Make sure you begin your essay by referencing the two articlesas context.Essay Prompt: InAlexanderChee’s “Research Your...

Make sure you begin your essay by referencing the two articles

as context.

Essay Prompt: In



Chee’s “Research Your Life



James Baldwin’s “Letter to My Nephew


they each describe a certain type of education.

They emphasize self-awareness as

specific to their own education. For Chee, he gives advice to his students, and for Baldwin, his nephew, but for each writer--it really is for a larger audience.

For our first essay, think about the role of education in your life. Please refer to both essays as a reference in your examples. You can use your own education or someone else’s education (child, parent, friend, etc.) as part of your evidence.

Remember you

r introduction should make it clear

to your reader

that your essay is about education.







to ge

t you thinking about your essay. You could develop your essay from these “thinking” questions.

Think about the ways the authors acquired education? Was it unconventional? Can you connect the ideas of the texts with how your education today –based on your own experience or others—is important to personal growth and knowledge? We our still living in the Pandemic. What about Zoom versus traditional forms of education

? What about lack of access to computer/Internet resources? You can begin at any point of your life in terms of education.

Another Suggestion: Begin your essay with an anecdote about education.

An anecdote is a story like you might begin with a reason you are in college based on a specific experience.

The rest of the essay

–due next week--

should incorporate at least one quote from one of the texts. Use MLA citation.

Mar 25, 2023

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