04044Supervisor563845101162022. E04152Manager635985426192013. E04222Labourer46344268911053. E04338Labourer496323687101532. E04434Labourer40023456381532. E04554Supervisor510015101162023. E04630Labourer32000369531043. E04730Trade Opeartor49756269921052. E04826Labourer365354268121513. E04952Supervisor603764268121522. E05037Labourer38542396581234. E05125Labourer36561300131053. E05235Trade Opeartor44452296321043. E05358Trade Opeartor567605236172013. E05461Trade Opeartor556325368182023. E05542Labourer400834369141233. E05632Labourer32000389651043. E05741Trade Opeartor543374268121524. E05841Trade Opeartor523654368131524. E05935Labourer49855412091234. E06039Labourer46275412091233. E06130Labourer47313389651042. E06229Trade Opeartor50220300131053. E06325Manager59122296321042. E06450Supervisor584814268121515. E06559Trade Opeartor498565101162022. E06646Trade Opeartor47194396861043. E06731Labourer39055375841042. E06836Labourer502364210101533. E06937Supervisor48977268911052. E07029Trade Opeartor41785300131043. E07145Trade Opeartor50593412091233. E07264Supervisor632145368182014. E07359Supervisor612685101162024. E07442Trade Opeartor48563396861253. E07553Trade Opeartor544333687101533. Company Data * All values in millions of CAD dollars ($)201920202021 Compensation Expenses (Base & Variable Pay):41.350.243.9 Pay-for-Performance Expenses:6.911.410.6 Benefits Expenses: 16.818.420.1 Total Operating Expenses:56.572.770.3 Total Revenue:103.3189.7190.9 Employees260.0301.0271.0 Departures/Turnover12.036.054.0
Mar 24, 2023

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