Working with another person was stress relieving and saved me the troubles of panicking as my partner would keep me grounded, as well as give me reassurance that we would be fine. The process of...

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Working with another person was stress relieving and saved me the troubles of panicking as my partner would keep me grounded, as well as give me reassurance that we would be fine. The process of making a podcast was, in my opinion, complex, as neither she nor I had any experience with making one. Instantly, we both knew to make a script. Due to the fact she has work and I don’t, I chose to start us off with making the introduction and first argument. Within a few days, I’d finished and she managed to read over it, make changes then proceed to complete it with a second argument and conclusion. The workload was split evenly, and her constant positive comments made me not stress out as much as I normally would. Together, we finished a week before the assignment was due and recorded a few times together. I managed to get tongue twisted with a few words which made me feel terrible as we’d sat there for a few recordings., Hhowever, on our last recording before I had to go, she had given me advice to slow down and relax. Her advice worked. The recording was smooth and there were no jumbled words. My partner was then kind enough to insist on uploading the recording and script for me due to the fact she’d recorded it on her phone. I insisted I cite our references then. Together, through email, we exchanged documents and double checked if everything was complete; then she had submitted. Comment by David Sotir: Where is the context that provides background to the reader?Comment by David Sotir: Avoid contractions in academic writing style.Comment by David Sotir: The tine of your reflection is relatively colloquial (informal).
When working with a partner, communication was essential to make progress and perfect the podcast to our liking. The wording for the script was jargon and that was a challengeonflict as we tried ourt best to make the podcast sound as if it was airing for the first time. Thus, it was hard to compose an organic conversation and have a natural flow with no abrupt stops. I have a tendency to get distracted and leave things to the last minute. However, due to the deadlines that myself and my partner discussed on due dates for each part, I had managed to complete my half on-time and edit what needed to be fixed.
In the future, I would be more vocal about making any more changes or adjusting what I think is a good idea. I would also try to think more outside of the box about trying to dig deeper into analysis. However, due to the little time we were given, it was not possible for me to delve in as deep into the topic as I desired. Comment by David Sotir: What does this mean exactly? Try to be as specific as possible in academic writing.
This assessment has definitely changed my worldview on bullying in universities. There are policies and rules established yet I haven’t really seen any action been taken. In fact, I’m amazed that bullying isn’t talked about enough in university as it is a place where people can definitely abuse power over another. As a future health professional, it is vital to ensure each student and staff member is ok through multiple online forms or surveys, as our mental, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical health are the pinnacle of our overall wellbeing.Comment by David Sotir: Ungrammatical sentenceComment by David Sotir: ColloquialComment by David Sotir: See above
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When I first began to learn the study of a health communicator, my ideas of the profession of Health sector were vastly different to my current understanding. I faced several challenges in...

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