TEST 1Directions:Type the responses to all short answer questions within a word document. Subsequently, upload the completed document here on Canvas. All responses should be 6-8 sentences (one...

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TEST 1 Directions: Type the responses to all short answer questions within a word document. Subsequently, upload the completed document here on Canvas. All responses should be 6-8 sentences (one paragraph) minimum. You may include context from our book and other sources as applicable. 1. Describe the components of capability and why capability is so important in today’s market. 2. According to Paul Matthews, skills play a vital role in enhancing business success...What are the benefits to a higher skilled workforce? Explain. 3. Per Matthews, “training does not breed good performance”! Reflect on this notion and provide your opinion of this statement. 4. Geary Rummler and Alan Brache (p.29) articulated “optimal performance in one department or function can result in a fall in the overall organization’s performance”... explain and share your perspective. 5. What are the three levels of performance and how are they applicable to organizational performance? 6. What part of L&D (or HR or training) plays a role in creating an organization that focuses on performance? 7. The future of the L&D profession depends on what_____________?  8. When considering “mindset” some theories speculate a positive correlation between employee engagement and organizational success. Offer your perspective. 9. How does culture impact capability? 10. What are the most effective styles of management (this may or may not be fully defined within our text). 11. Summarize chapter six (FROM THE BOOK Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle, by Paul Matthews (2014).) and share how the context may benefit your thought process.
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Answer 1
The capacity to do something relatively effectively and in a way that improves company or organizational performance is referred to as having capability. This skill can be possessed by an individual or an organization. At their heart, behaviors are composed of the acts, choices, and interactions that a variety of people in a firm make while demonstrating and demon
strating their capacity.
It consists of the following elements.
1. Competencies.
It is a term used to describe the essential information, attitudes, abilities, and specific values that the workers of a business possess. Such information and abilities may be learned or gained via practical experience in the workplace. They can be categorized as either hard or soft skills, and they all help an individual execute their job in an organizational environment.
2. Tools.
These are instruments that may be used to increase efficiency and effectiveness in an organization with regard to attaining its goals and objectives, such as databases, IT, applications, and other related systems. Human resource information systems are one example of a related system.
3. Procedures
It includes the tasks, accountability, and resources that define and regulate how work is typically distributed and completed in an organizational environment. As an illustration, consider how a business schedules its operations in an operational plan. These procedures are very important since they are the ones that let an organization function on a daily basis and achieve its performance goals.
4. Governance.
It is a method of operating that includes responsibility, rewards, KPIs, and the essential reporting mechanisms in an organization that help it achieve its specified goals and objectives on schedule. As an illustration, consider a new system of incentives for rewarding the employee's performance in an organization. When an organization has capabilities in place, they will have an advantage over their competitors because they will be better equipped to carry out their tasks. For instance, if they focus on the competency’s component of capability, their workforce will be highly knowledgeable and experts in the relevant fields .
By doing this, they will increase their marketability since they are providing the finest available. A talented person can do the same thing because they are able to create a personal brand for themselves that will enable them to continue to be competitive in the market well into the future. Since you need to be able to align yourself with the trends of the changing market and economies, it is crucial to have the necessary competence from both you as an organization and your staff if you want to stay current and relevant when it comes to technological advancements.
Answer 2
Every business benefit from having skilled workers since they contribute significantly to the growth of a company's reputation and long-term success. If you're lucky enough to have a wonderful team that supports your business and enjoys their work, you should make every effort to keep them on board so that your business can thrive in a challenging and rapidly evolving industry.
Because they can concentrate on the task at hand while still cooperating with their coworkers, skilled personnel improve workplace relationships. As a result, there is an improvement in workplace happiness and stress reduction. Some businesses mistakenly believe that prioritizing quantity above quality is never a good idea. Since they are far more likely to provide the results you want, it is seen to be preferable to recruit a small number of skilled people as opposed to a huge number of untrained persons. Your company's profitability and standing as an authority in their field will both be improved, and you'll be on the right track for further growth. Expert employees are experts in their fields, which means higher production for your business. However, less skilled people would almost certainly require extra training, which would cost time and money (Sajjadiani et al., 2019).
The enhanced theoretical and practical knowledge of talented people makes it simpler for them to identify discrepancies and fix problems in the operations of your business. Your entire team will profit from their capacity to handle problems as they emerge because they are confident in their ability to achieve the work at hand. Despite the fact that brilliant employees may earn more money than incompetent ones, your company will eventually save money if you hire them. Workers with less experience are more likely to need more training, make mistakes while doing their jobs, and maybe harm customer relationships. Skilled personnel have the knowledge and expertise necessary to do a task successfully, please your clients, and make your company money.
Answer 3
Depending on the particular talent or particular component that has to be improved and developed, trainings are produced inside businesses to increase the self-fulfillment and performance of employees. Even while trainings are designed to benefit both the individual and the organization, high performance is not guaranteed by them. It remains reliant on the individual who would modify the training itself. If they implement it correctly at work, there is a good chance that performance will improve; nevertheless, if a worker fails to use all of the knowledge and fails to grow personally, the training will be useless.
When assigned a task, employees should always do it well since doing so will not only benefit the employee but will also positively impact the company's reputation. There are several things that might impair an employee's performance, such as a lack of desire, unclear duties, or even a lack of training. Trainings are not completed quickly; they go through a process that includes training analysis, delivery, and assessment. The first phase,...

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