Programming_Project_CV_v3.docx Page 1 of 2 C#.NET Programming Project You are on the Development team of a consulting company named ‘Skillage I.T.’. You have been tasked with the creation and...

ICT50715 Diploma of Software Development 201706

Programming_Project_CV_v3.docx Page 1 of 2 C#.NET Programming Project You are on the Development team of a consulting company named ‘Skillage I.T.’. You have been tasked with the creation and development of applications written in C#.NET to support a customer’s use case. You will use your newly gained knowledge to develop and code the application as outlined in the Project Scenario document to facilitate a successful outcome for Skillage I.T. 1. You need to produce a software solution in response to, and aligned with the customer’s requirements as outlined in the Project Scenario (located within the Supporting Documents directory). This will incorporate 4 elements… a. A windows client application developed in C#.NET b. A web service accessible by the client application c. A database hosted for the web service to access d. Utilise an API of an external provider 2. This project has six distinct requirements to be achieved for assessment purposes. These are: a. You are to develop an application using C# in the .NET framework utilising the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment i. VSCommunity2013 is free and can be downloaded from b. You are to build a SQL Server database to be utilised incorporating the NYSE data available as part of the supporting documentation c. You are to build and host a (local) web service. The Visual Studio Development Environment provides this functionality with relative ease d. The application must be able to access and edit the data e. You must incorporate the following: i. At least two methods in the c# application must be overloaded ii. Exception handling must be built into all code iii. Version control of your code must be implemented within Visual Studio iv. The C# application needs to incorporate serialisation of the data to bring it local to the client v. A custom log is to be created in Windows f. An installation package is to be created Please ensure to address all elements outlined in the customer interviews. This product must satisfy our customers! Programming_Project_CV_v3.docx Page 2 of 2 3. You are required to submit the following to Upskilled for assessment: a. Any design documentation you utilise / create in defining the application b. An object model of your completed application c. A UML sequence diagram of your completed application d. Please comment your code identifying the function of your code blocks e. All solution files and configuration information required to run the applications, so Upskilled may run the project for assessment f. Online user documentation – Easy to read application help file g. Developer documentation – A description of the application, a code block breakdown and any details developers who edit your application in the future may require h. A document detailing the Test Plan including testing strategy(s), techniques and results with this application i. A plan for source code control detailing how you are going to manage multiple programmers working on your project. j. A short paper (less than 1000 words) introducing your application and any information, design elements or coding experiences you would like to convey, or feel support your decision making in regards to any element of the project Ensure to detail any assumptions you make in regards to this project. If you require any further information, please speak with your trainer. CV_7Prog_Stakeholder_Interviews_V2.docx Stakeholder Interviews Directors We are very proud of the company we have built. As I’m sure you are aware, the financial market has had some tough times recently and we believe it is up to companies like us to get things moving again. Providing good information to our analysts is necessary to ensure we can make the best judgements and movements in the burgeoning times ahead. Our team is dedicated and, not to sound our own trumpet, we employ the best financial analysts available. We are a strong force in the industry, and to stay that we need to keep ahead of our competitors. Our main weapon in this area is speed – the ability to implement new initiatives quickly and respond to market fluctuations and events faster than the rest. We have a motto – “Changing course is easier at speed than at full stop”. We act quickly, decisively and with as much good information as possible. The goal with this project then, is to provide historical NYSE data to our analysts, but not just to provide the data… to provide the same data in many varied ways. Analysis is about viewing information from all directions, all angles and building a 3D picture as accurately as possible. Providing the ability to review the data from any perspective will allow us to make good, no great, judgements for the future. But there is a side benefit for us. As we have the data, why not allow our customers to have access to it as well? We want to offer this to our customers, again, to help us stand out from our competitors; to provide an easy way to view what has taken place in the US market over the past decade. They then also have data to help them make their own investment decisions – giving more power to them. We’re all looking forward to seeing this come to fruition – not completion – fruition. We want access to this info as quickly as possible which means a long time before the project is “complete”! We know we can count on you. Mike Jacobs – Head Analyst I am so excited about this venture. This is going to give us a lot of opportunity to read the market into the future because we know and understand what has happened in the past! I don’t know how much the Directors laid out for you, but this is my understanding of the project. There are two elements – internal and external. Internally, we are looking for an application that connects to the database. This application will then be required to give us the info in any way we want. Which fields, which order, which records, which range will all be up to the analyst looking for the data. We want to be able to look at any data in any way at any time. We’d also like to be able to get generic server info through the application as well, specifically… CV_7Prog_Stakeholder_Interviews_V2.docx  HDD space remaining  Processor utilisation and  Memory utilisation This info is just so the analysts can see quickly if there is a problem if the system appears to slow. The external component is a little more complex, but we don’t want it to take up too much time or resources as there is little actual return for the company except goodwill. We want our customers to be able to access the data as well. There is a catch… we’d like this feature to work for the customer any time… any time, including when their Internet breaks down. How this is done, I have no idea – the IT team may be able to help you a little more with this one, but if we offer something to our customers, it needs to work, and it needs to work ALL THE TIME! Our customers won’t need to do the in depth analysis we’re looking to do internally. They simply need to be able to read the data and maybe select a date range for review. How do they get the data? No idea… again speak with our Tech Team. So, in a nutshell, internally we need to be able to select, manipulate, postulate, congregate, shift, nudge, poke, prod and view the data in many, many, any ways. Externally, customers simply need to have access to the info. I.T. Team Alrighty, welcome. We’re a bit snowed under here at the moment, and this is why you’ve been brought on board. It’s not as though we couldn’t develop this “project” in-house, but it was decided to bring in you guys. It shouldn’t be too hard for you – except for the fact you have no idea how the financial market works, or what analysts are looking for. We’ll give you as much help as we can. We have a few requirements that you must adhere to so you can access our infrastructure. Please build everything on your own environment until it’s proven and tested, then we will put it on our test servers. For our internal analysts we ask that the application be developed for Windows. Everyone is running Windows 7 or higher. All our internal stuff is written in C# – this is our language of choice, so please, to keep things in line with our current development set up, please use Visual Studio 13 Community to develop a Windows app. As the application is going to be utilised internally, we’ll allow a direct connection to the database – this should also help you with speed. We use SQL Server 2014 here. If you do not have SQL Server 2014, you can get SQL Server 2014 Express from So, in development you can utilise a direct connection string to an SQL database for the internal application. For our customers though… that’s a whole different ball game. We can only allow data out via a web service – there will definitely be no direct access to our database. Stored procedure calls through a web service is it, and don’t even bother trying to ask for something different! Visual Studio has a template type for web services and we’d recommend using this to develop the external access. CV_7Prog_Stakeholder_Interviews_V2.docx So, as well as a web service to get access to the data, you’ll need a client app to display fairly standard arrays of data. The calls are to be made to the database via stored procedure calls through the web service – you can make your own stored procedures. There are 2 things to be aware of when it comes to “Money-B-Mine” and customer products. One, they have to work - all the time. All the time. Please create a way of storing a customer’s requested data locally on their machine, so if they want to see it again they can, even if
Jan 15, 2020

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