MNG20001 Professional Hospitality ExperienceAssessment 6: A) Review paper – My Customer ExperienceB) Evaluation of Workplace Learning ObjectivesC) Professional Constructive Feedback to Host...

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MNG20001 Professional Hospitality Experience Assessment 6: A) Review paper – My Customer Experience B) Evaluation of Workplace Learning Objectives C) Professional Constructive Feedback to Host Organisation Marking Criteria SR NSR Part A – Review Paper Reflection on the role of expectations from the very beginning of the process · Your expectations of your PHE organisations · The basis of these expectations · Extent these expectations have been met or have changed Reflection on the role of challenges and observation · Outline of the greatest challenges that you faced while on internship · Observation of management skills & qualities that are important for success in the industry & why they are necessary Reflection on lessons learned and maintain professionalism · The most valuable lesson learned · The most challenging situation faced to maintain your professionalism · Why was it difficult? · How did you maintain your professionalism in these circumstances? Reflection on setting objectives and performance evaluation · The most useful aspect of setting personal workplace objectives? · Were they achieved, exceeded or changed & why? · Comparative analysis of your 3 and 6-month performance evaluation Reflection on achievements and the role of discovery · Your biggest achievements · Discovery of your strengths, limitations and suitability to work in the hospitality industry · Role of your PHE in influencing future career goals & aspirations · Grammar, spelling, flow · Identifies & evaluates current workplace practices · Minimum of 4 academic references · Minimum 2 industry references · Referencing technique (in-text & Reference List) · Meets word count requirement of 1000 words Part B – Evaluation of 5 Workplace learning Objectives · Use of the specified template · 5 Learning Objectives clearly stated & follow the SMART acronym · All relevant columns completed Part C – Professional Constructive Feedback to Host Organisation · All fields have been completed · Feedback is constructive · Grammar, spelling Form is due by 17th February 2019 Submit your form to the designated drop box Your name: Your Host Organisation: An important life-long skill is the ability to provide you with feedback in the form of a performance evaluation. Conversely, you are required to provide feedback to your Host Organisation to assist with their business practices. These questions relate to specific areas of the business where they are seeking your feedback. It is important that you make every effort to be as realistic as possible when providing feedback. All fields must be completed For each of the factors below, comment on your experience with: The recruitment process: Orientation: On-the-job training: Workplace support and guidance: Staff facilities (e.g. quality of staff meals, uniform, locker-rooms) What experiences were the most helpful to you? Why? Do you have any recommendations to improve the experience for student interns at this organisation? Do you have any other constructive feedback for your Host Organisation? Thank you for your feedback. This will be valuable to your Host Organisation Page 2 | 3
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The Pullman Hotel in Sydney Olympic Park is an extraordinary foundation close to Olympic Park Station and near Arena Australia, the Athletic Centre, and the Sea-going Centre, where I finished my intern
ship. Pullman invites a large number of guests, from inconsistent voyagers to high-positioning Accor in addition to members. Furthermore, they invite numerous guests during the Easter show, including both show visitors and show work force. Then, a few different games groups and competitors took part in the attempt outs. It is our obligation as staff to guarantee that these guests are really focused on with the greatest amount of thought and are constantly fulfilled (Garman, 2020). In general, my time working at the Pullman was awesome since I gotten the opportunity to put my hotel school-helped capacities to use while additionally getting new information.
The norms are clear: dress pleasantly, behave expertly, and in particular, consistently make the guest satisfied. Extra necessities included finishing preparing, dealing with handling instalments and discounts, really focusing on lost things, and answering the telephone that was continuously ringing (Garman, 2020).
I made some simple memories doing my commitments in this limit since I was ordinarily on time and did my absolute best all through work hours, which made the errands considerably more straightforward. The challenges generally came from troublesome clients, some of whom liked to contend to get a bonus from the administration on top of what they had proactively paid for. One of the greatest issues came up on New Year's Eve when a guest guaranteed they needed to be near a room with a city view on a higher floor so they could see the firecrackers in the city. Sadly, we were at close to 100% limit that evening, and there was no record of this anyplace in their framework. I mercifully made sense of the issue, expressing that we have no record of their solicitation, we are right now filled, and we cannot move them to another room since they are undeniably involved. The client went with the choice to cause a ruckus, guaranteeing that they mentioned one or the other this was the principal reason they selected to remain at this hotel (Schipani and Davila, 2019). Tragically, there was nothing that should be possible, so I talked about this with the supervisor who was on the job. Luckily, we had the option to give the guest a...

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