i have attached assignment below.

i have attached assignment below.

Unit 2 assignment - Elements of Nutrition. Unit 2 Assignment: Food Journaling & Carbohydrates [80 pts] PART 1 Skills You’ll Gain by Completing This Assignment ● Utilize multiple methods of measuring food ● Track your food and beverage intake for a full day ● Apply information obtained from credible sources to make informed decisions about food choices ● Discover two or more factors impact that your food and beverage intake Introduction to Your Assignment Track your entire food and beverage intake (excluding supplements) for one day by writing down everything you eat and drink in an electronic format or in a notebook. This is called a food journal, food diary, or food log. Make sure to include the date you tracked your intake on your submission. The date must fall within the dates of this class. Try to record your intake on a “normal” day for you. (Not a holiday, special occasion, or a traveling day unless your normal day includes traveling). You will NOT be graded on what you eat and drink. Instead, you will be graded on how well you documented the quantities and details of all the foods and beverages you consumed that day. In this assignment, you will: ● Journal your intake for an entire 24-hour period ● Discuss factors that impacted your intake on this day. Connect these factors to the course textbook when possible. ● Discover the fiber and added sugar content of some of the foods/beverages you are consuming ● Determine possible changes that could increase your intake of fiber (and possibly lower your intake of added sugar) See sample assignment and rubric (see below) for additional assistance before starting on this assignment. Your food journal should not duplicate the sample assignment content. Instead, you will track your personal intake. Make sure to review the rubric before submitting your assignment to ensure that you have included all the assignment expectations. NOTE: If this assignment is triggering for you in any way, you can use a fictitious food log, use the food intake from a friend or relative, or reach out to your instructor for an alternate assignment option. Instructions STEP 1: Keep your food journal for one full 24-hour period. When you’re keeping a food journal, you’ll want to be specific. Make sure to include: ● Quantity: How much did you eat? ○ Examples: 1 cup Kellogg’s bran flake cereal, ½ large red delicious apple, 3 Tbsp sugar free vanilla coffee creamer, etc. https://leocontent.umgc.edu/content/dam/permalink/dd6f92d6-d4c6-4bfa-96ab-1e22172a419f.html ● Details:What was the actual food or beverage item? Is there a brand name or a way to describe what the item is so that anyone reading your journal would know exactly which item you ate or drank? ○ Examples: 1 cup Kellogg’s bran flake cereal, ½ large red delicious apple, 3 Tbsp sugar free vanilla coffee creamer, etc. ● Any extras. Did you dip your fries in ketchup (if so, how much?) Was there teriyaki sauce on the salmon salad? Did you take a few bites of dinner while you cooked? ○ Estimate all those bites and add them to your journal too! STEP 2: After completing your 1-day food journal, answer the following questions in paragraph format. Include APA formatted in-text citations and a reference list when appropriate. While there is no minimum word count, most students find that they can convey their thoughts in a detailed, clear manner in about 100 –150 words. Describe two factors that impacted your intake on this day. a. What were those factors? b. How did each impact your specific food choices? (Use details such as the exact food or beverage choice impacted, what happened at that time that connected the factor to the choice, etc.) STEP 3: Select three foods (not beverages) from your 1-day food journal. In list or table format, include the following details for each of the three foods/beverages you selected: a. The name of the food you consumed b. The amount of the food you consumed c. Grams of fiber in the amount you consumed d. Grams of added sugar in the amount you consumed STEP 4: Our resources this week shared that most people in the United States only get half the amount of fiber they need in a day. Using the three foods you selected above, find an alternative food that you could include in your diet that has more fiber than the items you originally included. Use a list or table format and make sure to include: a. The original item b. What you’ll use to replace the original item c. The amount of the new item you would consume as the replacement d. The number of grams of fiber in the amount of the item you stated in (c) above Optional: Want to challenge your skills? Try to find replacements that also have less added sugar than your original item as well when possible. If you choose to include this optional section, please include the number of grams of added sugar in the amount of the item you stated in (c) in the list above with your other data. What to Include in Your Submission: 1. Your typed 1-day food journal for Step 1 2. Your response to Step 2 in paragraph format 3. Your list or table for Step 3 4. Your list or table for Step 4 5. References in APA format (if applicable) PART 2: You may select ONE of the following discussion topics (Options A, B, C, or D) for your original post. Option A: One of the major topic areas of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as highlighted in our Unit 1 Learning Resources is to “Customize and enjoy nutrient-dense food and beverage choices to reflect personal preferences, cultural traditions, and budgetary considerations.” Discuss how your personal preferences, cultural traditions, and budgetary considerations play a role in your food choices. Then, provide at least two examples of nutrient-dense food and beverage choices that you make or want to make. Explain why each food or beverage you listed is considered nutrient-dense. Option B: Search the UMGC library or Google Scholar for a reliable research article published in a peer- reviewed journal on a nutrition topic of interest to you. Then, describe each of the five steps of the scientific method used in this research study (Question, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, conclusion). Make sure to provide specific details from the study you selected for each of the five steps. Option C: Identify a digestive disease/disorder and describe the following in paragraph form: 1. Name of the disease/disorder 2. Description of the disease/disorder 3. Signs and symptoms 4. How is this diagnosed? 5. Who is most at risk and why are they at an increased risk? 6. Can this be prevented? If so, how? 7. How is this treated? 8. How is this disease/disorder impacted by our dietary intake? Include specific food sources if relevant. Option D: Select a food or beverage currently in your house or something you recently ate. Upload a photo of the Nutrition Facts Label or provide a URL link to the label, then answer the following questions: 1. What is the food? 2. How much did you consume at one time? 3. How many total carbohydrates did you consume in the amount you ate? How many grams of fiber? How many grams of total sugar? How many grams of added sugar? 4. Describe how you feel about this carbohydrate breakdown after reading the textbook this week. Do you feel that it’s a food you should consume often or only on occasion? Why or why not? 5. What could be the potential health impacts if you consumed this item regularly for a long period of time? Would you recommend making any changes to how often or how much of this product you consume? Why or why not? Two Responses (Due Saturday of Week/Unit 2 by 11:59 PM ET): ● Responses to a minimum of two other students' original posts ● Strive to respond to classmates whose initial posts are on a different topic than your own topic. ● To earn full credit, include new, relevant, and helpful information (i.e. add something that you feel is missing, ask and answer a question for clarity or further learning, share a personal experience related to their post, etc.) ● Cite in APA format (in-text citations and a reference list)
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