Jessica Bowers TuesdayMay 4 at 3:06pm Manage Discussion Entry In considering selection methods for recruiting top talent, HR managers and policy creators must consider the efficacy, validity, and...

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Jessica Bowers

TuesdayMay 4 at 3:06pmManage Discussion Entry

In considering selection methods for recruiting top talent, HR managers and policy creators must consider the efficacy, validity, and reliability of each method. The validity, in particular, is important to the selection process because it allows the organization to make selections that are viable and it allows the individuals involved in the selection to feel as if the process has been conducted with fidelity. Two common selection methods are interviews and assessments, with each presenting with benefits and drawbacks.

Interviews are the most common form of selection, chosen largely because they provide consistent face validity for candidates (). The drawbacks of the interview selection process are that they are susceptible to effects and biases, such as stereotyping, prototyping, putting too much emphasis on first impressions, and guiding questions that limit the responses of the potential employee (Taylor, XXXXXXXXXXStructured interviews can minimize the effects of some biases. Other than the benefit of face validity, interviews allow candidates to interact with future employers and self-select workplaces based on their interactions, though these interactions can also have biases. Overall, though, interviews have low predictive validity for successful hire (Ekuma, 2012).

In contrast, assessments have the highest predictive value of selection methods (Eluma, XXXXXXXXXXWhile predictive value is appealing in assessments, the potential cost, time, and availability of qualified assessors and analyzers are drawbacks to this method (Taylor, XXXXXXXXXXThere is also the possibility that assessment is not well aligned to the job requirements or the bias that exists in all standardized tests to discriminate based on culture, gender, age, or race.


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JoAnn McGowan

YesterdayMay 5 at 8:37pmManage Discussion Entry

Compare any two of the common selection methods. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The two I chose were Aptitude, Ability, and Achievement also References. Aptitude, ability, and Achievement are excellent tools to use. Aptitude looks at how quickly someone can learn the information; ability tests what someone knows in the present; Achievement is the skills they have mastered in the past (Youssef-Morgan, XXXXXXXXXXAll these skills from a person can make them quite valuable to the organization. However, not everyone will have such an impeccable skillset, so using this method as a hiring tool could limit someone’s ability to rise if they do not have most of these skills. This test measures cognitive and motor skills (Psychology, 2021).

References can be a little tricky. If the applicant has not updated their contacts in a while or touched base with people they have as a reference, the reference may miss the phone call if their number has been changed. One disadvantage the employer can tell tall tales about the applicant, and when the new employer finds out this person does not have those traits, this could lead to a lawsuit (Youssef-Morgan, XXXXXXXXXXOne Advantage sometimes using references can help the applicant land the position. Not all reference checks are wrong, but someone’s bias can get in the way, and this should never happen when giving a reference for an employee, work details only.


Psychology XXXXXXXXXXAchievement, Aptitude, and Ability test. to an external site.)

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