Part 1 - ExcelYour supervisor has asked you to research demand and profitability indicators to decide if this idea is worth considering. Is it more profitable to remain in non-residential...

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Part 1 - Excel

Your supervisor has asked you to research demand and profitability indicators to decide if this idea is worth considering. Is it more profitable to remain in non-residential construction, or are there missed opportunities in residential construction?

Using the City of Winnipeg'sopen data website(use aggregate data), you will compare the frequency (#) and total value ($) of residential construction permits vs non-residential permits that have been issued in the following neighborhoods between the years 2020 to 2022:

  • Crestview

  • Elmhurst

  • Minto

  • Polo Park

Transfer the relevant data into an Excel spreadsheet, and ensure you:

  • Download the raw data into a separate worksheet and use your name_raw in the label

  • Sort the relevant data using a structured table and format it into a table of your choice.

  • Use accounting format with zero decimal places.

  • Create properly formatted title and table elements on a separate worksheet with your name_table in the label.

  • Insert at least one mathematical/statistical function(s) into the spreadsheet.

  • Create a chart or graph of your choice to help visualize your information on a separate worksheet with your name_graph in the label.

  • Save as: Firstname_Lastname_Project.xlsx

Part 2 - Word

Your report will contain a total of 5 pages (title page, report pages (2 pages), flyer page, bibliography page).

Report layout:

  • 12-point Calibri font, double spaced in Portrait orientation.

  • Insert a left footer displaying your name (FirstName LastName) on all pages except on title page and flyer page.

  • Insert a right footer (on the same line and left footer) displaying page numbers on all pages except the title page and flyer page.

  • Apply narrow margins

Report content:

  • Create a logo for Claw Construction to use throughout your document

    • Use Office 365 to create a logo of your own design

  • Create atitle page(Using Word function) for your report (include your new logo)

  • Create areport pagewhich includes these three elements:

    • An introductory paragraph (150-200 words) describing the problem you are trying to solve, and a summary of your research citing one at least one reference (using the reference function in APA)

    • One table and one chart from your Excel file

    • Conclusion paragraph with your recommendation(s)

  • Create amarketing flyer(include your new logo) that targets residential construction using at least four layout/design techniques found inWord Module 4: Enhancing Page Layout and Designon a separate page in Landscape (for this page only) and no footer.

  • Create abibliography pageusing the Word function in APA style on the last page.

  • Save as: Firstname_Lastname_Project.docx

Part 3 - PowerPoint

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 5 slides) to help explain your findings to your supervisor

  • Slides should contain a footer with the students name (except on the title slide)

  • Title slide contains logo and student name

  • Introduction slide to use bullets list of your choosing

  • Data slides from Word/Excel

  • Conclusion/Recommendation slide to include student name in Notes section.

  • Use animation/transitions of your choice

  • Title fonts to be 36-44 point, body fonts 28-32 points

  • Ensure background contrasts with text/images

  • Narrate and record your presentation (no more than 5 minutes) using the Record Slide Show feature in PowerPoint to create a self-running presentation.

  • Save As: Firstname_Lastname_Project.pptx

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Answer To: Part 1 - ExcelYour supervisor has asked you to research demand and profitability indicators to...

Mohd answered on Dec 05 2022
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    Permit type    Count of Permit Group
    Non-Residential    12
    CRESTVIEW    3
    ELMHURST    3
    MINTO    3
    POLO PARK    3
idential    9
    CRESTVIEW    3
    ELMHURST    3
    MINTO    3
    Grand Total    21
CRESTVIEW    ELMHURST    MINTO    POLO PARK    CRESTVIEW    ELMHURST    MINTO    Non-Residential    Residential    3    3    3    3    3    3    3    
    Row Labels    Sum of Total Declared Construction Value
    2020    57146575
    Non-Residential    51666381
    Residential    5480194
    2021    16717597
    Non-Residential    13153997
    Residential    3563600
    2022    19673665
    Non-Residential    16044652
    Residential    3629013
    Grand Total    93537837
Total Declared Construction Value
by year and permit type
Total    Non-Residential    Residential    Non-Residential    Residential    Non-Residential    Residential    2020    2021    2022    51666381    5480194    13153997    3563600    16044652    3629013    
Total Value
    Ward    Neighbourhood    Neighbourhood Id    Total Declared Construction Value    Year    Permit Group    Total Permits    Location    Point
    St. James    POLO PARK    2.125    12189589    2022    Non-Residential    63    (49.88711729343024, -97.19972521357494)    POINT (-97.199725213575 49.88711729343)
    Daniel McIntyre    MINTO    1.115    983598    2022    Non-Residential    19    (49.88791836327802, -97.1820918652862)    POINT...

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