let me know if there are any questions

let me know if there are any questions

Leadership Context 1 Wednesday, July 19, 2023 6:29 PM Leaders and authenticity Context: Putin's Key mistake (Barrington, 2022) Leadership theories: Authentic leadership (Ibarra, 2015), For and against (Gardner et al., 2021 ) and transformational leadership as represented by Kouzes and Posner (2012) Conundrum: ELI Reputation Lens Personal values in action (from the ELI) Strong leaders are not necessarily, good or nice, yet they operate from consistent assumptions. Assess Putin's stance on Ukraine (Barrington, 2022) through authentic leadership (Ibarra, 2015; Gardner et al., 2021) and transformational leadership theory (Kouzes & Posner, 2021) and the Reputation’s Lens using the Ethics Game (2020) values into action worksheet to guide your analysis. Remember that leaders operate from a world view that might not agree with yours. What does your team conclude about Putin's leadership and assumptions about what is “right'2 How would you engage him on the topic through your differing ethical lenses? Remember to consult the Ethics Game reference materials such as your personal values from EL values to action worksheet (EthicsGame, 2020b), and the explanation of the four lenses Understanding the Ethical Lens Inventory (EthicsGame, 20142). Barrington, L. (2022, May 23). Putin’ s key mistake? Not understanding Ukraine's blossoming oeiona) identity even in the Russian-iriendly southeast, The Conversation, hitps/theconversation com/putins-key-mista Ke-not-understanding-ukraines-blossoming- national-identity-even-in-the-russian-friendly-southeast-183576 Gardner, W. L, Karam, E. P,, Alvesson, M., & Einola, K- (2021) Authentic leadership theory: Too case for and against. The Leadership Quarterly, 32(6). hitps //doi.org/10.1016/1leaqua 2021.101495 Step 1 Read the case Step 2 Each person should first answer the questions individually and post them in OneNote What sort of leadershi p is being displayed? Which leadership theories are enacted? What leadership values are displayed? How does the ethical lens of reputation describe these values in action? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this leader’s view point? How would other ethical lenses view the situation differently? What compels others to follow in this situation? By what measures (metrics) do you judge this leadership situation Why? By what measures would | be judged by taking this position?
Sep 09, 2023

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