Please get this done as soon as possible

Please get this done as soon as possible

Untitled document Problem Statement Assignment You have a theory, and you brainstormed an idea to learn more about. Now what? It is time to dig into the existing research about your gender topic and synthesize why this area matters to gender communication. While most research takes many articles to build an argument, you are being asked to create a mini-literature review. You only need to use five articles. To aid in your research and development of your assignment you have two tasks to complete: Article Reviews and a Problem Statement. Article Reviews (50 pts. – 10 each) • You may use primary sources (scholarly articles). You will need to find five sources. • Upon reading your article, use the following prompts for the major ideas you take away from the article. This will help you organize your information. You will need to submit this document. o The review of literature revealed: o As pointed out by: After completing your review, you will need to synthesize your articles into a problem statement. The problem statement makes the claim that your research is worthy of study based on the information you discovered. Problem Statement (50 pts.) • Explain the problem & the concepts you are studying (10 pts.) • Provide an overview of how the idea has been studied (10 pts.) • Make the case that your ideas should deserves attention (10 pts.) • Incorporate the five sources you researched (10 pts.) • Use both in-text citations and a reference page (10 pts.) • Uses a maximum of one quote effectively (not required) • Your statement should be at least 900 words
Nov 19, 2023

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