LEADERSHIP IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT You must have acquired some knowledge about leadership and management in various modules. How do you understand leardership in business? What's the...

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You must have acquired some knowledge about leadership and management in various modules. How do you understand leardership in business? What's the difference between leadership and management? What are the principles and qualities of effective leadership? We recommend the following materials for you to study. Of course you can find by yourself other inspirational materials online.

First of all, why is leadership important? In theQ&A: Why Is Leadership Important In Organizations?, you can find some answers to the questions about leadership.

If you'd like to know the differences between leaders and managers, this article can give you some clue:Manager vs. Leader: Understanding How to Lead in a Business Environment.

You can find hereTop 10 Qualities of Effective Leadership in the Workplace (& How To Implement Them), and very practical leadership skills here:What Are The Top Leadership Skills That Make a Great Leader?

Now, it's your turn to produce a paper, based on the above materials and touch on the following:

  • Reflect on the concept of leadership and self-organisation (networking organisation)
  • What makes it different from the leadership in hierarchical organisational structures?
  • What changes need to be made in mainstream processes to make leadership more effective?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-organisational structures and the impact on leadership?
  • If there would appear more self-organised corporations, what aspects do you still need to develop for yourself as a leader and be able to work in such an environment?
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Table of Contents
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Analysis    4
Conclusion    5
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Organizational leadership is a management approach which permits the leaders to set strategic goals for the companies. It helps to motivate the individuals within the group for ca
ying out the assignments successfully with respect to the objectives. Further, its self-organization which is a fundamental concept of agile project management. The self-organizing team are also under the management control. The ultimate job of the management is to comes up with various challenges and remove the obstacles to self-organization. Self-organizing teams are the groups which helps to mandate and organize themselves in the best possible manner. Its this team which identifies ways to communicate, cooperate and deliver the best results. The best approach for the self-organizing team is the egalitarian approach. In this approach the team practices democratic practice which deals with consultation and negotiation. The team is able to approve a specific decision only when the majority of the members agree on the path no one is ba
ed. In such approach everyone is treated as well as weighted equally and the opinion of everyone is listened carefully. Further, its efficient leadership which is inspiring and gathering the ideas of the team members.
Self-organizing is a process by which the people shape their communal behaviour for creating universal order by interacting among themselves instead of dominating externally. It is a process for achieving the ultimate objective by recognizing the optimum path. This process includes acknowledgement of the skills, the knowledge and the resources processed by each individual. Self-organizing is a popular method used in the creative industries and inspires the team members through self-actualization (Jager, 2021).
On the other hand, an organizational leadership structure determines the workflow, accountability and the authority to...

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