Project 3 – The Mobile Application Project Due: End of Week 7, at 11:59 pm This will be the final project of this course. For this assignment, you will be proposing a new application to be used by...

Project 3 – The Mobile Application Project

Due: End of Week 7, at 11:59 pm

This will be the final project of this course. For this assignment, you will
be proposing a new application to be used by mobile devices. The
application can be anything you want it to be, so have some fun with
it. The application needs to be something that can be created and
developed using current technologies, so no teleportation apps please!
Although I admit I would pay through the nose to get one of those
suckers! Avoiding hours of answering the question, “Are we there yet?”

If coming up with a completely new idea is too difficult, you can try a
variation on an application that already exists if you want. You would
need to demonstrate how your application would do something
different from the existing application. For instance, you might want to
develop an application for fantasy sports that helps you optimize your
line up for each match-up. There are many different ideas that you can
use to come up with a mobile application.

Please do not create a companion app for a device. Your app should
not be predicated on purchasing some other hardware for your app to
operate it. Your app can use peripheral equipment to operate the app,
just not be the focus of the application’s purpose.

What you will need to produce:

Use the template that is available in this folder, I will be expecting your
proposal to look like this format.

• Name of the application – this where you can give your app a
very cool name.
• Device(s) on which your app will be used – smartphone,
tablet, or both
• Brief description of your apps functionality – a short
paragraph hitting the highlights of your application – what will it
do? You will have plenty of room to explain in the research
• Target User – who is this application ideal for, what kind of
person would want your app, a description of apps demographic
• Research – this is where you will give information about similar
apps that already exist on the market or why your idea is novel.
If your app is a twist on a previously existing app, what makes
yours better or unique? At the very least, make sure you mention
the other apps that are out there, even if they don’t completely
relate to what you are proposing. You will also discuss how your
application will use the Internet to share, or retrieve information
for the user. Please include a source list to demonstrate where
your information is coming from.
• Additional Hardware – what, if any, additional equipment would
your app need to function; i.e. – external sensors or built-in
equipment such as GPS, compass, camera, microphone etc.
Don’t’ worry if your idea doesn’t need any of this stuff, there are
plenty of apps that do not need additional things, just indicate
that they aren’t needed.
• Source List – You will need a minimum of three sources. You
will need to list the websites that you have used for your
research. General websites like the Apple App store
( and Google Play store
( are not going to be acceptable as
a source. If you are researching an app that will help you
remember to take your medication, your source website would
look like this:

How you will be graded and directions for submission:

(50 points) Research – Your research should be roughly 3 – 5
paragraphs. There should be no typographical or
grammatical errors. Your source list should include all the
places from which you gathered your material.

(30 points) Feasibility – based on today’s technology is your
application feasible. This is where your app granting you
superpowers will not earn you points.

(20 points) Originality – is your application just like an existing or is
it different from others already out there? If I can find an
app that is virtually identical, it isn’t original. You can
achieve originality if you are improving an existing app,
make sure there is something different about your app like
additional features or something like that.
To submit your assignment in the assignment dropbox:

After completing the assignment, click the heading Website
Project Dropbox at the top of the screen to submit your assignment
and follow the steps below:

• Scroll down to Section 2 (Assignment Materials) and
locate the “Attach File” section.
• Choose “Browse My Computer”.
• Locate your source file that you had saved on your
• Double click on the file and you will see your attachment.

Important: Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click:

If you have any questions regarding the assignment, please send
them to me via email. If you are submitting at the last minute, and
have a problem - then attach the source file to a standard email
message and send to me at XXXXXXXXXX
May 01, 2021

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