It is a continuation of the previous order XXXXXXXXXXThe ask of this assessment is to prepare an integrated digital marketing (IDM) plan forDR Dream Lazer Clinic Australia you used in Assessment #1...

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It is a continuation of the previous order XXXXXXXXXXThe ask of this assessment is to prepare an integrated digital marketing (IDM) plan forDR Dream Lazer Clinic Australia you used in Assessment #1 (preferably). I will send back the Assessment 1 with feedback from my lecturer, pls go through it with the comment for what need to improve for this second assessment. Pls go through the Assessment requirement file to know the structure as well as the guidance of the assessment. Prefers to Week 8 as how to do the Digital Marketing Strategy. Total words are 2750, not including Reference list. no executive summary for this report.

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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Mission of the business    4
Product positioning strategies    4
Integrated marketing strategy    4
Digital integration in marketing strategy    5
Official website    5
YouTube    5
Instagram    6
Facebook    6
Changes in 7Ps through digital transformation    6
Digital marketing plan    7
Tools for digital marketing plan    9
Conclusion    10
References    11
Technological advancements in the cu
ent scenario have paved the path for digitisation of marketing strategies. With this digital revolution can be observed in the market which helps to businesses to expand in terms of profitability as well as the area in the market. As mentioned by Todor (2016) in his work that businesses these days adopt integrated digital marketing strategies to increase their sales and enhance their
and image. This will also help in maintaining a good level of conversation with the clients.
In this report an integrated digital marketing plan for Dr Dream Laser Clinic, Australia has been discussed and presented. The services offered by this clinic include cosmeceuticals products as well as advanced skin treatments which are non-invasive. For developing a successful integrated digital marketing strategy type of business, target market and existing competition in the market must be kept in mind. While developing the digital marketing strategies the goals that the business wants to achieve should be considered.
Dr Dream Laser Clinic faces a tough competition from The Skin Care Clinic. Dr Dream Clinic gains an edge over Sin Care Clinic through its laser treatment specialties as well as providing the customers with affordable treatments and skin care products. However, Skin Care clinic has a vast range of other skin care solutions as well as products and thus provides the customers with a vast variety to choose form.
The strengths of Dr Dreams Laser Clinic are the qualified professionals for skin care treatments which help it to stand out from the crowd in the business. As known from the official website of the clinic it uses latest and technically advanced and TGA- approved technologies. However, this skin care clinic can find vast opportunities for its growth by increasing the number of skin care treatments and products.
ently the clinic has its digital presence through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Apart from active accounts on these social media platforms the business has its own website which is well designed and organised with the purpose to provide the customers with whatever details are required by them.
Mission of the business
The mission of this business is to achieve top rank among skincare providers in Australia. The skin care clinic plans to make continuous innovations in the field of skincare and cosmeceuticals so that it can gain an edge over its existing competitors in the market. The core value of the business of the business is to attract new customers and retain existing customers and to satisfy the customers by providing them with high quality and long lasting skincare in affordable prices.
Product positioning strategies
The product positioning strategy of the business can be described with the help of 7Ps of marketing mix. As suggested by Saidani and Sudiarditha (2019) 7Ps is an impactful tool which can be used by businesses for customer satisfaction so that the business can stand against the tough competition in the market. These 7Ps include product, promotion, place, price, process, people and physical evidence. Apart from this Smith and Chaffey (2008) introduced another P important for digital marketing i.e. partnerships. Business must form marketing alliances and should indulge in affiliate marketing for its continuous growth.
Integrated marketing strategy
Integrated marketing strategies can be defined as a blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies. According to valso et al. (2016) digital marketing particularly through social media platforms is playing a significant role in changing the face of marketing strategies. In today’s innovative and competitive world it is important that Dr Dreams focuses on digital marketing to overcome the marketing challenges which have been identified and mentioned here. The major issues are that the business is not able to reach its target customers with much efficiency and effectiveness. Customer relationship management is not up to the mark as a result of which a lack of customer engagement with the
and is easily noticeable. Furthermore, the cu
ent platforms used by the company are not capable enough to answer the queries of customers as well as to solve their problems.
Moreover, it has been observed that Facebook link provided on the official website of the clinic is not accurate as it does not directly leads the customers or viewers to the Facebook page of the business. As suggested by Stephen (2016) Facebook is a suitable platform for marketing because it has high number of users therefore Dr Dreams Clinic should integrate its Facebook page within the website to make effective use of digital marketing strategies. It is also observed that company has poor communication with its customers as a result of which there is very low level of customer engagement. As suggested by Mariani, Di Felice and Mura (2016) this can be mitigated if the company makes extensive use of discussion forums, and interactive question answer sessions to solve the queries and problems of the customers.
Digital integration in marketing strategy
To overcome all the shortcomings and to improve its services as well as customer relations Dr Dreams Clinic then decided to integrate its traditional marketing strategies with digital marketing strategies. Different social media platforms were used to re-target the marketing efforts, re-define the segments of the customers as well as to re-position the product into the existing market. Following social media platforms are used to integrate digitisation into the marketing strategy
Official website
The official website has a blog tab on the home page of the website that allows users visiting the website to involve...

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