On CAPTA POLICY I must answer the following questions · What does the policy provide (e.g. cash assistance, services)? · Who is eligible/covered and how? · How will it be implemented? · Expected...

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On CAPTA POLICY I must answer the following questions

· What does the policy provide (e.g. cash assistance, services)?</o:p>

· Who is eligible/covered and how?</o:p>

· How will it be implemented?</o:p>

· Expected outcomes and goals</o:p>

· Administrative auspices (who is responsible for administering the policy, which agency does it fall under)</o:p>

· How is it funded (e.g. Discretionary taxes, special tax, dedicated funding stream)?</o:p>


Next, please briefly describe the legislative history of this policy:</o:p>


· How did the policy come to be adopted? </o:p>

· Who was for it (e.g. advocates, politicians, political parties), and who was against it? </o:p>

· Which previous policies did it build upon, if any? </o:p>

· Please include any significant details about the passage/adoption.</o:p>


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Answer To: On CAPTA POLICY I must answer the following questions · What does the policy provide (e.g. cash...

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CAPTA Policy
a) What does the policy provide:- 
According to the amendment in US constitution parents have fundamental right and liberty to raise their children protect
ed by the constitution. The legal framework in regards to the parent-child relationship balances the rights and responsibilities among the child, the parents, and the State, as guided by Federal principles. This relationship of parent and child identifies certain duties, obligations, rights, and also including the responsibility of the parents or guardians to protect the child's safety and well-being. The state and the federal statue has the right and responsibility to intervene to protect children safety and growth if parents fail to deliver on their moral principles
It provides funding and grants to States for prosecution, investigation and assessment activities. Also identifies the role of Federal body in supporting evaluation, research, data collection and technical assistance for Child Abuse and Neglect activities(Herman, 2007)
) Who is eligible and covered:-
The Act is stated and covered all children suffering from Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Exploitation/Abuse, Neglect, Parental Substance Abuse and Abandonment. Definition of a child in this is attributed to a person who has not attained age of ‘18’, except incase of sexual abuse where age is defined by the Child protection law of the state. The route for this is to enable and empower States to improve their Child Protective Service Systems (CPS). States in turn needs to provide an assurance in their 5 year Family and Child services plan that it has included provisions to protect Child abuse and neglect in its program
c) · How will it be...

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