please answer the three questions below the paragraph

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please answer the three questions below the paragraph
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Ananya answered on Apr 16 2022
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Running Head: MARKETTING MANAGEMENT                        1
MARKETTING MANAGEMENT                                2
Table of Contents
Question 1    3
Question 2    3
Question 3    4
Reference    5
Question 1
Personal marketing is a strategy to build a
and effectively targeting the exact audiences who will be impacted by the products. As mentioned by Ungerman, Dedkova and Gurinova (2018), personal marketing offers a progressive development in the field of business. The advertisements and campaign based on the targeted audience make personal marketing work better.
Axe and Dove are successful at personal marketing as it considers the exact customers, who will be benefitted from the product and, they designs their ad campaigns according to it. Axe being a man grooming
and targets the young men who look forward to impress women by...

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