SEMINAR PACKMangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 1 ACADEMIC YEAR and TERM as per MOODLEMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRAITON (MBA)HRMT 625 – MANAGEMENT...

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SEMINAR PACK Mangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 1 ACADEMIC YEAR and TERM as per MOODLE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRAITON (MBA) HRMT 625 – MANAGEMENT & EMPLOYEE RELATIONS INSTRUCTOR: DR. PAURIC P. O’ROURKE INDIVIDUAL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT BRIEF 30% OF TOTAL COURSE GRADE SUBMISSION DETAILS: DATE: WEEK DESIGNATED ON MOODLE TIME: MIDNIGHT ON DAY STIPULATED ON MOODLE WHERE: ONLINE VIA STUDENT PORTAL TURNITIN LINK ON MOODLE Mangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 2 Learning Outcomes: On successful completion of this assignment the student will be able: 1. To develop abilities to gather, analyse, interpret and evaluate information on the Reward and Compensation related process, practice and laws. 2. To strengthen conceptual and analytical skills in the study of Reward and Compensation. 3. To apply a range of Reward and Compensation principles and concepts. 4. To build tangible links between the theory and practice of Reward and Compensation. 5. To heighten awareness and understanding of Reward and Compensation in action 6. To develop and present thoughts, arguments and informed opinions in a logical and coherent way. 7. To demonstrate academic and management research, report writing and composition skills with academic integrity. 8. To consistently apply the APA system of academic referencing. 9. To demonstrate word processing and IT skills 10. To develop project and time management and execution skills. 11. To develop healthy and functional work habits in progressing confidently and consistently towards a defined submission deadline date. Individual Written Assignment Strategic Compensation Case Analysis: U.S. women's soccer team's wage discrimination lawsuit Background and Context: In 2019, twenty-eight members of the U.S. Women's National Team (USWNT) filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation. Players sued in March 2019 under the US Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and they sought more than $66 million in damages. The main complaints from the players involve claims of wage discrimination. The petitioners pointed out that men’s national team receives a $5,000 bonus for a loss in a friendly match, while women receive nothing for a loss or a draw. However, when the teams win, the men receive as much as $17,625, but women only receive $1,350. Further, in 2011, when the women placed second in their World Cup, they were awarded $1.8 million, split evenly among the 24 players on the team. The men's team made it only to the round of 16 that year; however, they were awarded $5 million. In 2014, when Germany won the Men's World Cup, the US team was awarded $35 million by FIFA, while the women received 5% of that for their Cup victory in 2015. Their claims affect not only their paychecks but also where they play and how often, how they train, the medical treatment and coaching they receive, and even how they travel to matches. Mangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 3 In May 2020, U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner summarily dismissed the unequal pay portion of the lawsuit. Check the following links for additional background information on this lawsuit and context: Judge Dismisses U.S. Women’s Soccer Equal Pay Case — Here’s Why ( soccer-team-s-equal-pay-claim and soccer-team-lost-their-pay-discrimination-suit/?sh=3d7522fc2886 Instructions: Given the US-Canada proximity, assume that the Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Soccer Association (CSA) contacted you as a Reward and Compensation Specialist Consultant. In the initial briefing meeting, the CEO mentioned that she expects you to achieve the following 3 objectives: 1) Lead and guide the federation in doing a complete review of the US federation’s compensation strategies and outline the main issues with their policy and why they got into such a difficulty (This is the problem Identification Section of the report) 2) Had this been a Canadian case - what compensation policies and practices— salary, incentive plans, and benefits—would help to produce the player behaviors federation needs to achieve? (This is a strategic policy plan section– hence you are required to reflect on mistakes from US federation’s compensation and recommend an updated/modified compensation plan for Canadian Soccer Association) 3) What impact this potential future compensation plan will have on labour agreements with soccer players (both men and women) in Canada. In this question, focus on how can the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) incorporate the following legal considerations when formulating future strategies and plans? (This is the Results section of a report – with this no formal conclusion is needed) – Employment/Labour laws – Pay Equity Acts – Human Rights Acts – other legislation – union agreements Note: Conduct research to get information on the lawsuit and all other missing information (e.g., the Federation strategic goals). Deliverable Output: Write a business report in a logical manner for the Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Soccer Association (CSA) 8 Steps to successfully completing this assignment: 1. Complete the Online Academic Integrity Certificate (optional – do Not include in final submission on Turnitin) 2. Complete the Quiz on APA (American Psychological Association) citation and reference style. (Optional – do Not include in final submission on Turnitin) 3. Research The Case Study Mangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 4 4. Write up the Assignment using the Suggested Format. 5. Double check your assignment against the marking and assessment rubrics. 6. Complete and sign the Academic Integrity Declaration Form 7. Put assignment through Turnitin with a Similarity Score of 20% Or less. 8. Submit the final assignment online via Moodle by the stipulated deadline. Step 1: Complete the Online Academic Integrity Certificate: (Optional - Do Not Include in Turnitin submission) To ensure you understand Academic Integrity, please complete this Online \\Tutorials on Plagiarism: VAIL (Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory) The student may wish, and its options, to complete the very short 6 modules of this on- line tutorial on academic integrity/plagiarism, sit the quiz at the end of each module for which you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion. Do NOT include this in the final submission on Turnitin. The actual tutorial from the University of Maryland Campus can be assessed free under common room license at: integrity/tutorial/interactive.html (If the link is broken, Google search it for the original link) Each module is very short as are the quizzes at the end. Attach the Certificate of Completion, to the final assignment. Please ensure that you read the section on Academic Misconduct policy in the UCW Academic Integrity Policy on the website located in MyUCW under the Registrar section. Plagiarism and lack of academic integrity includes, but is not limited to: • Submission of another person’s work as original. • Inadequate attribution given to an author or creator whose work is incorporated in the student's work; and • Paraphrase or use of material verbatim from a source without sufficient acknowledgement. Falsifying Materials: includes, but is not limited to: • Fraudulently manipulating laboratory processes, electronic data, or research data in order to achieve desired results. • Submitting work prepared by someone else (e.g., commercially prepared essays) as one's own. • Citing a source from which material was not obtained; and • Submitting false records, information or data, in writing or orally. Cheating: includes, but is not limited to: • Submitting the same work for different courses without prior permission from the faculty member. • Copying another person’s answers or other work. Mangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 5 • Sharing information or answers when doing take-home assignments, tests, and examinations except where the instructor has authorized collaborative work. • Having any unauthorized materials or equipment in an examination or test. • Submitting an assignment completed (or partially completed) by someone else. • Falsifying or making up data or bibliographic information. • Impersonating a candidate in an examination or test or being assigned the results of such impersonation. • Reproducing, sharing or otherwise making unauthorized copies of UCW materials in any format. • Using technological means such as cell phones, data storage units and other electronic devices without prior permission from the faculty; and • Assisting others or attempt to help others to engage in any conduct described above or any other activities prohibited by UCW. Penalties for Academic Misconduct: Penalties for academic misconduct include, but are not limited to: • At the course level: o Written reprimand for retention in the student file (no transcript entry) o Repetition of the assignment or completion of a different, but similar, assignment (no transcript entry) o Failing grade for the assignment (no transcript entry) o Failing grade for the course (recorded on transcript) • At the program level: o Disciplinary probation for a defined period with written documentation retained in the student’s file (transcript notation for period of probation) • At the UCW level: o Suspension (permanent transcript entry) o Expulsion (permanent transcript entry) o Rescission of degrees granted (permanent transcript entry) Step 2. Complete the Quiz on APA (American Psychological Association) citation and reference style. (Optional – Do Not Include in Turnitin Submission) If you wish, please review the various aspect of APA of the APA (American Psychological Association) citation and reference style on the website below. Then please complete the quiz on the on APA (American Psychological Association) citation and reference style developed by Penn State UCW Library. On completion of the quiz take a screen shot of your score and attach it to the final submission of your assignment. You should aim to achieve a score of 70% or more. Given that you will being completing numerous assignments and essays and research projects during the course of your degree, then you should give very serious consideration to using some Bibliographical Software such as EndNote which automatically formats the reference into the required style, such as APA or Harvard. Mangt & Employee Relations - HRMT 625– Individual Assignment Brief 6 EndNote is available free to download from UCW. See link below: EndNote allows you to automatically import references and full citation from a database or google scholar directly into the software database. You can then use Write and Cite in MS Word to reference correctly in the body of the essay and also to automatically create a bibliography at the end of your assignment. It also serves as a depository where you can also upload and save full text Word and Pdf files, which are linked to a reference. As it normally comes in both desktop and web versions, you can also access from anywhere. It saves hours of time and once you start building your library you have it for life and for all courses and assignments you may complete in the future. Most bibliographic software requires a paid license fee but there are a few free ones also such as Mendeley. YouTube Clip on Using Mendeley (5 mins): 12 Best Free Online Bibliography and Citation Tools Step 3. Research The Case Study Finding relevant information about the Reward and Compensation systems and practices of an industry and company can be challenging and requires you to utilize the skills of an investigative business journalist. It critical to understand the industry first and the dynamics of the sector. Its like you cannot under a family member unless you understand the family unit. Read generally on the topic first starting with your core textbook and then funnel your research into the specifics and micro-aspects of the topic(s). Finding Relevant Information: - There is a significant number of resources to draw from and should include the following: Note: Google should not be your first port of call. Google, Wikipedia will not be considered as authentic sources you will be marked down for using them. You can use company websites, Job Market analysis taken from Statista and other reliable sources. - UCW Library – on shelf and academic online resources should be your first post of call. UCW library databases - Industry trade magazines and professional body publications - Company website and HR and career portals - Best Place to Work – Canada, website and league tables. - Please explore all the usual sources such as Google Scholar, - - See Core Textbook and Other Texts Books on Reward and Compensation and Human Resources Management. - On
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Discussion on Pay Discrimination          2
Table of Contents
Executive Summary    3
Introduction    4
Gender Inequality in US Soccer    4
US Federation Compensation Strategies    5
Inequality in the Compensation Strategies in US    7
Compensation Strategies for Canada    8
Impact on the Potential Future Compensation Plan    10
Conclusion    11
References    13
Executive Summary
This report provides a comprehensive discussion about the equality of pay in terms of the gender discrimination in the existing National soc
cer teams of the United States. In this aspect it has discussed about the relevant failure that the United States soccer Federation had contemplated in terms of the gender discrimination. This prospect can be contemplated with the compensation rates that may destroy the country’s image in the upcoming Civilization. The discussion has focused on the contemplated aspects of the gender discrimination in terms of the equal payment for the soccer teams in the United States and the contemplated aspects that needs to be in Canadian Soccer Association. Consequently, this discussion shall contemplate with the problems that had been associated with the compensation plans and strategies in the US soccer Association. Deliberate attempt will be made to define the potential problems and the compensation strategies of the US Federation. This will also contemplate the compensation policies and practices that can be modified for the Canadian soccer Association which will comprehensively address the gender inequality. The more inherent part will ensure to recognise the impact of the potential future compensation plan that will focus on the prospects that Canadian soccer Association can incorporate by legal strategies and plans.
Gender discrimination has always been a concerning social problem which have question to the professional opportunities. This has remained a basic question of the equality concerns in the society as the women continue to struggle with the equality in regards to the earnings or recognition. The constitutional aspect of the United States has deliberately attempted to redefined the prospects of equality in terms of equality in payment in the various professional sectors. But the equality payment in the sports have been a dominant issue till date. The women soccer team of the United States played their first match in 1985 and still in 2022 they have to question the prospects of unequal pay.
Women's soccer has increasingly captured the attention of the Sporting world and more women are participating in the game in the last few decades than ever before and the numbers are increasing considerably. However, from the very beginning the game had to overcome adversity and discrimination to get to where it is today and a significant said back that delayed the development of the women's soccer for an agonising 50 years occurred when the Football Association banned the women's games on the grounds used by the member clubs in 1921. So, the discrimination has a historical perspective that not only reflects the unequal payment but also the moral congregation that had been a driving force for the women's team. It is quite unfortunate to mention that even though it is the 21st century the US soccer team is not treated equals in terms of the earnings and recognition. The severe problem of gender in equality has been witnessed in the widening gap between men and women.
Gender Inequality in US Soccer
Gender inequality has been a continual controversial issue that have taken one of the most central aspects in terms of the compensation policies. Even though it was recognised by UNESCO in 1978 for removing the discrepancies in terms of the payments for the physical activity and sports as the basic human right yet they are still existing and gender equality hasn't come by far where it needs to be. In USA the 40% of the sports people are women yet the payment inequality is one of the most discriminating issues in the US Federation. The Sports Foundation reports that male athletes are receiving 180 million dollars more annually in athletics scholarship grants than the female athletes do (Steidinger et al., 2020). So, the entire sports sector has been facing such problems in terms of inequality in payments based on the gender. Even though female players are generating more revenue and proving that they provided just as much an even more value to the competitions than mean but there is an existing pay gap that is not in terms of the value of the game but an aspect of discrimination against the gender. Considering the impact that be present system would deliberately have an impact in promoting the game with the same intensity that is spent on the male counterpart.
Sports has always been one of the most powerful vehicles for the social change and it does not expect that such discrimination would deliberately impact on the social structure. One of the most important aspects is that famous sports have always been less valued in the society. Sports have always been perceived as a masculine activity based on the perceptions that is synonyms with the force of aggressions. This does not contemplate the fact that female sports are not taken into same account as that of min and a rank at the different level. But this turns out to be more concerning when there is discrimination even when the players are playing same games (Reid, 2022). It is important to understand why such in equality exist and classify the reasons that are associated with the current situation of the pay gap for the athletes. The negative prospect can hugely impact be society and the gender-based comparisons have contributed towards the increasing inequality in the society.
US Federation Compensation Strategies
The US Women's National Soccer Federation have ascertained the context of gender discrimination. The institution had coherently face to the context of continuing dispute in terms of the pay equality...

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