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This week for our discussion board asked us to take into consideration various networking devices and how the would be beneficial under circumstances where the performance of a networking environment has been degraded. Some of the devices to bear in mind when discussing the functionality of networking devices are things such as modems, routers, switches, hubs, and repeaters all which may play a role in the transmission of data and the speeds for which they may be transmitted. In most instances degraded performance amongst networks are more commonly seem in wireless settings opposed to those of hard-wired environments. This is because Ethernet and Fiber Optic cables bridges a direct link between the device and the networking tool, which enhances internet performance. Unlike a wireless connection that take a hit for several factors such as the number of devices connected simultaneous, the amount of data being streamed or transferred at a time, and also any structural interferences it may encounter when trying to access the IoT.

Another thing that should be mentioned when it comes to how a networking environment performs is to consider the age of the devices and the standards for which that device supports. Quite naturally older devices may experience a lag in transmission speeds as those devices were normally developed with what is now outdated processors.(Romano, 2020) As technology continue to evolve so does the all the features and components that go into the devices we purchase. Many call me a technology freak since I love to continuously update my devices, and it is not that I want to or enjoy spending money I just know from an engineering point of view even keeping up-to-date with the software updates does not act as an substitute for the hardware components. Ever new series of the same device comes with enhanced features and built-in components. So, if you wish to experience these devices at there optimal performances it is at least important to update ever few years. In this regard to one of the most crucial networking tools that can affects your networks performance, is the router. So, making sure you stay up-to-date as far as the router is concerned is key in getting and keeping you connected to the internet.

At my job many of the staff experience issues within the warehouse area of the facility, the reason being is one there is so many PC computer station, laptops, RF guns, Walkie talkies, and even the machines themselves that it disrupts the Wi-Fi signals. I have noticed that the PC station take precedence over all the portable stations on the warehouse floor, and this is due to the bult-in Wi-FI antenna being stronger within them. Even the Bluetooth signals that are utilized to connect printers to all the devices take a hit and become degraded especially when multiple devices are trying to access and print to them simultaneously. However, within the main office the network connection is stronger for all devices connected to them. The reason behind this is that all of the computer stations are hard wired. There is not big machinery or beams around causing a disruption of the signal, and they are not a lot of portable devices being utilized used as the scanners and so forth.(Eye Network, 2022) So, the devices that are connected via access point while slowing than the hardwire systems are still faster than all of those on the other side of the facility.

After the last snowstorm that we encountered earlier this year however we lost power for close to twenty-four hours. When power was restored, and we went to restart all devices in all areas of the facility we experienced a bottleneck in the networking environment. Upon running multiple diagnostic and trouble shooting techniques it come down to the main router/firewall needing to be replaced as it was outdated. In addition to this do to the abruptly cease of the servers and the fact that they had not been replaced in years several of the servers were fried. As a result of not ensuring that all the hardwire was up-to-date in the event of a disaster we were forced to remain closed additional days until the new equipment arrived. So, while the company did not want to kick out the extra money up front to replace what they say in their eyes functioning equipment in the end cost them the same if not more in the long run. To prevent this, it is always best to have back-up equipment on hand so that in the event of an emergency there is no need to wait for the arrival of new equipment it will be as easy as installing and configuring it. To ensure the workstations within the warehouse floor are able to successful operate without causing a decrease in production do to lagging system network there should be switches on the floor to allow hardwired connection to the networking environment and to cut down the excessive use of devices utilizing Wi-Fi simultaneously. This will also end-users the option to connect laptops to the switches when in range, so the system is always in real time as it is important when so many different individuals have permissions to make alterations to database. Due to the lag, there is always an overlap of edited information.

While making sure both hardware and software is up-to-date, by adding more hardwired devices, and decreasing the amount of authorized devices that are able to connect to the wireless network at any giving time we can significantly improved a degraded networking environment. In addition to this by changing the place of networking devices like routers and wireless access points are stored to make sure they are not in an area where the structure causes service interference. And to make sure I note that in hardware is also the devices such as the pc’s, laptops, RF Scanners, printers, and so forth are all new enough to allow us to reap the full benefits of the networking plan from the ISP and that can function successfully on the correct IEEE 802 standard that best suits the need of the company or even that particular end-user.


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This third unit discussion board is about troubleshooting te network and the devices connected on it. We must understand that monitoring communications at the host level is mo longer enough. That worked fine back when individual services ran on stand-alone machines. Now days networks are so fast and there are so many users that companies today must have many devices and machines ro run teir business. So a network administrators it is our job to troubleshoot the network.

We have to take into consideration how old is the network and the devices connected to it and determine ow the expansion of the business will take place. The features that were available earlier are notavailable, but have been enhanced with features that are far more versitile and are 10 times faster. The older machines will run at slower speed and would not be efficientfor the company now.

We must understand that with technology advancing at the rate that it is we must prepare the network within the organization for the expansion that is needed.

Issues can arise at numerous points along the network. Before you start trying to troubleshoot any issue you want to have a clear understanding of what the problem is, how it came up, who it it affectig\,and how long its been going on. By gathering the right information and clarifying the problem, you'll have a much better chance of resolving the issue quickly without wasting time trying unnecessary fixes.

Here are some steps to help determine where the problem is:

  • First check the hardware. When you begin the troubleshooting process check the hardware first to make sure it works and connected correctly.
  • Use IP Config. At a command prompt type ipconfig into the terminal the defaut gateway is your computers IP Address is the number next to IP ADDRESS
  • Use PING and TRACERT. If you router is working fine, and you have an IP address starting with something other than 169, the problem is mostly located between the router and the internet. At this time use the ping tool. You can the tracert command to do the same as Ping does by typing tracert XXXXXXXXXX.
  • erform a DNS check. Use the command"nslookup" to determine whether there is a problem with the server youre trying to connect too.
  • Contact the ISP all the above turn up no problem
  • Check the virus and malware protection.
  • Review Database logs to make sure the databases are functioning as expected.

Once steps are taken then we must make sure that we have the correct flow that should be taken:

  • Collect information
  • Customized loops
  • Check access and security
  • Follow an escalation framework
  • Use monitoring Tools

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1.What is the importance of studying the performance of networking devices and their benefits?
It is very important to study the performance as the final end production results will depend on the performance. Dome of the limitations which decreases the performance of the network are transmission lag, warehouse problems which disrupts wireless networks. The performance can be a quality check of the network device with the su
ounding environment and it can be minimized by keeping both the software and Hardware...

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