IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 1 of 8 Task Summary In this task, you will research, analyse and evaluate the recommendations from the Feasibility Report in Assessment 1 to...

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IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 1 of 8
Task Summary
In this task, you will research, analyse and evaluate the recommendations from the Feasibility
Report in Assessment 1 to recommend an Information System (IS) enabled solution to address the
selected organisation’s needs. This will enable you to complete Assessment 3, your Final
The Consultative Report of 2000 (individual) / 3000 (group) words is to be completed by you
individually or in the group you are in from Assessment 1. You must continue to use the organisation
you selected in Assessment 1.
As an information system professional, your organisation will often rely on you to make
ecommendations and support decision making when solving problems. The organisation will look
to you to assess information systems technology for its appropriateness as a solution, and to
ecommend how it should be implemented to achieve benefit for the organisation. This
Consultative Report will allow you to draw on the skills that you have learned in the Bachelor of
Business Information Systems program to present the best solution to your organisational
Subject Code and Title IND301B Industry Project/Capstone
Assessment Consultative Report
Individual/Group Individual / Group
Length 2000 / 3000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful
completion of the task below include:
) Propose recommendations for an IS strategy
c) Differentiate and demonstrate how the selected IS enabled
solution addresses complex organisational needs
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST Sunday end of Module 4.2 (Week 8)
Weighting 40%
Total Marks 100 marks

IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 2 of 8

Task Instructions
To complete this assessment task, you must:
1. Review and progress Assessment 1 Written Feasibility Report to a Consultative Report.
2. Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies.
3. Re-read any relevant readings that have been recommended for the subject.
4. Perform additional research and investigation and ensure that you have at least fifteen
appropriate sources which will add value to your report in the relevant area of investigation.
5. Plan how you will structure your ideas for your report and write a report plan before you
start writing.
6. The report should use font Arial or Cali
i 11 point, should be line spaced at 1.5 for ease of
eading and page numbers on the bottom of each page. If diagrams or tables are used, due
attention should be given to pagination to avoid loss of meaning and continuity by
unnecessarily splitting information over two pages. Diagrams must ca
y the appropriate
Structure and Format
Individually or in your group, write a 2000 (individual) / 3000 (group) word Consultative Report
following the structure outlined below:
Title page
Should include the subject code and subject name, assessment title, student’s name(s) and
student number(s), and the Learning Facilitator’s name.
Executive summary (200 words which are not part of the overall word count)
Summarise the key points presented in the report to enable the reader to become acquainted
with content of the report including recommendations as the executive summary may be all that
some executive leaders read of the report.
Introduction (200 individual / 300 group)
Introduce the selected organisation and provide an overview of the objectives and problem(s) to
e addressed. Define key terms with relevant citations here. Describe how the report will be
Available solutions (400 individual / 600 group)
Provide a high-level overview of the potential solutions as outlined in the conclusion of the
Feasibility Report conducted in Assessment 1 to meet the organisation’s requirements.

IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 3 of 8

Stakeholder and Organisational Needs (400 individual / 600 group)
Briefly outline the methods you used to gather information about the organisation and
stakeholder needs. Outline the high-level organisation requirements to be considered in solution
selection and recommendation.
Recommended solution (800 individual / 1200 group)
From the available solutions identified, provide an evidence-based IS enabled solution in
esponse to stakeholder and organisation needs. Ensure that you demonstrate how your
solution will meet the needs that you have captured from the stakeholders.
Conclusion (200 individual / 300 group)
Present a summary of the key points covered in the report. Describe and justify the
ecommended business IS solution.
List the sources refe
ed to in the report according to APA Referencing style.
Appendix (if any)
The appendix will contain supporting information/documentation for the data/information
presented in the report.
To achieve a grade higher than a pass you must compile accurate and complete documentation
and develop a consultative report that documents a business IS solution that meets the selected
organisation’s requirements.
There are requirements for referencing this report using APA referencing style. Please see more
information on referencing here http:
a. It is expected that you reference any course notes used and five additional scholarly sources
in the relevant subject area based on readings and further research.
. You are strongly advised to read the ru
ic which is an evaluation guide with criteria for
grading the assignment. This ru
ic will give you a clear picture of what a successful report
looks like.

IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 4 of 8

Submission Instructions
Please submit ONE MSWord document (.doc or .docx) via the Assessment 2 section found in the
main navigation menu of the subject’s Blackboard site. The Learning Facilitator will provide
feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

Academic Integrity Declaration
I/we declare that except where I/we have referenced, the work I/we are submitting for this
assessment task is my/our own work. I/we have read and am/are aware of To
ens University
Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure viewable online at
I/we am/are aware that I/we need to keep a copy of all submitted material and their drafts, and
I/we will do so accordingly.

IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 5 of 8

Assessment Ru
(Yet to achieve
minimum standard)
High Distinction

REPORT - Visual appeal
and presentation of

Title page

Font, spacing and
format are in
accordance with the
equirements of the

Adheres to the word
count requirement


No title page is included.
ect font and size is
used with poor line
spacing and large gaps in
pagination or tables or
diagrams run over onto
the next page

Many e
ors in spelling
or grammar obscure
meaning of what student
has written.

Does not adhere to the
word count requirement.

Title page is included but is
missing most information.

Either inco
ect font and
size is used or poor line
spacing and large gaps in

Spelling or grammar has
ors but meaning remains

Does not adheres to the
word count requirement.

Title page is included but
is missing key information.

Some e
ors in font use
and line spacing. Some
pagination problems.

Minor spelling or grammar

Adheres to the word
count requirement.

Title page is included with
most required

Minor e
ors in font,
spacing and format.

No e
ors in spelling or

Adheres to the word count

Title page is included with
all required information.

Font, spacing and format
are in accordance with the
equirements of the

No e
ors in spelling or

Adheres to the word
count requirement.

Knowledge and
understanding of
organisation needs

Understands the
organisation and

Demonstrates no or a
partially developed
understanding of the
organisation needs and
problem(s) to be

Demonstrates a functional
understanding of the
organisation needs and
problem(s) to be addressed.

Solutions are presented but
lack of alignment to the

Demonstrates an accurate
understanding of the
organisation needs
problem(s) to be

Demonstrates a well
developed understanding
of the organisation’s
needs and problem(s) to
e addressed.

Demonstrates a
sophisticated and critical
understanding of the
organisation’s needs and
problem(s) to be

IND301B_Assessment_2_Brief_Consultative Report Page 6 of 8

problem(s) to be

Available solutions have
een described and
considered and
assessed for suitability

Outline methods used
to gather stakeholder
and high-level
equirements to be
considered in solution
selection and

Evidence based solution
is selected which
esponds to stakeholder
and organisational
needs as outlined in


Solutions are not
presented or are not
aligned to the needs of
the organisation

Methods used to address
stakeholder needs are
not presented.

Solution does not
adequate meet the
equirements outlined.
Sources are not provided
or lack credibility
needs of the organisation is

Methods used do not
address stakeholder needs
sufficiently to recommend a

Solution meets some of the
equirements outlined, but
many sources lack credibility
Solutions presented are
clearly described and
mostly aligned to the
needs of the organisation

Demonstrates emerging
confidence to apply
methods that
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Tanisha answered on Apr 10 2022
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Subject code
Subject title
Assessment title
Student’s names
Student numbers
Learning Facilitator’s name
Executive Summary
    To maintain business, we need an information system that operationalises the business strategies. When the business and Information system strategies work well, then automatically the organization builds its market power. While studying about the cu
ent strategies used in Walmart, which is one of the biggest retailers in the world having 8,986 stores across the globe. Due to wider network and emerging growth, it needs to have a recommended information system strategy to have a control over different management systems such as supply chain management, customer relation management etc. We will have an overview of the cu
ent strategies used by the Walmart to exhibit customer supplier relationship in the market with the use of Information Systems such as Expert System, Decision Support System, Automation System, Management of Information System etc.
The main primarily goal of the Walmart is to have low cost for the products but not only with this slogan, it should also try to achieve an ideal perfect information system as all transactions are stored and managed and processed every second in this fast moving world. With the available solutions, there is a set of recommended ideas that can evaluate the information system in a better way
inging more effectiveness and efficiency in the business processes.
    Technology is considered as one of the leading business of today’s era where we have an endless competition in the market that leads to an acceleration of new strategies related to information systems. Some say that controlling the information systems means controlling the market and so with this, we can label the information systems and information technology is the prominent key factors of having a good competition in the market. Organization is build up with three most important strategies such as business, information and organizational and they are somewhat overlap with each other. To maintain a good business, information system provides a way to inculcate best business strategies in the market. It is also important that whatever the resources are available to the company as an enterprise should form a basis for defining a level of achievement by that enterprise.
    With respect to Walmart vision, the company believes to have low price strategies to come up in the market for competition. Also, they adopted many information services and strategies to meet the areas such as inventory, supply chain and customer management. Such information systems are designed for having better interactions with the inter departments and increase the efficiency in the work done by it.
Available solutions
    Available systems in the Walmart focus on different areas such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, data management, and enterprise systems etc.
Customer Relationship Management: With the use of CRM technology by Walmart, they get valuable information of the customers through the use of software. To have an effective effect on this technology, Walmart outlines their objectives in a clear manner and provides
ief description over the job instances for operations. Through the use of CRM, Walmart is successful in meeting the expectations of the customers.
Supply Chain Management: Walmart is both retailer and distributor for the food supply chain. They use “hub and spoke” system in which the centralization of goods are done in the hub. Spoke is the shop where assembled goods are dispatched and so with this system, Walmart delivers approximately 85% of the inventory stocks to the shops in comparison to other competitors. As Walmart purchases its goods from the suppliers directly, there is an nice reduction on the overall purchasing cost. They also introduced the Point of Sales system to track the inventory stock and to quickly deliver the goods at the right time. With the help of this system, data is always recorded at the retailers place and so it helps in collecting insights about the customer’s purchase behavior. Use of EDI system in the procurement helps in transfe
ing of data through the internet. An experience of real time information is given to the suppliers with ability to send products of the vendor to the distribution center of the Walmart. Introduction of Radio Frequency Identification system support Walmart dealing with many goods with ability to provide tracking mechanisms in...

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