Assessment Information Assessment Title: Assessment 2 – Individual Report Weighting: 35% Total Marks: 100 Due Date: 29 Jan XXXXXXXXXXam (Melbourne time) Assessment Description Using the organisation...

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Assessment Information
    Assessment Title:
    Assessment 2 – Individual Report
    Total Marks:
    Due Date:
    29 Jan XXXXXXXXXXam (Melbourne time)
Assessment Description
Using the organisation chosen (Haigh’s Chocolate) for Assessment 1, students are to apply their learnings from the capstone topics and apply them to the organisation by undertaking additional research.
I have chosen the “Haigh’s Chocolate” Company for this assessment. https:
Again, assuming the role of an organisational consultant, students are to write a report that clearly articulates the organisation's strategy and business model and outlines a detailed approach to Competition Strategy (Week 3- Building Strategic Knowledge: Operations and Marketing), how the chosen organisation’s performance is/can be measured against their strategies (Week 4- Building Strategic Knowledge: Innovation and Growth). Students will also be required to prepare a balanced scorecard for their chosen organisation (Week 7- Research Methods, Data and Analysis). Attention should be paid to the use of secondary research and insights (Week 8- Leadership and Communication).
Findings should be presented in a report of 2,000 words (+/-10%).
Areas covered should include:
· An executive summary.
· An introduction that summarises the purpose of the report.
· A summary of the organisation’s strategy.
· A specific outline of the Organisation’s approach to competition strategy, performance measurement and balanced scorecard.
· A summary of recommendations that identify areas of focus and opportunity to enhance the organisation's performance in the future.
· A conclusion.
· References.
Students are encouraged to use a wide variety of information sources that include, where possible, primary research such as interviews with staff or executive members within their chosen organisation as well as the use of an appropriate mix of strategic and business analysis tools and references.
    F (Fail)
    P (Pass) 50%-64%
    CR (Credit) 65%-
    D (Distinction)
    HD (High Distinction)
    75% - 84%
    Assessment Content (Subject Specific) OUT OF 80 MARKS
    Introduction and Executive
    Provides poor context and does not
    Provides satisfactory context but
    Provides reasonable context
    Provides solid context and links to
    Provides excellent context and links
    link to the assessment in a clea
    links to the assessment only
    and links to the assessment in a
    the assessment in a clear and
    to the assessment in an extremely
    and coherent way. May be missing
    fairly clear and coherent way.
    coherent way.
    clear and coherent way.
    Summary of the
    The strategy is poorly presented,
    The strategy is satisfactorily
    The strategy is well presented,
    The strategy is very well
    The strategy is excellently
    organisation’s competitive
    not thorough and identifies an
    presented, not very thorough and
    reasonably thorough and
    presented, quite thorough and
    presented, extremely thorough and
    unsatisfactory amount of the
    only identifies a few of the pertinent
    identifies some of the pertinent
    identifies most of the pertinent
    identifies all the pertinent issues.
    pertinent issues.
    Outline of the organisation’s
    Poor evaluation of the
    Satisfactory evaluation of the
    An adequate evaluation of the
    A distinctive evaluation of the
    Excellent evaluation of the
    performance measurement
    organisation’s activities that may not
    organisation’s activities that are
    organisation’s activities that are
    organisation’s activities that are
    organisation’s activities that are
    and Balanced scorecard
    be substantiated by learnt concepts
    somewhat substantiated by learnt
    quite substantiated by learnt
    mostly substantiated by learnt
    thoroughly substantiated by learnt
    or research.
    concepts or research.
    concepts or research.
    concepts or research.
    concepts or research.
    Recommendations are not useful o
    Recommendations are somewhat
    Recommendations are quite
    Recommendations are very useful
    Recommendations are excellent
    actionable. May be poorly
    useful or actionable. May be
    useful or actionable. May be
    or actionable. May be strongly
    and highly useful or actionable. May
    supported by research or theory.
    reasonably supported by research
    well supported by research o
    supported by research or theory.
    be thoroughly and clearly supported
    or theory.
    by research or theory.
    The conclusion is not
    The conclusion
ings out some of
    The conclusion
ings out many
ings out most of the salient
    The conclusion is excellently written
    comprehensive at all. It doesn’t
    the salient points of the report.
    of the salient points of the
    points of the report.
ings out all the salient points
ing out most of the salient points
    of the report.
    of the report.
    Structure Format and Presentation (Consistent across all courses) OUT OF 20 MARKS
    Logical flow
    Most of the report is not written
    The report is written somewhat
    The report is written quite
    The report is written very clearly
    The report is written extremely
    clearly and logically.
    clearly and logically.
    clearly and logically.
    and logically.
    clearly and logically.
    Writing & Gramma
    Writing is of an inadequate standard
    Writing is of a reasonable standard
    Writing is of a good standard
    Writing is of a high standard with
    Writing is of an excellent standard
    with substantial e
    with substantial e
    with some e
    very few e
    with negligible e
    Format & Word Count
    Format of the report and wordcount
    Format of report and wordcount
    Format of the report and
    Format of the report and
    Format of the report and wordcount
    poorly follow KBS guidelines.
    partially follow KBS guidelines.
    wordcount mostly follow KBS
    wordcount substantially follow
    thoroughly follow KBS guidelines.
    KBS guidelines.
    Frequent e
ors and/or inconsistent
    Some e
ors and/or inconsistent
    Occasional e
ors and/o
    Minimal e
ors and/or inconsistent
    Negligible e
ors and/or inconsistent
    application of Harvard referencing
    application of Harvard referencing
    inconsistent application of
    application of Harvard referencing
    application of Harvard referencing
    Harvard referencing

1 Executive Summary
Clearly state the strategy problem as discussed in Week 1.  Briefly outline the source of competitive advantage; and if the company is achieving its mission in your opinion.  Essentially ask, is the company capable of achieving its vision?
2 Introduction
Briefly describe the scope and objectives of your assignment.  Write it as you would for any professional report.
3 Summary of Competitive Strategy
Briefly summarize the strategy problem as a recap from your Assessment 1.  Define if the company actually has a competitive advantage based on superior profitability.  You could discuss the competition rivalry as it impacts profitability.
4 Outline of Approach
A significant part of your discussion is the approach.  You could discuss the company's key capability that makes if difficult for competitor entry and product substitution (Week 3); the company's resources from financial stability/profits, business model and internal performance (Week 4, Week 5, Week 7); and how you would research (e.g. collect evidence/data) the company's economic sustainability (Week 8). 
5 Recommendations
Be specific with recommendations that would solve the strategy problem, given the opportunities and constraints (capabilities and resources) that you identify in your Approach.  There is no predefined number of recommendations.  Be sure they address strategy and business growth, not just operational improvements.
6 Conclusion
Summarize your evidence (from your Approach) as it relates directly to your strategy problem and competitive advantage.  Emphasize what you think are the most important points you want the reader to remember from your discussion.
7 References
You must comply with the Academic Integrity Policy for citing all sources used in the Assessment.
You are encouraged to use a wide variety of information sources that include, where possible, primary research such as interviews with staff or executive members within their chosen organisation as well as the use of an appropriate mix of strategic and business analysis tools and references.
I would draw your attention of the need to include a Balanced Scorecard for the chosen organisation.

PowerPoint Presentation
Hello. My name is Nhu. Today I’m going to analyse the competitive advantages of Haigh’s Chocolate in my presentation. The analysis will cover the external and internal environment of this company by using Pestle framework, Swot analyse, Porter’s 5 forces for competitor’s analysis.
Haigh's Chocolates has known as a chain of chocolate shops, established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1915 by Alfred Haigh. The company has been successfully run in four generations .. Haigh’s Chocolates is proud to be the oldest chocolate manufacturing retailer that owned by a family in Australia.
It has18 retail locations crosswise over Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Canbe
a with more than 600 employees in their factory. The organisation has strong social and ethical practices and product focus.
Annual revenue expected to rise at 3.9% over fiver years through XXXXXXXXXX, to $57.2 million
Its Market Share: 19.4% in Australia
Haigh's vision is conveying a world-class chocolate experience without a doubt.
Its value is that they will be caring and considerate of their employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the community and the environment collaboration
Australian economy continued to growth, real GDP growth at 2.1% ; GDP per capita PPP at $53,559, inflation rate at 2% and unemployment rate at 4.8% in 2019 (DFAT, 2019); 4th largest in Asian and 12th largest in the world.
The increase in consumer spending might reinforce sales revenue of the industry. Given that, consumers of Haigh’s chocolate might not need to concern about cutting their spending on premium chocolate products and going for cheaper
ands in the market
Confectionery manufacturers are required to follow significant regulatory restraints especially in relation to food safety, product labelling, occupational health and safety, competition and consumer law, employment law as well as taxation policies. Failure to follow regulations might lead to significant negative publicity that can damage the reputation and
and of the company.
Socio-cultural Two key factors affect domestic demand and consequently determine future consumption structures is lifestyle change especially health consciousness and changing demographic form of the Australian population
New technology have improved cost and operating efficiencies as well as reduced the need for labour for manufacturing, storing, delivery and distribution, using new technology to develop their recipe. E-commerce in manufacturing which helps to improve customer and suppliers networks and a
angements. Leading to cost savings through better inventory.
Raw materials of chocolate production including cocoa, sugar, and milk are natural sources; therefore a
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Executive Summary
The assignment is based on the Haigh’s Chocolate Company that summarizes the organizational strategy and the model of the business, which can help the company to uplift its
and name and market value. The assignment mainly focuses on various sorts of strategies that is advantageous for the company. It shows the approaches that is suitable and can meet the needs and requirements of the company to balance its production module. The assignment most importantly divided into three major parts that is, competitive strategy, the kinds of performances that the company is going through and what kind of performances are essential which can help the company to team up its management spirits in the market.
The assignment chalks out the balanced scorecard, which eventually takes into, view the financial targets and objectives such as matters of investment, revenues and budgets, which is the backbone of the company. However, it can be said, that the company can achieve its goals and can fulfil the requirements if the mentioned rules and objectives is met with. The management of the company can equally improve if the company meets the mentioned targets. The assignment put forward further recommendations, which are helpful for the company to be successful in the combative market.
Table of contents
Introduction    4
Summary of the Organisation’s Strategy    4
Outlining the Organisation’s Approaches    5
Performance Measurement    6
Recommendations for future Enhancement    8
Conclusion    9
References    10
The assignment is having the objective to meet the statute of the management to focus on the development of the organization strategy of the chocolate company. The mentioned term, organizational strategy is the accumulation of actions that the management of the company has decided to take to attain its future long goals. These undertaken actions together make up the strategic plan, which is the crucial of the cu
ent assignment. The systematic strategic plan took years and years to establish it by the company. The devoted work and cooperation from the employees can help fulfilling it. It needs involvement from all the
anches and levels of the company.
The purpose of the report is to draw on this organizational strategy in a stepwise process. First, a
ief synopsis of the company should be done to clear outs to motto. Second, the assignment is divided into three major strategies that is vital for the company and will be underlining the intentions and motives, which stand out to be as suitable and unsuitable for its regulation and purposes. A concentrated plan will be put forward which includes the financial reports and the ways employees and the company reacts to it has and incorporates. Recommendations and a
ief conclusion give a screeching halt to the assignment.
Summary of the Organisation’s Strategy
The essential factor of the Haigh’s Chocolate Company is to focus on the two strategies those are competitive and performance. The competitive strategy is primarily the long-term procedure and plan of the respected company to gain over its challengers in the industry and the market domain. It is main objective is to set up a kind of defensive ba
ier for the company to protect from outside fights with respect to budget and investment. Additionally also negotiating a good return on the investment terms. There are three competitive strategies, which the company stresses - leadership relate to cost, any kinds of differentiation and market segmentation (Linton & Kask, 2017). Cost is vital factor with respect to its products, which are imported and exported. Maintenance is made so that budget of the products is suitable for the customers. Differentiation needed to be balance enough. The segmentation of markets needs to analyses and measured thoroughly for proceedings in the business.
The performance strategy is nothing but the ways the employees and the employers react with respect to their project (Akter et al., 2016). The chocolate company’s major operation is related to its products like sugar, cocoa and so on. The company has undertaken has six kinds of management strategies those are,...

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