Instructions You just started working as a Health Service Manager within one of the following health care industries. First choose an industry below to discuss the questions that follow: Ambulatory...

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You just started working as a Health Service Manager within one of the following health care industries. First choose an industry below to discuss the questions that follow:

  1. Ambulatory Surgery center
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Physician’s Office
  4. Cosmetic Surgery Center
  5. Laser Eye Center
  6. Dental Office

Your boss has asked you to write a report detailing how the demand for your product(s) is impacted by various economic factors. In writing your memo, be sure to include your name and in the subject line identify the health care entity you chose above. In order for your boss to easily review your memo, please include section headers to correspond to the questions below.

Answer the following questions relying primarily on the course readings and other resource material presented in this class (do not cite any other outside sources).

  1. Describea product or service your company provides to your patients
  2. Evaluatethe demand curve for your product and relationship between the price of your service/product and the quantity demanded.

This will be submitted to for similarity

In this evaluation, be sure toidentify:

  • whether demand is sensitive (e.g. elastic) or less sensitive (e.g. inelastic) to changes in the price and
  • evaluatewhy this relationship might occur.
  • include adiscussionof how the existence of health insurance would impact the elasticity of demand.
  1. Define“substitute” goods andidentifypotential substitutes for your product/service.Evaluatehow does the existence of a substitute impact the demand for your product/service.
  2. Define“complement” goods andidentifypotential complements for your product/service.Evaluatehow does the existence of complement goods impact the demand for your product/service.
  3. Identify and discussthe economic factors that might lead to a shift in the demand curve for your product/service?
  • MUST be in Microsoft word format
  • paper MUST meet minimum page requirements (5 pages)
  • 5 pages DOES NOT include title page, table of contents, abstract, appendices and reference page
  • Running Head is not required but STRONGLY ENCOURAGED
  • there is NO penalty for going over 5 pages
  • MUST use APA format
  • MUST be submitted ON TIME
  • MUST use proper citations!

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Product Info
ASCs are specialist medical institutions that provide outpatient surgical services. Outpatient surgery implies that the patient is not hospitalized and can go home the same day. Prior to the opening of the first outpatient surgery facilities in the 1970s, practically all surgery was performed in a hospital. While hospitals can be relied on to offer great treatment, they also have their share of disappointments for patients seeking elective surgery, such as scheduling delays and limited operating room space.
CHSs have been a popular alternative to hospital facilities in recent decades because to their flexible scheduling choices, calmer and more pleasant settings, and reduced prices. At Florida Medical Clinic, we noticed that patients require minor surgical treatments that may be done by staying in a hospital for an extended period of time. That is why we are pleased to provide three ambulance surgery facilities in North Tampa, Wesley, and Zephyrhills for patients seeking a replacement setting for minor procedures in the Tampa Bay region. Ambulance surgery is a handy option for many individuals, but it is not necessarily appropriate in every circumstance.
Patients must fulfill two requirements in order to qualify for treatment during an outpatient surgery: they must have a procedure that can be done for ACS. Some invasive or difficult operations cannot be performed in the context of an ambulance surgery. Inquire with your doctor about whether the operation you require may be performed at the ACS. The patient must be in generally good health and have no or few underlying medical conditions. You may require the surgery in the hospital if you are at risk of major complications or have serious underlying health concerns. This allows health-care providers to keep an eye on you following surgery.
Demand analysis
According to a survey provided by the Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCA), CHSs are more focused on ensuring that patients receive the greatest surgical experience possible while also making treatment more economical. ASCs have attracted significant attention in the worldwide market because to their cost-effective treatments, since patients often pay a lower premium for operations conducted in ASCs as compared to identical procedures performed elsewhere comparable in a hospital.
During the forecast period, 2021-2028, the US Emergency Surgery Centers market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 6.9 percent. The outpatient surgery centre market is likely to be driven by rising mo
idity and need for rapid, user-friendly operations and treatments. Furthermore, the government's emphasis on delivering...

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