Journal/Reflection/Real-World Application Team Coaching. What are methods or techniques you would use as a leader when coaching a team to improve communication skills? What are methods for fostering...

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Journal/Reflection/Real-World Application

Team Coaching.What are methods or techniques you would use as a leader when coaching a team to improve communication skills? What are methods for fostering trust? What are ways to address the challenges of "poor communication, ineffective listening, inadequate feedback, and employing an inappropriate coaching style"?

Next, choose one of the following scenarios to respond to.

Scenario 1: Quiet or Unresponsive Group - Quiet moments within a group are not necessarily something negative. This time, however, the quiet or unresponsive time lasts for a significant amount of time and has become uncomfortable. What are examples of what you might say to encourage participation during this time?

Scenario 2: Group Lacks Seriousness - For this scenario, an important topic needs to be discussed. What are examples of what you might say or do to point out the problem and encourage feedback from members, including those contributing to the lack of seriousness?

Scenario 3: Side Conversations are Distracting - This is another very common challenge that disrupts and causes members to lose focus. What are examples of what you might say to best handle this type of scenario?

Scenario 4: Group Conflict - For this scenario, some members are disagreeing and attacking one another versus effectively communicating with one another. What might you do to address this?

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Running Head: TEAM COACHING                                1
TEAM COACHING                                        3
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Methods and Techniques    3
Improving Communication skills    3
Fostering Trust    4
Addressing the Challenges    4
Responding to Scenario 1    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
    Team coaching is the process by which the team leaders train the team to function in an aligned manner. This grows the team spirit of working together by giving them the power of choice and improving the relationship within the team. A proper team coaching increases the productivity of the team in an organisation. The benefits of team coaching are several including resolving conflicts effectively, being more engaged in the work process, maintaining accountability, knowing the team members, and taking an action plan to resolve any problem.
Methods and Techniques
    There are several methods and techniques which can be followed to improve the several factors required to build a team through team coaching. Such methods are provided below:
Improving Communication skills
    As a team coach, the primary method I will use to improve the communication skill of the team members is to provide them a topic to express and listen to the various ideas. As mentioned by Jones, Napiersky and Lyubovnikova (2019), the method of questioning helps in the improvement of communication skills. This method will provide an opportunity for the team members to
ainstorm and answer the question through proper structural sentences improving the communication skills. Another method which I will incorporate within the members are listening to others opinion and thinking before speaking. According to Macnamara (2019), these methods will help to create a positive body language of the members. Listening is important as it makes the person feel respected resulting in an effective communication.
Fostering Trust
    An efficient team coach is successful in building trust within the team through team coaching. To improve the trust within the members, I will try to be honest with them, act according to the commitments made, admitting the wrong, communicate in a respectful manner, being helpful and showing empathy towards the team members. As stated by Van Wyk, R., Odendaal, A., & Maseko, B. M. (2019), team coaching is the effective way to gather team competence and a leader’s trust in the team members which helps to foster...

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