MGMT1101 ASSIGNMENT:Environmental & Industry AnalysisAssignment OverviewThe ability to construct a PESTEL Analysis and a Porters Five-Forces Plus One Analysis is essential to makinginformed...

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Environmental & Industry Analysis

Assignment Overview

The ability to construct a PESTEL Analysis and a Porters Five-Forces Plus One Analysis is essential to making

informed decisions that impact strategic planning. A key theme of Introduction to Management focuses on

the relationship between the external environment and organizational performance. An important function

of any manager is the ability to analyze external environmental conditions and the level of competition

within a particular industry/market in an effort to make informed decisions and think strategically. This

assignment provides students with an opportunity to examine a variety of external environmental and

industry factors, and the role they play in decision-making.

Scenario (address the following scenario for your assignment)

• Good Trade Co. (a Canadian coffee company with two locations in Calgary): Imagine you are a

management consultant who has just been hired by Good Trade Co.

• Good Trade Co. is a social-enterprise coffee company that works directly with farmers and students

in Colombia and is looking to expand into Vancouver BC (British Columbia). You have been hired to

assess the Canadian external environment in Vancouver BC as it relates to the Food & Drink

industry and provide important information to help Good Trade Co. decide whether they should

expand into Vancouver.

• Your job is to construct a PESTEL Analysis and a Porter’s Five-Forces Plus One Analysis to help Good

Trade Co. make an informed decision.

Assignment length: 4 pages of content double-spaced (MAXIMUM 1000 words – 4 pages) NOT including

the title page and reference page.

Assignment weighting: 57 points (15%)


Research is required throughout:

• This is a research assignment and therefore you are required you to conduct research, which

involves the use of existing data to form your responses (e.g., electronic articles, websites,

other market research available, etc.). In addition to our course textbook, you are required to

use a minimum of FOUR different sources for your PESTEL Analysis and FOUR different

sources for your Porter’s Five-Forces Analysis to gather information and inform your

understanding of the external environment as it relates to the specific scenario provided in this


• Although research is required, you are also expected to include your own original thoughts

and insights within your analysis while using research to support your claims. Your insights

will add relevance to the research you provide and will help create a meaningful examination of

the external environment and the degree of competition within it.


ALL research used must be RELEVANT to the assignment topic and scenario. For example do NOT include a resource on the education system or employment rates in Bangladesh or Polar Bears in

Alaska if the assignment scenario is addressing the hospitality industry in Alberta. Any non-relevant

research sources that are used will be considered a breach of the college academic honesty and

integrity policy and the assignment will receive a ZERO grade.

In addition, any resource that is used must be ACCESSIBLE for instructor review. This means the full

document must be available to the instructor when reviewing the sources provided on your reference


Students must illustrate that they have extracted meaningful information from the sources used and

did NOT simply draw from an article introduction or abstract. Use of sources that are not relevant or

where the full document cannot be accessed and reviewed (e.g., journals, paid subscriptions, restricted

access to article abstract, etc.) will result in an automatic ZERO grade on the assignment and will be

subject to the college’s formal academic dishonesty process

Resources to use for research

The PESTEL Analysis falls into the general environment, which represents the “macro” level and includes

the broad political, economic, sociocultural, technological, environmental, and legal conditions that may

affect the organization. Managers must consider these conditions as they plan, organize, lead, and control.

(*Refer to Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 [page 118] in the course textbook. Also, be sure to refer to the

resources in the course modules and watch the video tutorial I’ve provided).

The Porter’s Five-Forces Plus One Analysis is used to gain a clearer understanding of the specific

competition within a particular market/industry. E.g., Competition within the sportswear industry,

competition within the automobile industry, competition within the restaurant industry, etc. The Porters

Five Forces Analysis is a competitive analysis which helps inform decisions made by managers.

(*Refer to Chapter 4 [page 123 – 124] in the course textbook. Also, be sure to refer to the resources in

the course modules and watch the PESTEL and Porter’s video tutorials that are provided).

Use the following resources when conducting research to construct your PESTEL and Porter’s Five-Forces

Plus One Analysis. *Note: You are not limited to these resources as I simply provided these to help you

get started:

• Google (simply begin typing key words into the search engine to begin your research process)

• Google News (make sure your research is specific to the region and industry provided in the


• Bow Valley College library commons data base (this was addressed in the course research tutorial

you completed)

• Statistics Canada:

• Statista:

• Alberta Government:

*Note: I suggest you begin your process using Google search. Please ensure that any resource you

select for research is considered to be "academically credible." Academically credible research is a

credible source that is unbiased, is backed up with evidence, and has bene published within the last

seven years. For further details regarding what makes a research source credible, refer back to the

research tutorial you completed earlier in the course.


Construct a PESTEL Analysis focussing on Vancouver, British Columbia as this is where your client is

looking to expand. Make sure you address all six conditions within your PESTEL which include political,

economic, sociocultural, technological, environmental, and legal conditions to better understand threats

and opportunities regarding expanding within Canada.

*Your PESTEL should be written in BULLET FORMAT. Each point you make within your PESTEL should be

written in concise full sentence format and should contain research with proper in-text citations.

PESTEL Synopsis (7 marks)

A synopsis is simply a summary/an interpretation of “something”. In two – three paragraphs create a

synopsis of your PESTEL. Do NOT simply summarize your entire analysis. Your synopsis should address key

facts you have uncovered and why these are more relevant than others as it relates to Good Trade Co. In

addition, discuss which information is less relevant and why it might be considered less important.

Important Guidelines

1. Refer to Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 in our Fundamentals of Management textbook. Although a

minimum of FOUR additional sources are required for EACH analysis (PESTEL and Porter’s), the

textbook should be the primary resource you use to inform your understanding of key concepts to

help you make relevant connections between theory and application.

2. Assignment should be 4 pages of content (MAXIMUM of 1000 words – 4 pages) double-spaced

(2.0 line spacing) NOT including the title page and reference page.

3. Structure: Follow the assignment structure template provided in the dropbox in D2L as it illustrates

the specific structure you are to use when setting up your assignment (e.g., title page, headings,

subheadings, etc.).

4. Title page: Properly structured as per APA guidelines. Include title of assignment, name of the

course, your first and last name, student ID number, instructor’s first and last name, date of

submission, and the specific word count of your paper.

5. APA format: Assignment format must follow APA 7th ed guidelines (e.g., Times Roman or Calibri font

style, 12 font size, double-spaced [2.0 line spacing], etc.) -

6. A zero grade will be given for work that is copied, plagiarized, or illustrates academic dishonesty

of any kind, and further disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the academic policy.

7. Proofread your assignment for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure

(English language usage)

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Table of contents
PESTEL Analysis for Good Trade Co. in Vancouver BC    3
Porter's Five Forces plus One Analysis for Good Trade Co. in Vancouver BC    5
Social Responsibility    6
References    9
PESTEL Analysis for Good Trade Co. in Vancouver BC
Political –
· Government policies re
lated to international trade can have a significant impact on Good Trade Co.'s operations, especially since the company works directly with farmers in Colombia. Changes in tariffs, trade agreements, and other policies can affect the cost of importing coffee beans and other supplies, which can in turn impact the company's pricing strategy and profitability.
· In addition, regulations related to food safety and labeling must be followed by Good Trade Co. to operate in Vancouver. Compliance with local and federal laws related to food production, labeling, and distribution is critical to avoid any legal issues and maintain the company's reputation (Schillaci & Norgaard, 2019).
Economic –
· Vancouver is a major economic hub in Canada and has a diverse and growing economy. The city is home to a number of large corporations, startups, and small businesses, which provides a large potential customer base for Good Trade Co.
· However, the cost of living in Vancouver is relatively high, which may affect the company's operating costs and pricing strategy. Fluctuations in the global economy, such as changes in the price of coffee beans due to supply and demand factors or geopolitical issues, can also impact the company's cost of production and pricing.
Socio-Cultural –
· Vancouver has a diverse and multicultural population that values sustainability and social responsibility. The city is home to many socially conscious consumers who are willing to pay a premium for ethically-sourced products, such as Good Trade Co.'s coffee.
· In addition, Vancouver is known for its outdoor lifestyle and love of nature. Good Trade Co.'s eco-friendly practices, such as compostable packaging and sustainable sourcing, may be particularly appealing to Vancouverites.
Technological –
· Technology can be an important driver of efficiency and profitability for Good Trade Co. For example, the use of inventory management software and order processing systems can help the company streamline its operations and reduce costs (Ko, 2020).
· Social media and online marketing can also help Good Trade Co. reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness in Vancouver. The company can use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote its products and sustainability practices, and engage with customers through online campaigns.
Environmental –
· Vancouver has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and may appreciate Good Trade Co.'s eco-friendly practices. Good Trade Co. can use its commitment to sustainability as a unique selling proposition to appeal to environmentally conscious customers.
· Climate change and natural disasters can impact the production and availability of coffee beans, affecting the supply chain for Good Trade Co. The company must be prepared to handle any disruptions in the supply chain and find alternative sources of coffee beans...

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