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Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions The Importance of Project Management Overview The field of project management is always evolving, and project managers lead projects in many different environments, in many different ways. Since it is imperative as a project manager to stay current regarding project management developments and understand the concepts related to project management, you will create an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography will investigate a topic of your choice (from the list provided) so that you may review literature and research in an area of interest, making it applicable to your current environment. Instructions Research current scholarly articles that pertain to your topic.(The Importance of Project Management) Note items of interest about both the author(s) of the article and the article itself. Take notes and develop a brief summary of each article you include, then develop your annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography must include at least 10 scholarly (from peer-reviewed journals), current sources (within the last 5 years) directly related to your project management topic. Be sure that you select a variety of respected sources. The annotation for each reference must include all of the following: · Who the author is and how they are qualified · A brief summary of the article · A reflection on the source and how it fits in the topic chosen for research · An analysis of the article and its value, applicability, etc. · Each annotation should be around 150 words long. · Format the annotated bibliography in current APA style. Include a title page with the topic as part of your title. No additional reference page is needed. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the course plagiarism tool. Topic for Annotated Bibliography The Importance of Project Management
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Business is an essential part of economic growth across the globe and for effective business project management is must. Project management is essential as it helps the team members to focus on the crucial works without any distractions caused by either the tasks running off track or tasks whose budgets spins out of control. This endows the team to deliver those results that impact the bottom line of the business. Efficient, skilled and trained project managers should be there to complete the tasks effectively and in sync and coordination o all team members.
The annotated bibliography of the ten relevant articles regarding the importance of project management is as below:
1.Tereso et al 2019- He is the professor at Department of Production and Systems Engineering, ALGORITMI Research Center, University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal.
In this research article, the contribution theory as well as the management practices used by most private organizations is mentioned.     This article is published in the Project management journal. This article is relevant since it provides crucial facts about the project management and project success. It shows The results shown that most of the project management practices are kick-off by meetings, activity lists, Gantt charts, .progress meetings, and baseline. They indicates that the most used project management practices acts as the potential toolsets for success and growth of the business. This article is citated as: Tereso, A., Ribeiro, P., Fernandes, G., Loureiro, I., & Fe
eira, M. (2019). Project Management Practices in private organizations. Project Management Journal, 50(1), 6–22. https:
2. Akkermans et al 2020- he is the Associate Professor at VU Amsterdam, Netherlands.
In this research article the main ways by which the organization can structure and deliver both operational and strategic objectives.     This article is published in the Project management journal article is relevant since it provides crucial facts about project management and project success. This article found that such cross-fertilization is possible and desirable for discussing the careers of project managers. This article is citated as: Akkermans, J., Chipulu, M., Ojiako, U., & Williams, T. (2020). Bridging the fields of careers and project management. Project Management Journal, 51(2), 123–134. https:
3 Shakeri et al 2021- he is the professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Qatar University.
This article emphases on the...

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