paper #3 ANALYSIS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Each case study requires you to consider a complex and noteworthy case. You will read the case carefully and create a synopsis of the facts, outcome, context and...

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paper #3
Each case study requires you to consider a complex and noteworthy
case. You will read the case
carefully and create a synopsis of the facts, outcome, context and
impact. You will consider the
impact to the victim, the offender, justice system and society. You
should use outside resources
to get more information as required, but you MUST properly source
each reference using APA
citation. You could lose marks and/or have an academic integrity alert
in your file for failing to
properly cite.
You are to produce a 2000-word paper for each case analysis. I will
allow slightly over that word
limit. All papers must be written in Times New Roman font 12pt, single
Each essay must have a title page (not included in word count) and be
submitted through DC
Connect under the assignment tab.
Failure to submit the paper on DC Connect on time will results in lost
marks (if you have a
legitimate emergency reason, I may grant an extension).
If you require further assistance with sourcing your paper using APA
citation refer to SALS. By
this time, you should have all taken the Academic Integrity workshop,
please follow these
The topic of the third essay is: Basil Borutski
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Legal rules are created for protecting the rights of the people. Each countries have different legal systems and protections. It is the duty of the judiciary system to protect the rights of the people. While analysing the recent cases we can understand that laws are highly helpful for meeting the needs of the people and it also provides legal protection to the people. In this paper we are analysing the case of a man who killed three women.
Synopsis of Facts and Context
Mary Ann Mask meets and ma
ies Basil Borutski. In the starting stages they lead a peaceful life. During their tu
ulent 26-year relationship, they raised three kids, but basil was a
ested for the domestic violence, he was not a normal person. Domestic abuse allegations filed against Borutski in 2008 are finally dropped in court on a peace bond when the ma
iage disintegrates. During her divorce proceedings in 2011, Mask informed a judge that Borutski "destroyed her spirit with constant threats and abuse." Borutski was always search for new partners, after have some problems with Mary Ann he meets another girl names Nathalie. She was working as a nurse and she is used her salary for helping her sick father. Nathalie initially believed that Basil act as a protector for her and her family. Courts finally rule in favour of his ex-wife, ordering Borutski to pay Mask $92,000 as a settlement (Mazzei 2016). After some time he was also created problems for Warmerdam. He attacker her som Adrian and he also created problems to their pet dog and also to the property. During the period 2013, Borutski meets Carol Culleton, a freshly widowed lady, at the Wilno Tavern, and the two begin a casual romance that summer. Culleton lives in North Gower but owns a vacation home at Combermere on Lake Kamaniskeg.
By the winter, Borutski is living with Anastasia Kuzyk in Wilno, where she works as a real estate agent and a server at the Wilno Tavern. In police inte
ogation, he claims that he and Kuzyk had no romantic relationship, despite the fact that she testified in court that they did. He describes her as "like a daughter" to him. In the same interview, he states that all three ladies knew each other. "They're all linked." Borutski is a
ested and charged with arson after burning Kuzyk's childhood mementos, including an antique rocking horse, and punching and strangling her in a passion. "I honestly felt he was going to murder me," Kuzyk subsequently told the investigating officer. I saw the light bulb go off in his eyes. Borutski sees Culleton at the Wilno Tavern and offers to help her with odd work around her cottage in an attempt to restart their romance. "Red flags," Culleton's pals tell her. He starts conducting unwelcome work on the property, such as installing a deck without permission and a
iving there by vehicle or boat without warning. He once drove two hours to Culleton's North Gower house after copying the address off a Christmas letter, a
iving unannounced and undesired on her driveway.
Borutski leaves his 5967 Palmer Rd. apartment at 7:30 a.m. in September 2015, gets the shotgun, and drives away in his neighbor's rental car. He walks 20 kilometres to 670 Kamaniskeg Rd., where he runs into Culleton. She flees back inside as Borutski smashes the glass door pane with his elbow and forces his way in. He strangles her to death with a television cable in her bed. Borutski drives 33 kilometres to Wilno, where he confronts Kuzyk at her home while she sobs. Eva Kuzyk hu
ies downstairs, screaming at the man at the doorway, who emerges from his car with a shotgun. He shoots Kuzyk in the neck as she hides behind a kitchen counter.From that place Borutski travels 32 kilometres along windy...

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