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BMIS 650Integrative Learning Project: Annotated Bibliography Assignment InstructionsProvide at least 15 annotations of scholarly sources that support your Integrative Learning Project Assignment. Each annotation should purpose of the article/study, the key findings, relevance to operations management, and what section information from the article/study informs in the final Integrated Learning Project Assignment. Most of the annotations should support concepts in your Integration of Chapter Concepts section. Each annotation must be at least 100 words, excluding the word count of the associated reference. It must be formatted according to section 9.51 of the APA Publication Manual, 7th edition (you may also reference Figure 9.3). Integrative Learning Project – Apple Inc. 4INTEGRATIVE LEARNING PROJECT – APPLE INC.Houstin Claiborne BMIS 650Table of ContentsContentsAbstract3Introduction3Organizational Setting4Key Concepts4Mission4Customers5Demographics6Value7Theological Integration8Chapter Concepts8Business Strategy9Core Capabilities10Innovation11Lean Management12Kaizen13Benchmarking13Outsourcing14Balanced Scorecard14Recommendations15Conclusion16References17AbstractApple Inc. is one of the top and best corporation operating globally in electronic products. The products of Apple Inc. consist of iPhone, tabs and computer as well as laptops with unique features. Its due to the exclusive design and state-of-art technology of Apple Inc. which have made the customers awaiting in long queues during the introduction of the iPhone in the year 2007. The products of Apple Inc. are different from its competitors in terms of iPad, iPhones, laptops and iMac. The company have its own operating system on which the devices operate. After the demise of its founder, Steve Jobs, the present CEO of the company Tim Cook displayed his business insight and expertise to take the company to a new height in terms of products and services. He used various techniques such as the lean management, six sigma, kaizen and other operational methods which helped the company to keep itself with the latest technology and leader in all the directions. Through this paper we will be able to analyze the learning atmosphere along with the different processes used by Apple Inc. which is desired by the customers globally and continues their assistance for its growth and development. Further, this analysis will help to understand and determine the various innovative approaches used by Apple Inc. for keeping them ahead of the competitors. IntroductionSince 1984 Apple Inc. was able to make a revolution in the digital world through introduction of personal computers and later iPhones for the benefit of the customers (Apple Accelerates US Investment and Job Creation” (2018). Apple Inc. was able to grow themselves as a global brand and a leader in innovation with introduction of various digital and electronic products such as iPhone, tablets, Macintosh laptops along with various wellness equipment like Apple digital watch and Television. Further, Apple Inc. was able to understand the transcontinental market which was well-integrated with the organizational goals. This helped the company to remain pertinent in the market and aggressively resist the strategies of the competitors. Therefore, such practices helped the organization to manage their operation and the economics of the company. There must be lean management practices applied in the business. These are the best and the actual methodologies which are essential for edifying a learning environment within the organizations. Further, application of these methodologies can help the organizations to be active instead of becoming stationary in terms of delivering the products and services and that too in the most efficient manner. These strategies will help Apple Inc. to keep themselves as the pioneer in the personal computer world and keep itself changing by adapting to the latest technology according to the demands of the consumers. Further, Apple has been able to develop four types of operating platforms for its personal devices such as iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS. Further, these operating system delivers unified experiences for all the Apple products. Also, Apple Inc. was able to develop services and are able to empower the customers through introduction of a platform where customers get all forms of products and service - Apple Stores, access to download and listen latest music – Apple Music, a payment platform – Apple Pay and a data storage platform - iCloud. We will also conduct research on the key concepts with respect to Apple Inc.’s intent of conducting the business operations globally. Organizational SettingKey ConceptsMissionThe ultimate mission of the Apple Inc. is to become a global company which can become a pioneer in the personal devices and are flexible enough to construct a business which will deliver products to the customers globally. Apple Inc. is the only company in the world which manufactures distinct operating system. One such operating system is Macintosh where it designs and manufactures personal computers with the brand name Mac. Further, the company specializes in making various operating system for each of its devices, iLife, iWork and other software used for operating the system. Apple Inc. became the world leader in music by introducing the small devices iPods for listening to music and iTunes which is an online music store. Although these devices are obsolete now due to the introduction of internet where people can listen to music on any smartphones yet these avenues generated huge amount of revenue for Apple Inc. and displayed their technological sophistication to the world. With respect to the market capitalization, Apple Inc. is considered as a valuable and prestigious company. Further, the ultimate motto of Apple Inc. is to deliver customized products by recognizing the wants and preferences of the customers. It is due to the unique features of Apple brand along with its presentation which continues to challenge the competitors in terms of smartphones, computers, laptops and television. Further, Apple Inc. is able to dominate the competitors even in terms of trademark and brand. It is Apple Inc. which is able to present an innovative mobile phone to the customers which has more features and clarity compared to the smartphone devices with the introduction of revolutionary iPhones and Apple store. Thus, it helped in transforming the future of mobile media and in introduction of computing devices such as iPad (Investopedia, 2018). Hence, it is the best-selling product introduced by Apple and this revolution will help in bringing sustainability and leave a permanent mark on the personal device equipment and technology. Customers Apple Inc. was able to deliver a product to the customers which is of high value and introduced a tagline “Think Different”. It was Macintosh devices introduced by Apple which became a symbol of high status and individuality for the users of the product. Further, Apple was able to introduce themselves in the market as a company delivering cutting-edge technology and a revolutionary company in the field of personal devices (Lee & Soon, 2017). Apple is able to rise with introduction of new products in the marketplaces and able to retain and acquire wide assorted customers globally. Most of the customers of Apple products and services are the teenagers and the youths. Further, the investors and shareholders of Apple Inc. are able to earn huge returns in the form of dividends as the Apple share continues to introduce new and innovative products and become the largest company in terms of market capitalization (Diehl, 2016). As of January 2019, the market capital of Apple was $700 billion (Eagle, 2022). Apple Inc. have introduced new and professional devices for the youths as well as for professionals. It is the shiny design of the Apple products combined with unmatched features is what attracts the existing as well as the new customers. The popularity of the Apple Inc. is not only in computer devices but also in the smartphone industry. The high-quality and unique featured iPhones with a 2.25 year of replacement cycle have been able to sell approximately 217 million units from the replacement dynamic alone. Further, most of the demand of these iPhone from the replacement dynamics which was almost 50% was from the US and Chinese market. It was around 35% of the shipment for iPhone in China while 24% for the US market (The Economic Times, 2015)DemographicsThe demographics of Apple Inc. is the age of the customers, the status and the background they come from and the ethnicity globally. Apple Inc.’s has been dealing in the business of personal devices more than three decades and thus have been able to increase their revenue. This allowed them to grow throughout United States and worldwide. The company under the leadership of Steve Jobs have invested billions of dollars for edification of data centers and erect facilities and footmarks in different states of US such as Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina. Further, they have recently marked their presence in the state of Iowa. It will be Apple’s first store in the state and the renovation and construction will be completed within 5 months (Apple Insider, 2016). Not only Apple Inc. manufactures the best quality products to the customers but also invested in building training centers for the unemployed youth so that they can avail the employment opportunities in Apple Inc. throughout US. Further, there are more than 154000 employees who works in Apple Inc. and are devoted to edifice the best quality products globally (Laricchia, 2022). The company manages its subcontractors and the vendors who supplies the components or technical knowhow for the production of Apple products are the internal customers of Apple Inc.ValueBarring the expenses toward taxes, payment of wages, Apple Inc. have planned to contribute than $350 billion over the next 5 years towards the development of US economy. Further, Apple Inc. enhances its value by introducing new and innovative marketing techniques and uses different effective methods for making a well-integrated relationship with the customers even if parted by remoteness. The company creates its value by emphasizing on building personalized relationship through human interactions rather than constantly communicating through electronic devices. Further, the price of the Apple products is slightly higher than the competitors yet it’s the unique and numerous features combined with state-of-art sophisticated technology which helps to satisfy the customers. There are technologies introduced by Apple where the Android smartphone can be converted to an Apple iPhone. Hence, it’s the loyalty and trust towards the Apple products and the word of mouth which have helped to bring in new customers for Apple. It is a quote from CEO Tim Cook which stated that it’s believing in the power of American imagination or ingenuity which the company is focusing on and hence trying to invest in creation of new job opportunities for the unemployed youths. This is a reflection of commitment of Apple Inc. where it wants to develop a subsidiary where unemployed youths can earn a living by working for the Apple subsidiary. Thus, through this success stories Apple Inc. was able to build a long history of US economy on which it takes pride. Apple Inc. was thus able to develop a profound wisdom of responsibilities by
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[1]Apple accelerates US investment and job creation (2018). News-RX LLC Bakhtiari, S. Assortative outsourcing with exit. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 16(1), 119-142.
In this discussion is regarding Apple's direct employment, spending and investment with Apple's local suppliers and manufacturers, as well as a fast increasing app economy that Apple developed with the iPhone and the App Store. There are cu
ently more than 2 million jobs in the United States th
anks to Apple's efforts, and the corporation expects that these new initiatives will create even more of them.
Over the next five years, Apple will have a direct impact on the US economy of more than $350 billion. However, this does not reflect Apple's ongoing tax obligations or tax income derived from the company's workforce or its sales. It is projected that in 2018, Apple would spend $55 billion on new investments and on its cu
ent spending spree with local suppliers and manufacturers.
[2]Apple Insider, (2016). Iowa's only Apple Store to get massive $3M makeover, nearly triple in size. AI. Retrieved from: https:,construction%20area%20starting%20April%2013.
In West Des Moines' Jordan Creek Town Center, a modest mall outlet, Apple plans to nearly expand its size after a five-month remodelling, according to The Des Moines Register.As of this writing, permits for a $3 million, 7,160-square-foot building were available to the public, according to the journal. Apple is taking over two adjacent storefronts that were formerly leased by Brookstone and Clarks shoes in order to facilitate the remodelling.Apple's "next-generation" Apple Store style is expected to be used to the refu
ished facility, even if the design and floor layout have yet to be announced. Incorporating an open design philosophy with traditional hardwood product showcase tables, a Genius Bar, and well-organized display cabinetry, retail head Angela Ahrendts and CDO Jony Ive created the new store interiors.
3]Bakhtiari, S. (2016). Assortative outsourcing with exit. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 16(1), 119-142.
In order to establish vertical links in a manner that is analogous to Hirschman's (1970) exit strategy, a generic framework is presented here. This framework integrates dynamics and heterogeneity among both upstream suppliers and downstream producers. When efficiency is used as a criterion for matching producers and suppliers, there is an increase in the aggregate industrial productivity; nevertheless, there is also an increase in the amount of fragmentation among businesses. Numerous studies have indicated that economic cycles and technological improvements have an impact on the relationships that are formed through outsourcing.
[4] Castellaneta, F. (2016). Building firm capability: Managerial incentives for top performance. Journal of Business Strategy, 37(4), 41-46. 10.1108/JBS-03-2015-0030
The first thing the author does is go over some of the most important findings that have been presented in renowned academic and managerial publications on skill building and incentives. The author continues by presenting a model that contributes to our progress toward a better understanding of how capabilities creation contributes to competitive advantage. The author extends this concept to the empirical environment of private equity, where buyouts promote the alignment of managerial and firm interests and, as a result, drive competence building through the use of a "ca
ot and stick" strategy.
[5] CTEK, (2021). Is Apple lean? Retrieved from: https:
The introduction of Apple's first iPad marked the company's first step into the lean culture. Since the launch of its first product, the company has demonstrated a commitment to minimising waste while also putting an emphasis on offering an exceptional experience for its clients. Both of these ideas are the cornerstones around which lean methods are built, and it is impossible to overstate how important they are to the prosperity of a business. Even if Apple may not have built the iPad with a lean methodology in mind particularly, the corporation has nonetheless found a viable business model in adhering to lean standards.
[6]Diehl, K. A. (2016). How sour is the apple inc.? what the rest of the world can learn about financial reporting from apple's less than exemplary role modeling. Global Virtue Ethics Review, 7(2), 166.
In spite of the fact that Apple Inc. continues to
eak records when it comes to market capitalization and innovation, the story that hasn't been told is how the corporation and its...

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