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Running head: TOURISM ISSUES
Name of the student:
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Author Note:
The aim of this paper is to discuss three most important global issues that the tourism industry of the world are facing in this era of globalization. These issues are waste management issues leading environmental degradation, unavailability of proper infrastructure and terrorism affecting security of the tourist visiting different destinations.
Environmental degradation:
The first and foremost issue among them is related with the environmental aspect where the waste management problems are creating barrier for the perfect growth of tourism in the destinations. For developing tourism in a specific destination, land use, overpopulation and waste disposal can affect the environment of that place. Land usage for building hotels, transport system and other facilities, may lead to soil erosion and soil pollution. This leads in decreasing level of drinking water and pollution of the rivers and other water bodies (Gössling 2018). Due to tourism, the natural habitat loss of the flora and fauna of that region can take place. This puts more pressure upon the endangered animals and plants species. Similarly due to the increase of population in the destination for tourist visits, it is not always possible to manage wastes in a proper way. This leads to the increasing of pollution level in the tourist spots making the situation more adversary of the growth of tourism.
The process of acquiring natural wealth gets increased after tourism which puts negative impact upon the biodiversity (Dredge and Jamal 2015). For example, there are different tourist places in the region of Asia and Africa which are being promoted and developed by ruining the forests and filing up the water bodies. These may lead the place to be developed in terms of tourism but the natural environment is being destroyed and biodiversity is eliminated (Werthner et al. 2015). These are the reasons why the environmentalist groups is different parts of the world have become more active preventing effective growth of tourism in the bio hotspots. It is important for the local and state government take initiatives to sustainable tourism growth so that the tourism is promoted through various channels in one hand and the natural environment does not suffer on the other hand.
Poor infrastructure:
Tourism industry around the world is growing hence new places are being integrated in the lists. The tourists all over the world are trying to bring forward the new paces and off bit regions so that these regions get popularity and brand fame. However, tourism puts impact upon the environment, economy, geography and culture of the destinations and includes all of these aspects to become famous. Tourism infrastructure in the many regions are underdeveloped that needs proper infrastructure to attract the tourists around the world. Many of these places though have potential cannot flourish because of poor economy, geography and social growth (Andrades and Dimanche 2017). Tourism infrastructure is an essential part of tourism growth that includes a range of institutions as well as devices constituting substantial and the organizational basis for effective tourism development. The tourism infrastructure comprises of four rudimentary elements like accommodation benefits, food as well as beverage arrangements, accompanying facilities and the communication facilities. The region that provides all of these infrastructures effectively can become successful in the competition if not, then developing tourism becomes quote impossible (Baum 2016). The moan factor that the tourist first determines before travelling is to arrange the accommodation and food facilities. In case the place where they are going to visit does not have proper infrastructure or management of those places are not found, then they cancel the trip and other place get competitive advantage by offering those (Wachowiak 2016). Therefore, in to flourish in a proper way, these issues need to be overcome so that the tourists while visiting a place get proper support in terns of accommodation, food and beverage, communicating, transport and accompanying facilities. All of these basic demands if gets fulfilled, the region or tourist spots get promoted in the global tourism industry.
Threat of terrorism:
One of the most important issues in the current tourism business is related to the constant threat of terrorism in the destinations. There are places I the world which are marked by their natural beauty or for that matter the historical, cultural and other aspects. For example, in the countries situated in the gulf region or western part of Asia are marked by the Islamic culture and history. The culture here overwhelms the tourists from different parts of the world but recently, the tourism industry in this region has been threated due to the threat of terrorism. There have been several instances where the terrorist groups have attacked the tourists attaining programs or simplify visiting places (Smith 2015). Despite the fact that the museums, concerts, sports events and national parks are highly secured but the instances like planned terrorist attack in the music concert arranged in Los Angeles can take place any time. As the gulf region is the origin of several terrorist groups therefore developing tourism is a great challenge here but the developed state like Los Angeles also could not secure the lives of the people in spite of employing finest of the securities. Therefore, the threat of terrorism has been engulfing the tourism business of the world as many of the tourists have started to cancel their trips after any tourist attacks in any region. As there is no certainty in such attacks therefore, the knowledge cannot be shared. In addition to this, the security is eliminated in the case of civil war or communal revolts (Sharpley and Telfer 2015). For example the countries of Africa does not guarantee of breaking out off any civil war and so also the country like India where religious intolerance may lead to communal disharmony.
Therefore it can be concluded that all of the issues like waste management problems leading towards the worsening environmental condition, unavailability of proper infrastructure and terrorism affecting security of lives and property. Despite the fact that tourism puts pressure enormously upon the human wellbeing but also gets affected by these factors.
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Answer To: Running head: TOURISM ISSUES TOURISM ISSUES 5 TOURISM ISSUES Name of the student: Name of the...

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Slide 1
This presentation aims at discussing three important global related issues which are faced by the
tourism industry in today’s world. 
These global issues are focussed and concerned with the waste management.
Waste management includes issues such as environmental deterioration, lack of proper infrastructure and its inferiority.
The third and most important issue is the problems and crisis of the tourists who are travelling to various destinations and tourist spots.
Most important environmental aspect is that, how the problems of waste management are affecting the tourism industry as a whole. 
Overpopulation and usage of land creates a stress for the environment.
Pollution creates hurdles for the development of tourist spots. 
Destruction of flora and fauna of that concerned area.
Increasing the natural wealth affects the biodiversity.
Increased industrialization.
Focuses are made on the countries like Asia and Africa which are causing much damage.
Degradation of environment
Environmentalists in different parts of the world are taking preventive measures.
Government roles in decreasing the environmental degradation
Growth of tourism industry in many parts of the world. And the effects of tourism on biodiversity, economy, destinations and culture.
Need for good infrastructure for business purposes and attracting tourists from all over the world.
Low economy and geography are taken into...

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