i need 2 reples for those discissions : Artificial Intelligence Yes, artificial intelligence can be termed as a disruptive technology because the innovation changes the marketing of consumer services...

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i need 2 reples for those discissions :

Artificial Intelligence

Yes, artificial intelligence can be termed as a disruptive technology because the innovation changes the marketing of consumer services and products from low=end to high-end techniques. Such a factor will force customers to migrate from analog and embrace digital marketing via mainstream technology, hence disrupting innovation by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is disruptive because of the consistent modification and improvement of technology in bettering human lives and eradicating the current business statuesque operations (Carter, XXXXXXXXXXThe emerging technology affects the functional aspect in the future by transforming people's lives to a better standard. The new digital business aspect replaces the traditional commerce attributed to artificial intelligence that disrupts normal entrepreneur operations because of the sophistication in technology innovation to mainstream services and product sales. Artificial intelligence-driven technology enhances the research of entrepreneurs and learners by continuously improving the behavior of human routine in processing and solving emanating challenges from one generation to another.

The anticipated use of artificial intelligence is the code-driven systems embracing digital life that creates connectivity and ambient among inhabitants in mitigating unprecedented threats and offering opportunities for skills development to solve problems. Human anatomy is predicted to be amplified with artificial intelligence using an effective technology network that makes complex decisions to avert business uncertainties. Artificial intelligence is currently used in genetic modification and cross-genetic mutations in siring new breeds of animals and plants for effective productivity (Wang & Siau, XXXXXXXXXXIt is also used in genome nutrition treatment among humans and acquisition of data and pattern recognition of complex diseases affecting humans through analysis of their DNA. Artificial intelligence is also anticipated to be used in warfare, space exploration, and autonomous transportation, disrupting normal human activities by embracing technological innovation.

this is the second one :

Yes, AI has the potential to be considered a disruptive innovation, especially in the business world. . This intelligence is programmed into the machines and computers for learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Many vendors are using AI in a system in expert systems, speech recognition, machine visions, learning, and other enterprise and business solutions where AI can be implemented for benefiting the business and functions. Thus, yes, it is a disruptive technology. The current usage of AI is the Automation of machines and systems, much like robotics, Machine learning, Machine vision, self-driving cars, etc. AI can be applied in the future full-fledged in healthcare, business, education, finance, and law. When we consider the applications as well as the implications of AI in any industry, we can say that it allows the capability to automate processes, create faster calculations, evaluations, decisions, actionable outcomes as well as help as a decision making support system that has provided companies with the ability to be able to bring about a revolution in performance and generate unprecedented value, especially for the manufacturing industry.(www.forbes.com). We can say that Toyota and its JIT system is a perfect example of how technology, AI, and capabilities of the company can be brought together to create an innovative disruption in the market which has allowed Toyota to remain competitive as a market leader in the current day and age.
It lacks the aspect of human error, and therefore, we can say that it allows companies to come together to create a better understanding of their processes and functions. While also removing a large main of wastage of both time, capital, and raw material in the end, creating what we call an efficient system.
The future implication of the use of AI in banking is the major area that I believe would be a disruptive change in the industry, and the companies that are able to implement it would have a number of advantages which would come in the form of efficient performance and faster speed as well as lesser human errors.

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I strongly appreciate your thinking about artificial intelligence; as you mentioned, it is a disruptive technology because it is making so many changes to consumer service. I would like to add something in your post that, along with em
acing digital marketing, artificial intelligence is also able to track down the preference of customers as per their visits to different websites and web pages. Such aspects actually help business professionals to anticipate...

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