ISBN XXXXXXXXXX58576-3 Case 1 Use the 1_ CensusData_2010 data file: 1_CensusData_2010.xlsx download This Excel file shows the state, the county reference, the county name, the county area, and the...

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Use the1_CensusData_2010data file:1_CensusData_2010.xlsxdownload This Excel file shows the state, the county reference, the county name, the county area, and the county population according to the 2010 census. There are 3,143 records and a header row. Use Excel and show your screenshots or text for the requirements.

There is a guidance videoForensic Analytics Second Edition, Guidance Case 1.1, Using Excel’s VLOOKUP function for a Histogram, which can be found at: to an external site.)


  1. Use the VLOOKUP function in Column F to add aDescriptionfor each county that describes the population as anErrorif the population is less than 1, asSmallif the population is in the 1 to 14,999 range, asMediumif the population is in the 15,000 to 49,999 range, asLargeif the population is in the 50,000 to 499,999 range, and asVery Largefor populations of 500,000 and higher. Show a screenshot of your headings and the first 10 rows of your results. A blurred clue is shown below:
  2. Create a table showing the counts for theError,Small,Medium,Large, andVery Largecategories and the five category names. Show the total of the five counts. The count for theErrorcategory should be zero. Make sure that your five category counts reconcile with the total number of counties (3,143). Sort theDescriptionsas set out in the first sentence, that is, from the smallest category (Error) to the largest category (Very Large).
  3. Read the histogram section in Chapter 2 on pages XXXXXXXXXXCreate a histogram of the 2010 population numbers using 11 intervals (1-49,999, 50,000-99,999, …, 500,000 and higher). The last interval is for all populations 500,000 and higher. In Chapter 2 in Figure 2.5 (on page 58) the last interval is for all dollar amounts $2,800 and higher. Thex-axis labels should show the upper bounds of the intervals (49,999, 99,999, 149,999, 199,999, …, 499,999, 500,000+). Be sure to add a graph title and to label thex-axis and they-axis with descriptive words and text that can be easily read on a screen. A blurred clue is shown below: Case 1.png
  4. Read the histogram section in Chapter 2 on pages XXXXXXXXXXIs the Census 2010 population data positively or negatively skewed? Does the data show the same general pattern that is expected for the dollar amounts of purchasing card data and for invoices paid through the accounts payable department?
  5. Give an example of a data set that you think would have a negatively skewed skewness measure. Avoid giving an example that has to do with time. Histograms generally have nothing to do with time. A negatively skewed data set will have more large numbers and relatively fewer small numbers.
  6. Review theCase Submission Checklistand type the statement, “I reviewed the case submission checklist before submitting this case.”
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1) The following results were found after using the VLOOKUP function available in Microsoft Excel. We categorized the population into 5 categories: error (for population less than 1),...

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