I have few assignments (10 units) due for my RPL certifications.Just wondering if you could help.

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I have few assignments (10 units) due for my RPL certifications.Just wondering if you could help.
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Answer To: I have few assignments (10 units) due for my RPL certifications.Just wondering if you could help.

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Sydney Backpackers
Sydney backpackers is one of the purposely built boutique hostel which is located in the heart of the Sydney. The hostel facility provides a neat, clean and friendly environment to its customers.
The hostel facility is located at the heart of the city with the major sightseeing with a walking distances. In this project we will be emphasizing on improving the experience of the customers as well as the employees and give them specular experience. We will be emphasizing on the diversity of the company, management of the employees, customer service and other services to improve their working and operations.
Managing Diversity
Diversity is one of the most import
ant aspect of the organization which boosts up the environment as well as working of the company. Diversity helps in innovation and expansion of the company. Sydney Backpackers emphasize on managing its diversity in a most fruitful manner and welcome all the cultures across the organization to foster growth.
1. Background
1.1. What Diversity means to Sydney Backpackers
Diversity is the variety of differences in people who make up our employee base and our Board, including such differences as life experience, work and educational experience, language, gender, nationality, personality profile, age, ethnicity, cultural background and work status.
1.2. Corporate Benefits Arising from Employee and Board Diversity
SB understands that diversity is an economic driver of competitiveness for companies, contributing to business success and shareholder value.
Some of the generally accepted corporate benefits arising from employee and Board diversity include better financial performance and improved workforce participation.
In addition, the promotion of diversity broadens the pool for recruitment of high quality employees and board members, enhances employee retention, encourages greater innovation and improves our corporate image and reputation.
1.3. Our Commitment
SB is committed to creating an environment in which equity and diversity are recognised as being essential to the high performance of SB and incorporated into SB’s day to day business.
2. Framework for Embracing Diversity
2.1. Development of Corporate Culture
SB seeks to promote an environment of equity and diversity by adhering to some key principles including:
(a) Taking steps to attract and retain well qualified employees, senior management and Board members from a deep talent pool;
(b) Eliminating artificial, unfair and inappropriate barriers to workplace and Board participation and facilitating equal employment opportunities based on merit, performance and potential;
(c) Taking action against inappropriate workplace behaviours including discrimination and harassment;
(d) Providing the opportunity for workplace flexibility when meeting business requirements; and
(e) Creating an inclusive workplace culture, recognising that people are different and valuing those differences.
2.2. Selection Processes and Recruitment
SB policy requires that all positions at SB are filled on the basis of merit. This means that applicants for positions for which a formal recruitment process is undertaken will be assessed on the basis of the competencies they possess in relation to the requirements of the
job. Merit based selection ensures the opportunity exists for all applicants for such positions to demonstrate their competencies for the position being offered.
As part of SB’s commitment to filling positions on the basis of merit, some positions will be filled by persons previously identified through SB’s succession planning or by persons possessing specialised skills and experience.
At operational level, SB recognises the importance of having a diverse workforce. SB encourages people from all backgrounds to apply to work at SB and to apply for promotion opportunities once employed by SB.
All employees involved in recruitment and selection are trained in their responsibilities as an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and undergo formal assessment of their skills.
Recruitment agencies who may be engaged by SB from time to time are required to adhere to SB’s EEO policies and to recommend a diverse pool of candidates to SB for consideration.
2.3. Training and Development
SB encourages the personal development of its employees and offers extensive training and development programs which seek to develop technical skills, people management and leadership skills.
Online learning is increasingly being offered so as to enhance access opportunities to all employees.
At operational level, English and English as a second language classes are offered for employees who would like to improve their spoken, written or oral comprehension skills in English.
Managers and supervisors receive training around EEO obligations and the advantages of a diversity aware workforce. All employees also receive EEO Awareness training.
2.4. Succession Management
SB offers targeted development programs relating to career advancement including programs which develop skills and experience that prepare employees for senior management positions.
As part of its talent and succession management program, SB also works with high potential employees to formulate targeted development plans to address identified knowledge, skills and experience gaps that may prevent them from moving into more senior positions. A focus on high potential employees is critical in building the pool and pipeline of future leaders.
Tailored mentoring and coaching programs, involving another SB Senior Executive or external specialist coaches are available to SB employees.
2.5. Flexibility
SB’s wholly owned businesses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in a highly competitive service industry requiring employees to demonstrate a commitment to service excellence.
All permanent employees of SB are offered equitable conditions of service and a range of benefits such as on site dining facilities providing free meals to employees during their shift,
uniform laundering and repair services and, in some cases, an on site gymnasium. Requests for flexible work arrangements due to special requirements of employees are considered on a case by case basis.
SB believes the need to balance work and life requirements is important. SB has established a number of policies and programs to assist employees to achieve this. Parental Leave Policies have been developed and family leave entitlements outline the leave arrangements available to assist employees to balance their work and family responsibilities.
3. Gender Diversity – Measureable Objective
SB will report annually in its Annual Report commencing in 2012 the proportion of women employees in the Sydney Backpackers accomodation, women in senior executive positions and women on the Board.
In addition, SB has established measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity and will assess the objectives and SB’s progress in achieving those...

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