In this assignment, you will write a 2-3 page paper reflecting on your learning in Communication & Collaboration II: Teamwork.There will be two main sections:Section One - Reflection and AnalysisIn...

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In this assignment, you will write a 2-3 page paper reflecting on your learning in Communication & Collaboration II: Teamwork.

There will be two main sections:

Section One - Reflection and Analysis

In Section 1, your paper should analyze and address each of the topics listed below.

Teams and Teaming

Team Effectiveness and Dysfunctions of Teams

Conflict Resolution

Problem Solving in Teams

Bias and Decision Making In Team


Trust in Teams

In this section you will reflect on the course content and activities, your own person experience, any secondary research you have done on Teamwork.

Your analysis will highlight your most important insights and learning from the course and your own research efforts.

Section 2

In Section 2, write your plan of action for growing your skills in each of these areas.

Your plans for development should include actions that are specific, measurable and help you build habits and practices for being successful as a team member and a team leader.

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Answer To: In this assignment, you will write a 2-3 page paper reflecting on your learning in Communication &...

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Communication & Collaboration        2
Table of Contents
Section I: Reflection & Analysis    3
Section II: Action Plan    5
References    7
Section I: Reflect
ion & Analysis
Teams & Teaming
Team generally refers to the group of people who are independent but shares are similar objective with a clearly delineated membership and collaboration. This also focuses on the important aspects of a coordination to get things done without the luxury of the stable a membership. On the other hand, teaming calls for the development of both affective and cognitive skills that enables are distributed leadership in terms of expanding the knowledge and expertise in the organisation to create a value for the organisation. This can be more comprehensively understood as a strategy of involving and determining a how to allocate the resources and the energy when it comes to various prospects.
Team Effectiveness & Dysfunctions of Team
The effectiveness of the team refers to the ability of the team to achieve a certain level of performance in order to realise the goals and objectives of the team. The common purpose and the shared values in the team contributes towards the team’s effectiveness that recognise this success and ensure mutual accountability in the team. On the other extreme is the disfunctions of the team which refers to the conditions the team fails to function due to the absence of trust, fear of conflict or the lack of commitment (Larson & DeChurch, 2020). In this aspect there is an inattention to the results or the team outcomes and there are prospects of accountability that has been avoided. These are the contextual factors that results in the team to be a dysfunctional and there is a lack of clarity and are constantly worried about a being...

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