Please Can you answer those questions for me It is about Law... Document Preview: Q. 1 Ali wants a block of flats build on the acre of land he owns which adjoins his land. He discusses it with many...

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Please Can you answer those questions for me
It is about Law...
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Q. 1 Ali wants a block of flats build on the acre of land he owns which adjoins his land. He discusses it with many builders and then finally chooses B to do the work. Ali gives him the specifications and a JCT contract to look at. Ali then goes on holidays. B starts work. When Ali comes back a month later he notices a new block of flats on his property and B waiting at his door wanting his lump sum payment for the work. Ali denies that he has to pay Bob anything. Does he? Justify your answer with to the relevant elements of a contract.Q.2Explain what is private nuisance and public nuisance and give examples of each type of nuisance. Q.3Rihannan employs Tuff Developers Ltd to build a twenty floor highrise nightclub on her property, without waiting for the plans to be approved by the Local Council. The day after it is built, Rihannon is running with her leopard and the nightclub collapses. Debris hits Rihannan and kills her leopard. She suffers serious facial injuries and a broken toe. This means that she cannot carry out her high profile, global public relations job for a year. Explain whether or not Rihannan may have a successful cause of action in negligence against Tuff Developers Ltd and why.What loss may Rihannan recover from Tuff developers and why. ***************************************************************************************************Answer Guidelines for Law QuestionsPART A- LawHow to answer the question1.what is/are the legal issue/s?2.what are the relevant principles of law?3.apply the law to the facts4.brief conclusion- you don’t need to reach a definite answer, e.g., you can say it is likely given the facts or more facts neededSet out below are relevant legal principles for each question, but application of the law to the facts is also required, as stated aboveQ. 1Identify that the main legal issues concern whether or not there was an offer and acceptance.These are part of...

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Business Law and Ethics
Business Law and Ethics
Q 1.
In contract law, offer and acceptance form an analysis that seeks to determine whether agreement that exists between two people is valid. The agreement includes an offer that is made by the offerer to the offeree, which depicts the offeror’s willingness to enter into a contract. The contract must agree on certain terms, which indicate agreement without any further negotiations (Chen, 2007).
In the case of Ali and builder B, Ali did approach builder B and even gave him the specifications of the job and a contract to look at then he left for a holiday. Coming back, he finds a property built by builder B on his property and refuses to pay him. Ali can argue out that there was no contract of agreement that was established among them. A contract is said to work only when there is an acceptance to offer and that it has been clearly communicated to the offeree by the offeror. There also have to be consideration bargained that is induced by promise or performance.
A Bare agreement to negotiate is not binding and lacks certainty so it cannot be enforced. Butler Machine Tool Co v Ex-Cell –o Corp. Ltd seeks to expound on this when it was established that an acceptance makes the final and unqualified expression will look at the assent on the exact essential terms covered in the offer. If any of the essential terms are deemed missing, then there is no acceptance (Pathak, 2007).
This means that for a contract to be binding then both parties have to have the intent to enter into a legal binding contract. The offer has to be made and also to be accepted by both parties. The intention will be presumed once the terms are certain as the court aim at determining circumstances that su
ounds the offer and the objectivity. In addition, the court looks at the intention towards creating the legal relations and assumes that the absence of evidence shows that any promises made are not legally binding.
Most of The people assume that when a person is annoying or distu
ing you, that is a form of nuisance. However, what is annoying one may not necessary be legally classified as a nuisance. Lord Wright in Sedleigh – Denfield v O’Callaghan [1940] AC 880 looks at nuisance as the wrongful interference with another’s enjoyment of their land or premises. It also looks at denying one some right or connection to their property (Buckley, 1996).
Public Nuisance
Nuisances are divided into two categories that include public nuisance and private nuisance. A Public nuisance concerns something that one does or fails to do that will eventually affect the public. This can range from things that will affect the life health morals or enjoyment of the public property in their use. Public nuisance only works if one affects the enjoyment of rights that are deemed common to everyone...

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