LAB 1. Create and analyze your data in a bar chart (50%) Step 1:Open the starter file or the Tableau workbook you saved in the first Try it! lesson. File Name: Analyze data in two views_starter.txbx...

LAB 1.Create and analyze your data in a bar chart (50%)Step 1:Open the starter file or the Tableau workbook you saved in the firstTry it!lesson. File Name:Analyze data in two views_starter.txbxStep 2: Create a horizontal bar chart comparingTotal LibrariesbyRegion(20 points).
  1. On theSheet 1tab, drag theTotal Librariesfield toColumns.
  2. Drag theRegionfield toRows.
Step 3:Sort the view byTotal Libraries, in descending order, so you can compare the regions. Which region has the fewest libraries? Which has the next fewest?(20 points)
  • Point to theTotal Librariesheader on the x-axis, and click the sort icon to sort the list in descending order (biggest to smallest).
  • This sorts theTotal Librariesvalues from highest to lowest.
Step 4:To see more details about the data, point to any bar to view its tooltip. Use these details to answer the following question.Examining the bar chart you have created, which region has43,572 libraries, and where does it fall in the order, from highest to lowest? (you don’t have to answer for this question.)Step 5: Give the worksheet a title, “Total Libraries by Region.”(10 points)
  1. At the bottom of the worksheet, double-click theSheet 1tab, and type the name for the view: “Total Libraries by Region”.
LAB 2. Createand analyze your data ina crosstab (50%)Next, you want to find the country with the highest library expenditures and the one with the highest total library users. To compare specific values for each country, you'll build a crosstab.Step 6:Start a new worksheet for your crosstab.
  1. To the right of theTotal Libraries by Regiontab, click theNew Worksheettab.
Step 7: Create a horizontal bar chart comparingTotal LibrariesbyRegion.
  1. To start the crosstab, create row headers for eachCountry.
  2. Drag theCountryfield toRows.
Step 8:Add data to the crosstab for the following measures:Expenditures,Total Libraries,Total Users, andTotal Volumes?(20 points)
  1. Drag theExpendituresfield into the view area toward the text column; drop it when you see the column outlined in black, and Tableau Desktop displays “Show Me”.
  2. Drag theTotal Librariesfield into the view to the right ofExpenditures.
    This adds column headers for both.
  3. DragTotal Usersinto the view on the right.
  4. Repeat the previous step withTotal Volumes.

    You now have four columns of measure data for each country.
Note: You’ll see that for some countries, certain cells are blank due to lack of information in the original data.Step 9:Sort the columns to find the country with the mostTotal Users. Remember that each sort re-sorts the rest of the table.(20 points)
  • Expected result:TheUnited Stateshas the highest expenditures andSouth Koreahas the highest total users.
Step 10:Name the worksheet “Country Details”(5 points)
  • To name the worksheet, double-click theSheet 2tab, and type “Country Details”.
Step 11: Save the file as “MGMT 350_GlobalLibrary_Charts_{your first and last name}”(5 points)
  1. If you would like to save this file to work with later in the module, then on theFilemenu, clickSave As. To save it elsewhere, browse to the desired location.
  2. Alter the workbook name, and clickSave.
May 09, 2021

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