Leadership and Team Building of SCO....... Competencies Covered in this course: ALL COMPETENCIES ARE COVERED Values Facilitator Fulfillment Mission Driven Vision Centric Fiscal Literacy Advocacy...

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Leadership and Team Building of SCO.......

Competencies Covered in this course:ALL COMPETENCIES ARE COVERED




Mission Driven

Vision Centric

Fiscal Literacy


Strategic Diplomacy

Personal Integrity

Systems Thinking

Analytical Thinking

Performance Measurement

Innovative Thinking


Talent Development

Team Stewardship

Relationship Building

Effective Communication

Transdisciplinary Focus

Interpersonal Agility

Technology Embracing

Service Partner Development


Knowledge Seeking


Culturally Responsive

Strategic Orientation

Achievement Orientation

Change Leadership



Efficacy Facilitation



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Answer To: Leadership and Team Building of SCO....... Competencies Covered in this course: ALL COMPETENCIES ARE...

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Competency Application Pape
Competency Application Pape
CAP Assessment with Three Components
Organizational Assessment Based on Result of Project    1
Abstract of the Project    2
Result & Recommendations    3
Reflection    4
Conclusion    5
References    6
Organizational Assessment Based on Result of Project
In this highly competitive and aggressive world where we witness disruptions and innovat
ions changing the face of business as we know it! In testing times like these, any business counts on their leaders to not only survive but also to thrive in future. Well, I come from the school of thoughts that believes leaders aren’t born rather they are made! Therefore, in order to build leaders who can create innovative solutions, offer employment to many and lead people for bigger success to contribute more to business, society and environment. Well, there is requirement of essential competencies to develop an effective and influential leader. A competency can be described as the blend of skills, knowledge and abilities (KSA) that can reflect the leadership within the organization (Abas, C., Omar, F., Wati Halim, F. and Waheeda Muhammad Hafidz, S., 2015).
SCO Family of Services differs from other organizations in many ways like size, magnitude of employees interacting with students, who are also clients to the organization and most importantly vision that SCO as an organization aspires to achieve. For instance, I would like to focus the spotlight on the fact that while organizations in general strive to make profits yet SCO Family of Services is primarily non-profit organization. There is no doubt that the challenges to SCO as an organization are more complex than many profitmaking organizations. As the company establishes itself and become more diverse, fragmented, specialized and connected with other social systems, an institutional mission intermingles and become unclear. This is due to the fact that since the missions multiply therefore becomes source of stress and conflict rather than integration. The problem is not that institutions cannot identify their goals but rather that they simultaneously em
acing a large number of conflicting goals (Ahmadi, A., Shahbazi, M. and Hashemian, N., 2015).
Career is a series of employment related opportunities that provides roles and defines responsibilities as per the position. Management of career is an on-going process of learning that spans all across the life of an individual. It is more about defining short-term as well as long-term goals that can ascends the position and accelerate it to subsequent levels in the organization. Individual really need to invest time and effort on themselves to develop competencies like personal agility, self-reflection, transdisciplinary focus, collaboration and developing systems thinking to remain relevant and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it is necessary to build personal development goals and blue-ocean strategies that one help in achieve both short-term and long-term objective. By the virtue of this assignment, I got the opportunity to focus on my career aspiration to become a project manager handling the project of SCO for Virtual Child International park.
Abstract of the Project
Project management is all about getting things done, comprehending exactly what you want to accomplish, plan to attain the goals that decided and time duration to achieve them. Project of Virtual Child International (VCI) Park has helped us to understand many critical elements like how to work on the specifications of the project, how to derive fixed results and how to set the time stamps as well as ensuring that the project stays within the budget. Furthermore, it was really an insightful and knowledgeable journey since I was able to implement my theories into practical real-life scenario that helped me tremendously to develop skills, knowledge and experience to become an effective project manager. Through this course, I am able to design my ongoing working portfolio that definitely assists me in...

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